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Reviews of North East Modbury Medical And Dental Centre

  • It's a bit of a hit and miss here. There have been multiple times where I had stayed till 10pm and was told that the doctors can't see me. That's after around two and a half hours of waiting. The main reason was because there were too few doctors (two from memory).

    There have also been instances where there have been a few doctors and the wait has been around one hour.
  • It was my foolishness to go there. I would not recommend anyone to go there with that type of staff with lack of responsibility. I went there last week Friday, because I wanted to see a doctor about a problem I have. They said none available on that day. I went again on Monday, around 10.45am, they said 1 doctor, who is gonna leave at 1.00pm and I am the 4th patient waiting for this doctor. I stayed there until 12.50pm and asked about it from the receptio staff again, and then they said I am the next one and then I waited again, around 1.10pm I went there again to ask and they said the doctor had left. I was waiting there for more than 2 hours and at least doctor did not ask if there is anything they can help me with, for the patient who was waiting for a doctor for more than 2 hours. At least there is no place for me to complain this about. I am sincerely worried for the other people who might be hurt like me again.
  • I am a patient person. I waited 5 hours or more. I lost count.

    There were 3 doctors on for over 50 patients. Then at 430pm there were 2. Then by 7pm there was 1. Wtf?

    Just. Don't. Bother. Go somewhere else. Try herbal remedies. Do anything but go here.

    What a disaster.
  • If I was requested to rate this medical centre as a service provider, where 10 is excellent and 1 is very poor, I could only offer a 2 at best,
    Sunday 18th May 2014, 0900, arrived at Modbury Medical Centre to fine a cue of people lined up from the reception counter to the entry door, on duty was one reception staff who was answering phone calls and booking in people wishing to see the doctor. Once we reached the counter and as expected judging by the number of people already seated, we were told that there will be a very long wait, only two doctors on duty and 32 people ahead of us. No additional doctors were scheduled to start work until after midday, and the reception staff didn't seem to sure on that either. The service from the actual doctor was excellent,
    I think what let's this centre down is the actual management not the medical or reception staff. Management are probably to concentrated & busy looking after Primary Health Cares share dividends and not concerned enough about rostering on enough staff and doctors capable to successfully run a practice of this size. It's no wonder the practice seems to have a high turn over of doctors?
  • I have had good experience here the reception staff are great. I came in the reception staff and got them to see me straight away yes it takes a long time to see a doctor but that's what you expect in a walk in clinic
  • Let me preface this with telling you that even though I'm in my mid 30's, going to the dentist is something I put off because I am genuinely terrified from childhood experiences. Just seeing a dentist chair makes me panicky. Last Saturday I had an incredibly bad toothache and after calling 10 dentists in my area, the dentist at Modbury medical and dental was able to fit me in, even though I had never been there before. The service I received was excellent, they explained everything to me before doing it and gave me options on how I wanted to continue. I had an X-Ray, a complete tooth drill out, then packed with medicine and refilled. They then gave me more information to read plus a referral to see an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed in the near future. This is honestly the first time I have not only left a dentist happy, but also not in tears! The service was amazing, and being a Bupa preferred dentist almost all the cost was covered by my insurance! I will be back for sure! Dr Chen is wonderful!
  • I had an awful experience today because of the reception staff. I fasted last night since 10:30 pm to have my blood test done. I came to the Centre at half past eight in the morning. I told the reception staff that I came for blood test, I gave the staff my medicare card and just told me to have a sit and my name will be called. I asked staff how many doctors on duty and how many clients before my turn. Staff replied "there are 3 doctors and 24 patients ahead of you. I thanked the staff and sat down. After couple of minutes I approached the staff asking politely if there is anyway that I could see the doctor because I was fasted since last night and if I will wait for 3 or 4 more hours I might collapse. Staff replied in a snobbish tone " I can't do that". I had no choice than to sit down and wait.wait and wait. After 2 hours I approached staff to ask how many more patients before my turn. Staff said 11. I sat down again and after another hour, I asked again and staff Said 5. I sat down and waited again. At long last around quarter to 12 my name was called by the doctor. and I was very thankful for that because I was having headache and felt weak because of hunger. Doctor said to me, You did not have to join the queue, You've got the form, you should have gone straight to pathology. I told the doctor that this was my second time and I do not know the protocol here. "your time has been wasted for waiting" the doctor said.. I told the doctor that the reception staff asked me to join the queue even I told them that I fasted since last night. Doctor took me to the reception area and asked the staff about the misunderstanding. Staff said they asked for any form which staff did not ask from the time I came this morning.
    I was having headache, felt weak and upset at the same time.
    Doctor was very nice and even apologize to me instead of the reception staff.
  • Timing is everything here. It is great for outside of normal hours and public holidays.
    The doctor I saw was very good.
    The timing is crucial when you go, as there are no appointments. You go onto a waiting list. Depending how many doctors are on and patients are there you can wait either 15 min or 3 hours. 4 doctors for 5 people waiting or 2 doctors for 45 people in the waiting room. You can never tell
  • Great place - extended hours, wide range of doctors who take the time to listen to you, and friendly staff.
  • I attended the dental clinic requiring emergency treatment with a painful broken tooth. In five minutes I was examined and told that the dentist could do nothing at that time and was not prepared to touch it. I was informed that root canal treatment and a crown would be necessary or alternatively extraction. After discussion about very expensive costs eg $2,000 for one tooth I was released and charged $50. Despite having medibank extras cover they billed me to tell me what I already knew. I required dental assistance and that is why I made the appointment having explained to the receptionist that it was an emergency.
    I would not recommend this business under any circumstances.
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