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Reviews of Noodle Head Thai Kitchen

  • Hands down the best Thai in Sydney. I've been there countless times and it is consistently the most delicious food. Our only complaint is that this place is so popular that it can be hard to get a table at short notice. So good! Go to this restaurant! My advice: book well in advance!
  • We love Noodle Head, always first on the list when we decide to get take out. The food is fresh and delicious, friendly customer service and prices are reasonable. Definitely a place we'll be coming back to every couple of weeks!
  • Noodle Head Thai Kitchen is an amazing Thai shop! The management is incredible they cook the best food and is so addictive. The 'Lunch Special' is great only $7.50 AMAZING!! There is only a few table in this shop so everyone book now! I rate this shop a 10/10! Well Done!
  • yw 1 review
    I was very happy with quality and freshness of the food until the management said to me "You must be earning good money to spend $18 on your lunch. You should order 'Lunch special' ($7.50) rather than regular menu with extra prawn" in front of other customers!! I just could not believe it.
    It was our special day so we thought we spend extra to enjoy our lunch. They management destroyed our day.
    • The mangement is NOT bad its great! The lunch special is great so u can take a few dishes home then put then in your fridge and have them for later better than buying full price!!
  • Noodle Head Thai is a wicked little takeaway. Clean and bright, the owners are lovely. Food is fresh, fast and delish. Not exxy with great lunch deals. Seriously addictive satay sticks, fresh curries and all the usual suspects. Pop this little gem on speed dial.

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