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Old Thanh Huong Restaurant

Marrickville, NSW
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Mon 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
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In Marrickville since 1985, Old Thanh Huong Restaurant is still serving fresh, authentic Vietnamese cuisine at top quality. The prices here are very reasonable, and due to the popularity of this restaurant, bookings are advised. Old Thanh Huong Restaurant is also licensed and BYO, and its famous Bun Xeo Pancakes are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


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Vietnamese Taiwanese Thai Chinese

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Reviews of Old Thanh Huong Restaurant

  • Really affordable food, and the dishes are all authentic and delicious tasting. Give this place a try!
  • Best Vietnamese food hands down! Very authentic, the food here is delicious and the staff serve you very quickly. Will come back here with friends again.
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    Old Thanh Huong has pretty much been one of our go to place for Vietnamese food for as long as I could remember.

    The service has always been excellent. The staffs are friendly, and with complimentary Chinese tea is brought to the table pretty much as soon as we sat down, it is a great sign of an authentic Asian restaurant.

    The food is fast, fresh, clean and tastes great. The fried rice noodle with gravy has always been our favourite, no matter which meat option we choose, and served with mixed vegetables as well. The pho is also recommended, as it tastes quite fresh without having too much depth in regards to the flavour.

    A must-try would be the Ayam Sereh, which is chicken with lemongrass dish that you can eat together with plain rice as it has quite a strong flavour.

    If you happen to be on a culinary adventure, then you will be pleased to know that they also have emu and crocodile meat options for most of their stir fried dishes!

    With the shop almost busy and always packed, you can be sure that this place is good!
  • Consistently good over the years that we have gone back- love the beef with lemongrass and chilli!
  • Tasty food for very reasonable prices. The service is friendly and efficient. I love the viet pancakes.
  • Nice food, cheap price but fully busy especially during peak hours. Best food there includes 'vietnamese beef noodle', 'salt and peppe squid', 'prawn sour soup' and 'crayfish in pot'. If you're looking for authentic and low price Vietnamese cusine there this is your place.
  • Cheap, noisy, and always full - book if you want to guarantee a table at dinner time! Great place for very inexpensive delicious food.
  • Great, simple, cheap and cheerful for all sorts of Chinese influenced Vietnamese food. Extensive menu with just about every combination of meat, noodle or vegetable. One of my regular favs.

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