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Reviews of Oporto

  • Love it!!! Much better than any other fast food brand. Best burgers and donuts! Recommended!
  • MrT Area Expert 190 reviews
    This is quite a new Oporto branch - it's in a single shop space shared with Krispy Kreme donuts, so there's not much space to sit, but there is a big bench table in the middle and at least four tables along one wall. The seating area has a large flat screen TV as well.

    I sometimes pop in here to get breakfast on the way to work which is nice because the store is often almost empty. Some peace and quiet!
  • Stoninho Area Expert 69 reviews
    Bondi chilli burger was awesome...in the words of Arnie..."I'll be back". It was worth every cent. Hopefully my chips will be less salty next time though...
  • What possibly could be better than authentic portugese chicken burger, chips and coke!
  • JD 49 reviews
    If you already like Oporto's then this is one of the best as they have the freshest burgers. If you haven't already tried it, try the bondi with extra chili. love it

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