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Reviews of Officeworks

  • I phoned up and the the staff member on the phone sounded like they did not want to be there at all... very helpful I won't be going back unless they improve
  • Where to start with this mob!! Rude, uninterested, a level of service so poor it makes you wonder why they bother. But wait, the quality of the work was even worse. Straight to the bin. I would complain but since I was following up a simple printing order (that they originally tried to dissuade me from even making) it felt utterly pointless.

    After taking my artwork and order, staff said they would call me when it was ready. After a week and a half I called them to check on it. They said they had no record of it. But they did manage to find my artwork on their computer system. There was no apology but they said it would be ready by the next day.

    When I returned I was met with the same disinterest and handed my print order. When I made my original order, the staff member (who was trying to discourage me from making an order) said the quality of their work was pretty bad. I thought she was only trying to get out of doing any work. Surely a simple business card shouldn't be a stretch for a printing business?

    Turns out it was the only reliable information they provided. Printing of such poor quality it had to go straight in the bin.

    I'm gobsmacked. It was like entering some alternative, surreal universe. I'd strongly recommend against them if you need any work done where you may get some, interest, help and a professional job. However, if you just want a trippy, weirdly bizarre experience, and you know what you're in for....give it a go.

    Ironically, I had been warned they were pretty hopeless. I guess I just needed to experience it to fully understand. I'll never go back.

  • Bad service, bad attitudes, poor quality printing on what can only be described as 'off cuts' of paper.
    • I just hope no one would suffer the same treatment from officeworks like the experience I have been having. Don't buy from officeworks. Not worth the bad services! It is your hard earn money. My order of a simple HP scanner didn't turn up after 45 days of purchase and I am still waiting.
  • Unfortunately the staffs who work in the copying area are unprofessional, unhelpful and uninterested. Won't be going back.
  • I rang up Officeworks Midland today as I had lost a receipt from a month ago.
    They asked me for date and amount along with my contact details and within an hour, had faxed it through to me.
    This was a pleasant surprise as I have received little help in the store previously.
    Why can't the other staff be as helpful?
  • I went in the other day to get some calendars wired bound that i had just spent days on to find out they have a policy not to do uner A4. What the! Unlucky for me i got the grouches from the oap lets not be happy if it kills us crew.
    Any how i must say ozzy park office work younger, outside the square girls were brilliant. So it is my plight to you readers out there to say some people should just retire and let the young go free, now i am not a young lass myself so god help me if i ever get like them.

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