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One Stop Cake Decorations

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Penrith, NSW
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One Stop and You've Got The Lot

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Reviews of One Stop Cake Decorations

  • After visiting several cake decorating stores in Sydney that were really unhelpful, and reluctant to give information on their products, I was very pleasantly surprised to come across this store. The staff were absolutely fantastic and full of information, going above and beyond! Really impressed, you don't get good quality service much anymore and this is certainly a place you will find it!
  • I discovered your store just in time for my sons 4th birthday. Wow. All the girls I spoke to were amazing and patient - I had so many questions about HOW I was going to make my masterpiece!! I felt so assured that I could make this cake after leaving the store. I even had to call the shop during the baking process and they took the time to talk me through it all once more.
    So many products, the best range! Staff were great. I will be visiting again soon and telling all my friends who are novice bakers!!!!
  • What a great store!!! I have been in here multiple times and every single time I have been greeted by the most lovely and helpful staff. Even the way that they interact with other customers is incredible. They always have time to answer all of my stupid questions and always love to see any of my photos. I have been to other cake decorating stores and none have had the atmosphere or the kind of helpful staff that they had. I will definitely be coming back many times and will never go anywhere else!!! Thank you Lea and all the staff!!! This is definitely the best store in western Sydney!!!
    Absolutely fabulous!!!!
  • I was very disappointed with this store. After the management wanted to argue about a $7 refund or store credit. Considering how much I was spending at the shop now and in the past, it shouldn't of been an issue. Customer service is also lacking. After I made the complaint and went in to use store credit and I followed around the shop and was questioned about everything I looked at. I'm now taking my business else where. I don't think they even realise how much $ they've lost from me.
    • What ashame :( I thought they were great!
    • I loooove this shop. I am gobsmacked at the experience that you describe, I have been buying my cake needs here for a couple of years now & I have never witnessed anything like this. On the contrary, I find the staff to be welcoming, polite & extremely helpful. On one occasion I returned an item (unused & unopened) and there was no problem exchanging it. Nothing but praise for these girls.
  • tilloaudi Local Star 53 reviews
    I am simply appalled with the staff and management of this business and the over priced products they stock. Out of even the most basic requirements and rude and unhelpful staff. Will tell you something will work or fit or be enough and it won't. Inconsistent and unprofessional.
  • Very disappointed. On my first visit to this shop I did not receive a friendly greeting or even a "hello, how are you" when I went to make my purchase at the counter. It was just "that's $xxxx dollars". On my second visit to the shop, things hadn't changed. I was waiting behind a customer to make my purchase. A third customer was waiting behind me. The salesperson greeted the third customer behind me with a "Good morning, Mrs xxxx. I'll be with you shortly". There was no ackowledgement that I was also waiting in the queue.
    When the customer in front of me had finished their purchase, I then approached the counter to make my purchase. However, the salesperson ignored me completely and went straight to serve the third customer. I realise that I may not have been a regular customer like the third customer behind me appeared to be, but I very well could have become a regular customer, so there was no reason to treat me like my business wasn't important. However, after my experience at this shop I will not be returning again. I will take my business elsewhere.
  • One Stop Cake Decorations is the best business ever. The staff are very helpful and friendly and the owner Lea is just brilliant. She makes the most fabulous cakes. It is well worth the trip to visit her shop.
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