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Reviews of Norwood Village Medical And Dental Centre

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  • LillianEsque Newbie   2 reviews
    I have been using this clinic for 6+ years. I do choose one particular doctor to continue a relationship, but when they are not on I've been seen by others. I have always been happy with the standard of advice I have been given. I agree that the office staff can be a bit unfriendly. The people that complain about the long waits are obviously going at the busy times of the day. It is not always busy and often I'll be able to see my GP without a wait at all.

    2 months ago - 22/02/2015

  • Lightworker124875 Newbie   1 review
    Fantastic service in a time of need. Caring and experienced nurses.

    4 months ago - 14/12/2014

  • Daveboughtlunch Newbie   1 review
    This is a really really last resort place, marginally better than other emergency centres. The waiting times are endless. I've waited up to 3 hours on more than one occasion. Take today for instance. It's a Saturday, busiest day of the week. So how many doctors do they have on? 3. How many people waiting ahead of me? 70. Another 3 wasted hours. There is only one staff at reception so it took 25 minutes just to register. I come here only when I absolutely have to. Every time I leave I swear I'm not coming back. What this place needs is competition. There is obviously a need for this service in this area.
  • rajimataz Newbie   1 review
    The rating is barely half a star. If I could give less I would. I personally have only gone to this clinic once and saw a doctor who literally made me feel like I was wasting their time. It was a weekend and I could not get into my own doctor. I have also been there with friends who had to wait over 2,5 hours to be seen and have felt that have been treated exactly the same. I get the feeling these doctors are not happy working there as the GPs leave early regularly when there are patients to be seen. Friends of the reception staff or doctors get to jump the queue. This clinic is a money making business. Processing centre that just wants the money.

    7 months ago - 30/08/2014

  • Anna Koetz Newbie   1 review
    Horrible place. I've never actually got to see a doctor as the wait times are horrendous and the front staff are horribly rude. I stood there in the queue while holding my 3 year old daughter, who was writhing in pain, and no one cared whatsoever. I stood there for 20 mins just to get to the counter! There were also some very old patients who had to stand the whole time as well. When I eventually got to the reception, those staff kept chatting, ignoring me holding my daughter.
  • kate_juv Newbie   1 review
    All the doctors I have seen here (3) have been lovely and friendly.
    The reception staff however I have found to be generally rude and unprofessional. The two today had rude phone manner and gossiped about the people on the phone while I waited for them to finish chatting (I have a broken leg and was there to get pain relief). While I was talking to one of the reception staff chewed gum and played with it at the front of the mouth. I'm surprised it didn't fall out on my paperwork.
    I tried to make an online written complaint to Primary Health Care Limited but they didn't have an email address.
    Generally good if what you need is quick and easy.
  • Mesa00 Newbie   1 review
    This place has seriously aggravated me. I went in to get a referral for a specialist, they stuffed it up, so instead of paying $60 for the specialist I had to pay out $185. I went in for a renewal of a prescription, they wouldn't put me on the tablets - the pill is quite simple?! Instead I got a prescription to stop my menstrual cycle but does not prevent pregnancy at all. I was told to come in at 1030 on Sunday to see the doctor who referred my ultrasound, after waiting 40 minutes I was told doctor wasn't coming in which meant going to the back of everyone else - a wait time of over an hour. Another time I went in, waited 20 minutes, saw a doctor who then said they couldn't see me because they don't work in that area and so I had to wait another 30 minutes til a doctor who did specialise in that area could see me. After spending above $100 in gap fees and seeing 4 doctors at this clinic in 1 week, I'm beginning to think of this place as a joke. There's no understanding and it's very disheartening. After this last time, I don't believe I will go back again. I will make appointments to see doctors during my work hours and take sick leave, it's really the only option I have that will make me feel valued.
  • expat1 Newbie   1 review
    think some comments are a bit harsh! Been here 5 years, cant get a regular GP, which is poor really, so use Norwood when i need to. the doctors ive seen are pretty good, genuinely caring and pushed for time. OK, you wait some time, but it beats NOT having any doctor at all! the main issue is some Dr's see more patients than others, is this efficiency, greed or are some doctors more "thorough"??
  • James Ada0 Newbie   1 review
    Came in at 7, waited for two and a half hours. Got told there were 3 doctors on but at 9:20 was told actually there is only one doctor and that the others had "left early" and that all the patients weren't going to be seen.
  • Walnutpotato   3 reviews
    I never bother going here unless I simply need a prescription or a medical certificate. I have been going here for some time and seen numerous doctors yet have not found ANY of them to be helpful in any way.

    I am disgusted in the way the doctors here treat patients here. It's more like a business than a doctors clinic and even then the customer service is shocking. The reception team are all rude, short tempered and seem to all hate their jobs. They treat you as is you're hassling them. I always feel as though i'm walking on egg shells when I make a request and they have to do something that will take them an extra one minute out of their time - even though its in their job description and they're getting paid to assist patients...

    How is it that when I feel horrible, faint and sick i'm in a far better mood than any of the reception staff are? Also, there is no chance to make personal rapport with any staff member as they don't bother to remember you and they think of you as an annoying number in queue that is giving them more work to do.

    Actually, the reception staff aren't rude to absolutely everyone. If a reception staff's friend visits they get all chirpy and are more than happy to bump their friend to the front of the queue - even if you've complained about waiting for over three hours and feel like you're going to faint. There's no way they can possibly make you see a doctor any faster because they cant bend the "rules" for a random sick person, only for a friend it seems.

    I can't begin to explain every bad experience with this business because I would be here all day, yet I hope this information inform's readers of this clinics lack of values and good service. If you are sick and need a medical diagnosis not just a certificate, don't bother going to Norwood Medical Clinic, that is unless you want to: leave the clinic with only the information you already knew, be treated horribly by staff, wait for up to four hours only to be seen for 20 seconds, feel devalued as sick person trying to seek medical assistance.

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