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Reviews of Northside Removals

  • Awesome service, efficient, punctual, friendly and hardworking. we are very happ. Josh and his offsider have done a great job. Highly recommended
  • Shannon and Peter done a amazing job today I will deffinitly be reccomending this company to my family members and friends . Thanks to Peter the owner done a amazing job
    Many of my belongings where left behind at the previous property with no explanation
    Quite a few things were damaged and or broken in transit due to the removalists rushing to get everything inside the property before it went dark and this was because they arrived over an hour late to start the job
  • We recently moved with Northside on Friday the 1st of May from Narangba to Kallangur. Before the day and moving had even started, the weather was absolutely terrible. In addition, we had handover and settlement on our 5 bedroom property at 2:00pm. My wife and I were completely unsure what too do by this time.

    Michael and Luke from Northside arrived at 7:45am. The boys assured us both they would look after us and our possessions in the wet weather. They boys also helped us finish the difficult and last minute packing and had the truck loaded by lunchtime. Our family is very grateful for the careful consideration and professionalism we received by these young men. They unloaded their truck in the rain during the storm, and did not complain once too my wife and I.

    I still don't know how, but these 2 young men moved all our furniture in those conditions and did not break a single item. They even kept my prized 55 inch LCD television completely free of rain water. My wife and I have moved many, many times but Michael and Luke from Northside removals have made the best experience with furniture movers we have had.

    If we haven't said it enough, Thank you very much boys and thank you Peter for organising our removal. 100% satisfaction and will make sure we recommend you too friends and family
  • Just like to thank the boys at NORTHSIDE REMOVALS for yet another stress free move
  • Do NOT use this company. Pay a bit extra and ensure your stuff gets there in one piece. Moved recently only 20 mins away from old house. First was told would be there at 11am. Got to after 11 called to find out where they were and was told that they had said 11 and 12 for the time, which they had not.
    Still waiting the truck finally gets there at 12.20 (to which we could have had more done during that time instead of waiting around).
    A quote from another removalist said it would take 3 hours they only took 2.5 which we thought was a bit fast. Later we found out way.
    When we finally got to moving our couch into place a few weeks later we found out the back was broken. The removalist guys had taken the couch apart to move it then were not even going to put it back together until it was asked of them, to which they complained.
    Then we find a hole in the back of the tv cabinet. Looks like something was pushed against it during the move and put a hole in the backing.
    Plus a small thing was broken on the back of the fridge which I wasn't concerned about until I found the other broken things.
    When we rang them in regards to broken items it went to message bank. No reply to message left. So rang them again was told they could not understand the phone number and that's why they hadn't called back.
    The staff on the phone then got very rude saying why did it take us so long to notice the stuff broken. And when saying about the couch being broken the staff proceeded to say well we shouldn't have such a cheap couch then. Btw it so is not a cheap couch thank you very much. Asked them why the shelves in the tv unit were not taken out when moved first they tried to say they don't do that.
    They claim to have insurance but are not sure they do. They have broken almost $2000 in furniture (tv unit can be kind of fixed, couch can't). And they will not take responsibility for it. Just get hung up on.
    Whatever you do check the reviews first you will see many others having issues to so go with someone else, save yourself from these fiends.
  • Big Thanks to Matt and Paul for the help with our move.. the guys didn't stop working the entire time .. thanks again !
  • Used these folks to move to Sydney 9 months ago. No issues that time but used them to move back to Brisbane last week and had a NIGHTMARE!
    Booked to move on Tuesday, called me 2pm the day before to say it would be Wednesday morning (ended upp not needing the hotel I had booked and couldn't cancel due to the late notice given). Asked for an eta on delivery and was given 24 hours after pickup.
    Guys turned up on Wednesday and the driver said delivery would be Friday (I had also booked with the office for them to prep wrap my new couch and the movers weren't aware of the request) - called the office after collection and told them I needed the delivery as quoted for 24 hours and was told all was fine for the following day but in the afternoon.
    Called again the next for an eta and was told 4-5 hours at 9.20 by the person I'd booked with and dealt with all the way through).
    Called again at 3pm and was told a few hours The driver called me and was upset because their boss had told them to deliver that night and it was unsafe (strange for the driver to call not the management I had been dealing with). I called the management and was assured it would be that night. I queried it as the driver had seemed upset and management told me they were in charge not the driver.
    The management called back at almost 5 and told me it would be the morning. No apology, I had already explained I had a pregnant partner and family in the house with no beds and they didn't care. I asked what they would do with the price and they said I was over from their quote anyway so they just wouldn't charge extra (first I had heard of it). I said I wasn't happy with the service as it appeared their drivers knew it would always be a Friday delivery and they had told to me 3 times over 2 days and left me with no time to organize my family - they didn't care. When I asked how their driver knew it would be Friday and Wednesday morning and management didn't they responded saying well they are just the guy in the office - bit of a flip from "I'm in charge not them"
    I emailed a factual breakdown of the service I had received and registered my complaint. The next day the truck turned up and the staff apologized but said until I called management (the person who didn't care) and pay then I would not get my furniture unloaded. I called them and advised again I thought the service was poor and they should have called me to discuss my concerns - they told me that I obviously had too much time on my hands in response to my complaint (amazing how much time you have sitting in a house with no furniture for 2 days). Very rude and advised they would not respond to my complaint.
    In a nut shell - the guys moving the stuff were great, friendly and professional and the management was unprofessional on many occasions and was rude when I provided them with the professional courtesy of saying I was unhappy with their service based on their misinformation and I didn't even get an apology. I don't review anything but you'll find this review anywhere you're able to review companies as the only recourse I was left with from this horrendous ordeal.

    Don't use this company if you want any kind of service other than "we'll move as we want to and not honor the quote given".
    • Yer same problem to, should have done a prepack what a nitemare 7 people turned up, they put things in boxs everywhere, things missing, and broken.. fair trading could not get the management, a rude person to claim on their SO CALLED INSURANCE so its of to court, which I dont need, they also charge you full price for boxs, when they are 2nd hand as, they have the previous peoples name on the boxs, man I could tell you so much more about this company would shock you, but not allowed. The people who do the job are unreal, shame about the management.
    • We had nothing but problems with them too - 1 out of 3 people was capable of doing the job. The management was so rude and unprofessional once they have your booking - swearing and carrying on when a simple complaint about damaged property was bought to their attention - rude arrogant person who promises one thing and then delivers a totally inadequate service. They will tell you about all the things other removalists will say to get your business and then they go and actually do exactly what they warn you about. Anyways they totally took the excitement out of our move and just bought stress and worry. An awful unprofessional business who I would never use again and would never recommend.
  • The removalists were fantastic and worked tirelessly all day; they didn't stop. Bit unhappy about their quote though - saying a 4 bed house would take approx 4 hours. We were a 3 bed and it took 6.5 hours.
    • The management under quoted how long it would take, and the removalists told us this happens often with the management. Again; very happy with the removalists, but not happy paying many hundred more than we'd budgeted for.
    • I had a similar experience - the guys on the ground were great - Peter in the office was awful to deal with - very unprofessional
  • We just moved our family home from Lawnton to Warner lakes with Northside Removals last week. We have hired the company 3 times now and the staff display excellent service every time. Michael and Alex were the chaps, both the boys were very professional, were polite and had great work ethic. Our family will always book with them and always recommend the company too family and friends. Once again, many thanks to Peter and the boys.