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Reviews of Norton St Grocer

  • Both shops of Norton St Grocer at Leichhardt and Westfield Bondi Junction are extremely &/or grossly overpriced and are swarmed with rude & arrogant staff. The cheeses, salamis, ham, prosciutto and Presswurst are old, very dark and stale and thus inedible. In fact, most of the deli products, including the cheeses, are not fresh and nowhere near fresh. They try to get rid of the stale stock by doing tastings. But I have noticed the use by dates are very close or near, and the amounts of cheese that they put on a cracker is so small, you can hardly taste the cheese. In fact, sometimes the crackers they use taste better than the cheeses because you cant taste the small portion of cheese on it! Nothing is cheap there, it is all grossly overpriced and the same quality, if not worse, than other super markets. You can also get the same products in the genuine or generic brands much, much cheaper elsewhere. You can also never find a real bargain there. They dont exist. Don't go near the reduced produce stock as it is all hidden mouldy and rotten inside and it is the stock that they couldn't sell and shouldn't even be selling at all. Never have shopped there and I never will. Plenty of other stores with fresher produce and deli products. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but that is the truth.
  • Whenever I'm feeling fancy, I like to go here. The grocer is excellent and the goods are always fresh and of highest quality.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    Ranging from deli to gourmet soups, Italian groceries and bakery, fresh produce or seasonal treats, this grocer has it all.

    Fresh produce are always fresh, Italian groceries are authentic and well organised. Staff are friendly and approachable, makes shopping there enjoyable.
  • I really love this grocer. The produce is always of a very high standard, the staff are friendly & helpful, and they have an excellent deli & range of lovely Italian speciality goods. Come here for hard to find fruit, vegetables & herbs, as well as lovely Australian & imported cheeses, smallgoods, a great range of olives, fresh pasta, grissini.... The staff are good at packing things so your pears don't get squashed!! And I believe they also offer a home delivery service on certain days. A huge step above other grocers!

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