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Reviews of Officeworks

  • seanaussie Local Star 1,094 reviews
    I'm re-reviewing this store a couple of years after my last review because I've regularly been back & discovered helpful staff, also the layout is now clearer and cleaner than before and so I'm much happier.
  • one of the staff had 5 people waiting in the line to ask them questions !!! 15 minutes later still couldnt find someone to help!!
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,094 reviews
    Certainly not the best officeworks in the world. Sure they have all the bells and whistles, you could probably find whatever you wanted if you had hours to wander through, but the staff are incredibly unhelpful - that is if you can even find them to ask a question. Printworks people are lucky to have a grunt, don't ask for anything unusual. Travel 10 minutes to another officeworks if you want someone to actually help you.

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