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Reviews of Officeworks

  • very poor customer service and extremely slow service.
    If u need to use there printing station i advice to go elsewhere.
    The incompetence is frustrating to say the least. After waiting 25min to be served by workers that are not busy but are good at looking busy, my printing of 30 pages was unable to be completed on the day and needed to be collected the next day. At mid-day!!! i left disappointed at the time i waisted.
    previous to this experience i paid for printing and binding only to discover later on that half the document was missing.
  • You would expect a large national chain to have purchasing power and pass on these savings to their customers. You would also expect their price match guarantee to actually be a guarantee rather than a legal document with so many loop holes that it is essentially worthless. I found an identical product and bought this to their attention. Rather than say, "sure here, have a $3.50 discount and thanks for bring this to our attention" the management spent more than 30 minutes scrutinising the product and reciting pieces of their price match guarantee to get out of it. So, overall a bit disappointing and strange that they would rather lose a $2000+ annual corporate client than concede that a piece of plastic stationary was generic and double the price of a competitor. Head office has some serious training to do.
  • DO NOT recommend this place to anybody. Very very poor customer service! I was in there today faxing a few things away. I was waiting there for quite a while for staff to approach me. After a while I happen to get the staff's attention. Must I say they were very rude to start off with. After waiting for so long I asked them if they could fax 3 sheets and said "Wait! I'm doing something". Which was very rude and poor attitude coming from them. When they finally started to fax the papers for me they mentioned that the fax number wasn't working as they could hear a busy tone. They tried to convince me that the number did not work so that they didn't have to bother faxing it again. So I asked if they could please try it again as I was sure it would have worked. They replied with "OK fine" with an angry tone in their voice. As soon as they dialled the fax number... walla IT WORKED!
  • This office works was one of the original stores to open in Sydney. Their position is ideal as numerous other large retail traders have positioned themselves in the immediate area.

    Pricing is reasonable and range is very good! You can also use your flybuy cards there too!
  • Recently I went to OfficeWorks to buy a printer and had no idea about what I was actually after. The great customer representative on the floor was able to guide me in the right directio without tryig to do the hardsell. All round I was really impressed with this service.

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