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Reviews of Out of Africa

  • There's not a lot not to like about this place. The food is so delicious and full of flavour. We made sure to try the traditional African foods and can highly recommend the tangines and meatballs. Atmosphere was great too as was the cocktail menu.

    It is lacking a traditional dessert though but it's a small price to pay for an otherwise enjoyable dinners
  • mins Local Star 941 reviews
    The food is always amazing here, although service can be a little hit and miss.
    Not one of the seven people at dinner had previously eaten here and all commended on the choice. As we weren't incredibly hungry and after a big meal the price was great, about $30 each including a bottle of wine. The entree of the Breathless Briouts were the biggest hit - think African version of a spring roll dripping in fruity sauce.....just delicious!!
    As for service, it seems there is a lack of training of staff and I have noticed a number of staff interactions / instruction conducted in front of the diners. They are helpful and friendly, just not overly skilled staff - which may well come down to the training they receive from management.
    The cookbook is excellent also, one of the girls loving the meal so much she went back next day to purchase the book. The Moroccan Meatballs are now also my signature dish when inviting friends over for dinner!!
  • JKP Foodie 173 reviews
    Great, hearty food with fantastic combinations of Moroccan flavours. Their signature dish is the meatballs which is pretty good, and the special I recently had was lamb backstrap which was amazing.

    Friendly service and lots of attentive staff; Always full to the brim on a Saturday night, I'll be back here at some stage soon!
  • The user Foodie 116 reviews
    I agree price's are a bit much especially for a back packer - location and set up is one of best in manly
  • MrReview Foodie 150 reviews
    A great place with a different taste. This place is great and I disagree with "Expo", I thought the prices were pretty good. A great selection of African food - with a slight twist towards Moroccan flavours. The selected dips were great, the mains come in these terrific hot pots and the food was very tasty. We had a party of 5 and the bill came to under $32 each, the mains were too big to have desert? I would recommend this for anyone looking for a great filling meal that is looking to escape the plethora of Asian/Italian cuisines in Sydney.
  • expo 31 reviews
    Not just out of africa, but out of my price range too. Its a shame the set menu is so expensive otherwise my friends and I would have had an amazing time!
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