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Reviews of Officeworks

  • Worst customer service! only 2 self service printing machines working, one was occupied by a girl photocopying a whole book, the other kept freezing on me. waited in line for ages at the printing station which I didnt mind as there were people ahead of me, but when the line was clear and I told the lady my issue with the machines, she told me to wait but started talking to a fellow worker then went off with her and I had to hail down another worker.
  • Never a quick trip here. The print & copy set up is ridiculously slow. Every time. Staff are slow. Systems are slow. It's just painful. Go elsewhere, even if it takes extra time. You will end up saving time by not waiting so long! I've given the place a go many times.... It's always slow. Frustrating!!
  • Seriously bad printing department . Have never had good or prompt service there . They always have some excuse : Computer isn't working , one of our printers is down, use the self service machines, but most of those are out of order most of the time. Or just plain don't give a f... Attitude problems ? Dont waste your time if you need printing / copying , go somewhere else .
  • Great service today. Thank you

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