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Bearing the name of that famous Australian pine tree, Norfolk Hotel in Redfern is a traditional corner pub. With a range of local beers on tap including Cascade, VB and Resch's you will be sure to find something that suits your tastebuds. A cosy beer garden exists out back amongst the foliage. A perfect spot to sit back and relax, with the added bonus of live jazz being performed on Saturdays.

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Reviews of Norfolk Hotel

  • I really like the beer garden at the Norfolk now it has been upgraded, that along with the food are the main draw cards for this hotel. Especially in summer the beer garden has a relaxed contemporary atmosphere where you can enjoy catching up with friends. The food is Tex Mex style and don't miss taco Tuesday ... the tacos are delicious.
  • SBCIrish Local Star 194 reviews
    Really like this bar. went for $3 tacos on Tuesday and they were yummy. Its quite a big bar with a few different areas. One side is very styled with trinkets and has a back nook. The other side is the more popular with a big seating area to the front then a long bar that runs along the right wall. at the back there is a square courtyard in the middle of buildings with a right inside dining area.

    They lost half a star due to the face if you start a tab in the bar you can't then order in other areas which is a little annoying. Worth a look I would get there early if you are looking for a seat.

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    There are only a few hotels in Sydney that are good, and out of those there are perhaps only a few that are still able to do so sticking with their original look and feel. Norfolk Hotel, being one of the ones who succeed, is certainly one old-school pub with victorian living room atmosphere inside. At the back is a nice outdoor backyard where most of the visitors seem to gather. At the top level is a house of crab restaurants with an equally high reputation on its own.

    In addition to serving drinks, they also serve quite a good range of food. Whilst most is pretty much pub-style food and some are also on specials during the weekdays, the main attraction would be on Sundays when they serve barbacoa, a shared plate of Mexican style meat platters served with salsas, sauces, tacos, fries and corn. To top up the Mexican theme off, they also serve soft shell tacos.

    We also ordered some of their burgers and they were of good quality and of decent serving size. The price points are a little more than average but it was worth paying for the experience. And did I also mention them serving Bloody Mary in a tin can?
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    The Wednesday night steak was ok, nothing great, we all had to cut off the excess fat and grizzle which isn't the best.
    Taco's are great here, and the decor inside is fun, with a huge beer garden out back, and its where you'll find lots of funky ppl.
  • On the old website this place was described as the one of the last real Aussie Pubs, cue traditional front bar adorned with sporting memorabilia, old school dining room and slightly over grown and thrown together beer garden. But perhaps shamefully we are no longer interested in rustic old Aussie pubs anymore or maybe its because of the new smoking rules that places like the Norfolk get a bit of a face lift to step out of the 80s and into the 21st Century.

    It still has a metro Aussie flare retaining a lot of its original characteristics and charm but is now tailored towards the young trendys that frequent the bars and clubs of this rocking part of Surry Hills.

    This place has a great vibe about it, its the perfect spot for some casual or not so casual Friday night drinks, kick off the heels and get the weekend started!
  • Chux D Barfly 136 reviews
    The front bar isn't much to write home about but the beer garden is a really nice place to drink, it's small but a real change of scenery for the location it's in. Drinks are reasonably priced, they do $7 steaks (don't know what they're like as I haven't had one but other food I've had is ok)and there's a couple of pool tables upstairs. All in all a fairly nice small local pub.

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