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Prospect, SA
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Reviews of Northpoint Toyota Prospect

  • I've never seen such a rude car dealer tried to force the customer to a car. My friend wanted to buy an used car so we went to look around in Main North Road. Because he likes TOYOTA we went to the northpoint used car first. He did a test drive and before negotiating the price we asked the salesman to check if he could get a car loan and how much he should pay back each week. The salsman said we picked up a car he would figure out the loan. I told the salesman we only wanted to know about the loan. He insisted that we had to pick up a car before talking about the loan. So we chose one. When we sat in his office he started making a contract. I was confused. I remained him that we just wanted to know more info about the loan and we didin' decide to buy that car. The salesman said we had to buy the car because my friend did a test drive. Ridiculous! I explained that we were doing comparison, even if we decided to buy a Toyota we still had the right to choose the cheaper one. The salesman said all his customers would like buy a car once they come to inspect the car, because they want to buy a car. And he would like to buy the car even if it's the first shop he walked in. I thought we couldn't keep the conversation going. We stood up and intended to leave, the salesman shouted out"you don't want to buy a car!" At that moment we really didn't want to buy any car there. And I will tell all my friends this story. If the "aggressive manner" is his sales tactics, I have to say it doesn't work on me! But it works on my friend. If I wasn't there my friend 100% got ripped off .
  • I'd heard some good things from several friends who'd taken their cars for service at Northpoint Toyota in prospect and was blown away by the whole experience. So easy to deal with from the booking over the phone, to the greeting when I came to drop my car off all the way through to the call a few days later to see if everything was okay. I knew exactly what it would cost beforehand and they even gave it a quick wash and vacuum for free!! I trust the team at Prospect and will be taking my second car to them when it's due. Couldn't be happier, thanks Northpoint!!
  • Nothing worse when you pick up your car with additional problem. I have been a loyal customer for Northpoint Toyota when I bought this car from hill cress Toyota and using their service each with no issue. Due to relocating area of living, I chosed prospect Northpoint to service my car. Twice I had them to service my car, twice I hv received the car got problem after I picked up. From rough idle and feels like you sit on a vibrator machine really they did not check the timing belt set. I asked them to fix but the problem is still there. The respond I hv received how they can up sell as I need to change this and that. I'm talking the cost of service each time over $600, and I lost my confident now to take my car and give it to them. They need to raise this issue as this is not good enough.
    • Good day i also had same problem brought my car for regular check up and maintainance its a brand new car at a while when i got home i notice the car had damage and inform them right away. After bringing to them said they did do anything and wont admit their fault. Such a shame from them. Bad service and wont admint any fault as if their employee are all perfect.
  • I took my Hilux to Northpoint Prospect couple weeks ago to get it serviced. As it's brand new, i was worried they won't look after it. Boy was I wrong. They did everything to perfection. Even gave it a quick wash and vacuum which was a nice little touch. Will be going back there for sure.
  • After having my car serviced at Northpoint Prospect, i can honestly say I could not be happier with the service as well as the time it took to get done. Staff were extremely friendly and kept me in the loop the entire time.
    Deff recommend :)
  • I have 2 Prados which I have serviced at Northpoint Prospect. For longer services I choose to use a loan car which is most satisfactory. For shorter services I use the booking system which gives me an appointment time and I read the paper in the waiting room; usually takes under an hour. You get a good feel for a place when you become a fly on the wall, listening to the way they handle customer queries, complaints, deliveries; even the way staff talk to each other, mechanics etc. They all seem to get on well, are properly trained, and don't get flustered. No one likes forking out money for services, but given the importance of keeping our vehicles in top running order, I feel they represent good value and are friendly to go with it.
  • I bought a 2008 Toyota camry Alties 6 months ago and it needed a major service and I preferred to get the service done from a reputed authorized service center, So I have booked my vehicle into the Prospect Northpoint Toyota Service Centre to get it done.'
    They advised the major service includes full car wash and vacuuming of the interior. I also requested the CS person to change the parking lights with a new set which I have purchased from other store. After the service is completed I paid the bill($550) and had a glance at the car before I drove away.
    I realized the car wash and vacuuming is not done at all and the parking lights are not changed. I took it to the notice of the customer service person and they recklessly said sorry and grabbed the keys and advised me to wait for more time. After 10 mins the keys are handed over to me again and CS Rep advised that the car is washed and vacced, but the parking lights which I have provided doesn't suit the car at all.
    I was shocked of their words because the person who sold the lights advised me it will defiantly fit to the cars. Anyways with bit of disappointment I took the keys and opened the car doors and found the car is not Vacuumed at all, And also noticed the next service date on label is totally different from the date on bill( If created a whole confusion in my mind regarding my next service date because as its my first car and was not entirely sure which is the correct date and reading). And they also missed to give back my car user guide back.
    When I bring this both issues again to the notice of CS REP, they reluctantly admitted that they are having issues with the car washing people and also I need to come back the next day to collect my book as the service center is closed for the day. Finally regarding my parking lights I took the car immediately to the nearest mechanic and they assembled the same lights with in 2 min.

    This is not the way they treat their customers providing with information at various incidents and promising the words which they cant keep up to . I had a very bad experience the first time itself. Never ever go to their service center again.
  • I had a cruise control problem fixed and i took my car to Northpoint toyota thinking that they genuine and reasonable.They took 2 days to diagnosis,that itself cost me more and fixed cruise on 3rd day with a big PAINT DAMAGE on the door. Notified them immediately,but they refused to fix it and the management try to blame me to cover themselves. I contacted them may times,but nothing happened. This is not the way they have to do to their customers. It was a bad experience. Never ever give them a chance to fix your car.
  • I needed a major service (40,000km service) plus replacement and repairs for my 10 year old Toyota Troop Carrier prior to some rough outback 4WD travel. After receiving a detailed quote, I booked my vehicle into the Prospect Northpoint Toyota Service Centre for this work to be done.
    I found their service department very female friendly and their communication excellent. I was provided with a comprehensive quote for all anticipated work, including parts and labour costs and this quote was constantly negotiated as new issues were identified. The Service Department kept in contact with me by mobile phone, updating me on the results of their diagnostic assessments and informing me of new issues identified. I was offered a range of options, with a corresponding range of prices for second-hand, new generic brand replacement parts or new, genuine Toyota parts.
    I felt confident with the integrity of the Northpoint Toyota service team when they assured me that some of the expected replacement tasks were not necessary. I certainly trust this service team to prepare my vehicle for the remote and isolated travel I demand of my troop carrier. Their service is excellent and the price is reasonable.
  • TasteSA Local Star 58 reviews
    Our company bought 6 cars from this dealer. As part of the service plan we needed to get the cars serviced at either of NorthPoints outlets. I used this outlet as it was close to town and office.
    I take great pride in my company cars, and every time i had the car serviced it came back with scratches on the paintwork.
    First time i did not say anything and polished it out myself. Second time i had the car serviced they rotated the wheels and my car came back with a steering wheel which was on a 45 deg angle. And they say the cars are road tested? anyone could have seen there was something not right with that!.....not to mention the huge scratch on the rear door.
    Contacted the management the same day, and told them of this, happy to say they finally got the car back in got the scratches attended too and the wheel alignment also, mind you they tried to avoid doing so....but i was relentless.
    That was the last time i took my car there.
    Stay away from this place.!
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