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Overwrought specialises in unique wrought iron metalwork, including gates, security doors, wall art, fire screens, signs and garden sculpture.

- Gates
- Security Doors
- Furniture
- Sculpture
- Custom Made Metalwork
- Wrought Iron
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Reviews of Overwrought

  • I had high expectations when I ordered my double front door from Overwrought and after waiting close to 9 month, my doors finally turned up only to discover one had been damaged in transit. I have to say considering the time, effort and cost involved they were very poorly packed. Back one of the door went to them only to wait a further 3 months for it to be returned. My disappointment when we unpacked it is unexplainable, the wire which had been replaced was ill fitting- extremely loose, the front of the door had been placed against something and is badly scratched in at least 20 places, it had greasy hand prints all over it and scratches on the back where a tool had been used to remove the pop rivets. At a cost of $2000 and pretty much 12 months wait I have to say sooooooo not worth it.