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Sydney, NSW
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Opera Bar - Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular bars around. It offers absolutely stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay. It is always a lively place with live bands and singers. Outdoor area is always popular, their indoor lounge areas are even more so for dining. 

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Locals know that this is the place to get a gasp out of visitors. A mixed crowd, in daytime there?s no Sydneyish door policies and everyone is thrown together for fun in the sun and a very Sydney view. Sundays have jazz ? and nibbles served on afternoon tea stands.

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Reviews of Opera Bar

  • On a sunny day where better on the harbour for a drink? The only downside is that it can get busy, and I mean very busy. But if you have a group and secure a table / seats settle in and make the most of the best spot on the harbour.
  • yummy cocktails, but not as high class as you might think... a little too sticky and smokey for my liking, but with views like these... that is quick to overcome.
  • David Sarkies Local Star 559 reviews
    I love this place, and have loved it since I first discovered it a few years back as I was making my way to the Opera House to pick up some tickets. It has the perfect location overlooking the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and Circular Quay. Okay, it is a little pricey, and on Friday Evenings it gets so packed that it is impossible to find a seat, including the seats along the water's edge. However later at night it tends to die down a bit (to an extent). This is the perfect place to have a couple of drinks after (or even before) a show at the Opera house. Okay, I haven't had the chance to try any of the food, but that has more to do with not having time to actually get anything, but it has one of the best locations, and views, on the harbour.
  • Opera bar is great when entertaining friends visiting from overseas. There isn't a bar in the city with a better view. However it can get so rammed that it becomes a hassle to get a seat and can also get a bit rowdy. Better when it isn't so busy, but overall worth a visit!
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Every time our company hosts international guests, we taken them to opera bar. Set against a beautiful backdrop of the Harbour bridge it is a stunning place to enjoy a drink as the sun sets over Sydney's icons.
    The drinks are a little pricier but it is an warm and exquisite atmosphere. I tried a mocktail of berries and it was filled with fresh strawberries, blueberries and lychee, with a hint of mint... It was delicious!
    Come here to have a drink and enjoy Sydney!
  • There is no bar in Sydney that can match a view like Opera Bar. The panoramic view includes the Circular Quay, the Rocks, the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park. Yeah the drinks are a little exy but I guess that's what you'd expect when you have a view like that!
  • KamenRiderBlack Local Star 119 reviews
    Here is a short summary of Opera Bar:

    Ok... I like Opera Bar, it's really pretty and the drinks are good and the food is nice and blah blah blah but seriously, it is so ridiculously pretentious, the staff are mostly lovely but GOD they are so disorganised and lazy. I swear every time I go something i've ordered is late to the table. I get it, you're busy, but how are you charging like... $25 for a simple cocktail and not have enough staff? sort it out.

    Drinks are over priced, which attracts a crowd that believes money=class, the service is sub-par and the food is only just above average. Views good but the bar didn't do that, Australia did. Music is never great it's like... top 40's hits mixed in a wok by a kids party DJ.

    The two stars are for positive reinforcement. Use it to motivate yourself to be good.
  • bradlyloco Local Star 184 reviews
    Definitely a lot better since the refresh. Always a great place to bring out-of-towners because of the excellent views.
  • jacoblewis Barfly 82 reviews
    Can't really ask for a better location! Always come here with friends travelling to Sydney, the price isn't too bad considering the location. Great bar with a great view!
  • spraoi Barfly 70 reviews
    Went here on Christmas Eve this year and while I loved the new layout and extra seating the lack of staff outside made the experience less enjoyable. The views are amazing and the drinks are not too expensive considering where it is but the staff could definitely have been more friendly.
  • Jess_2014p Local Star 170 reviews
    Such an iconic place to go for Sydneysiders and tourists alike. I always enjoy a trip there on a warm Sunday afternoon! They have re-done the seating recently which looks great. On the down side, they have re-worked the menu recently and the food is a rip off now - I ordered a green salad side plate for $8 and got a bowl of lettuce (??)
  • mins Local Star 941 reviews
    I never tire of the Opera Bar and who would with the views. The good thing is they have a smoking and non smoking section as being outdoors it could easily be all smoking. The staff were super friendly when serving also.
  • One of the best. Great service. Great cocktails too.
  • beautiful location had fun but it cost me dearly with drinks.
  • Great Location, right on the harbor. Good vibe on a Sunday. Drinks are pricey, but your paying for the views and location. Nice for a lazy Sunday.
  • pvogtmann Barfly 41 reviews
    Great views, Expensive but worth it for the views and atmosphere. Food is nice too.
  • Aobryan Local Star 170 reviews
    This place is definitely the place to be in Summer. Unfortunately it is open-air which means it can be very chilly in Winter (as it's right on the water) and definitely not a place to go if it rains. But there is a delicous food menu, an absolutely outstanding cocktail menu and to sit right on the water, listening to some beats whilst chatting with friends, it's a wonderful venue
  • Paulos101 Barfly 92 reviews
    I have been to Opera bar a few times but the last time i went not too long ago was awesome the atmosphere was great due to the live band that were playing as well as a guy on the saxophone. it was a real chillout vibe. Add to that the absolutetly awesome views of the opera house and harbour bridge, great for a few drinks with friends ( even though their booze is bit overpriced)
  • WeenieM Local Star 88 reviews
    I've always avoided Opera Bar because it is just so touristy and busy, but I went here recently and really, nothing beats having a nice drink with your friend sitting right next to the harbour looking out to the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the water. Absolutely amazing especially on a nice evening whilst the sun is setting.
  • Fabulous location, great drink selections (although pricey!) and a buzzy vibe. Shame they don't stay open later as we were hurried out of there after having seen a show at the Opera House. They would have made a fortune from us had they stayed open!

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