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Reviews of Oatley Chinese & malaysian Restaurant

  • Thank You Phillip & Daniel .....Not only do you have the best Chinese meal Experience this side of the Harbour Bridge.....but if your lucky enough. The Boss delivers your Take Away. Thanks again Phillip & your team
  • Our last meal our there left a sour note in our mouths.

    We had preordered the singapore chilli mud crab at an agreed quantity/price and enjoyed the dish, only to find when it came to settle the bill that they had made, an I quote, "an executive decision" to cook more than we had requested without telling us effectively doubling the price. I was unhappy with the way in which the management responded to our comments and no concession was made on their behalf to make good on their error.

    Apart from that, the service and some of the dishes were good. Just watch out if you order the crab!
  • This is the best chinese in the area!

    The pepper steak and the caramelised pork ribs are a must try.

    I hear great things about the crab but with 24 hours notice needed, I am yet to try it myself.
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