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Reviews of Northside Motorcycles

  • Had no chanches than to leave my bike (monster 1100s) here since it was stalling randomly when riding and the problem became worse when I brought it to Northside to have their opinion.
    After one week they told me they were not sure about the cause of the problem, but they their scan showed an faulty idle stepper motor. They thought replacing it would fix the problem (300bucks on the bill at this stage). I decided to follow their suggestion and I provided the new part (that costs 590aud). They told me two times over the phone it would have taken about an hour to replace it. I called several times to know if the bike was fixed and what was going on; they finally told me to go to their shop to collect the bike 15minutes before closing time. When I arrived there, the bill showed 890bucks, more than the double of what I expected. No many explanations were given to me (said they had delays while setting the idle speed of the new idle stepper motor). Being their hourly rate 120aud per hour, I had to assume they had worked almost five hours to replace it! And management denied having given me a quote of an hour work over the phone.

    After all this, when riding the bike home, it showed the same problem I asked them to fix. I researched on internet forums for a day, and I have found what the problem was. So I decided to replace the sidestand sensor. I did it myself in 20 minutes and paid 120aud for the part that arrived the same day I ordered it. Bike works perfectly since then. The day after I took the bike and wasnt working, I asked them to give me the idle stepper motor they have replaced, but they made me wait three days ( I called five times) and than they told me they just didnt even have to show me the old part.

    So to sum up:

    1. They hardly returned my calls when I was trying to understand what they were doing with my bike.
    2. They didnt respect the quotes they gave me over the phone.
    3. Did not give enough explanations for the work done
    4. Did work I never asked for (that was replacing my gear lever, which was bent but still working).
    5. Won't return the stepper motor....makes me wonder if they even replaced it at all.
    6. Could not/ did not diagnose the problem.
    7. Told me the bike was fixed when it wasnt. And the bill shows not one, but two test rides.

    These are seven good reasons not to go there again.
  • They are amazing quick service and the prices beat any dealer through out Sydney.. I strongly recommend them.. The team know their job and pay attention to u as soon as u step in... I just bought my duc from them... And their service was amazing..A big shout to the boys
  • I'm a Ducati rider and these guys keep my bike running the way I like it. The staff are all super friendly and have suggestions on anything incidental that I might of over looked.

    The curtesy bus that takes you to and from Artarmon station is perfect for those of us not wanting to sit around waiting for our vehicles to be ready.

    While not the largest of bike stores these guys manage to pack a great selection of bikes and accessories into the shop.

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