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  • Bewildered Newbie   2 reviews
    I have been trying via email and phone to work out why I returned a dress for $40 and only was credited $29. They won't answer. There was also a dress missing from the package. So out of 3 dresses; 1 missing; 1 completely the wrong size; 1 fabulous. They have not credited me for the missing dress. They took off the postage. Then the dress I actually returned myself at my own cost they refunded $29 out of $40. I have bought so many items from Ozsale. They are very slow, but usually the items do turn up. This one has me really angry because I have emailed and phoned several times to no avail. I would like to know why I haven't received a $40 credit to my credit card. I don't want store credit when the dress was incorrect sizing. Massive for a size 10. It was at least a size 14.

    1 week ago - 20/08/2014

  • Return item Newbie   1 review
    Hi,I am really unhappy about your service.I bought two coats in June, and the quality were quite bad, so I returned them and get voucher. Then I spend my voucher and another $120 for sunglasses from Gucci, so $230 for that pair of sunglasses. When I got them, the material used for the lenses are quite different from the sunglasses from the real store! Accordingly, I dont believe that they are real. Thus, I emailed your team, without any reply till now, and I logged a return item later, provided detailed statement as the reasons why I want to return, and insist that in this case, I want my money being paid back to my account directly instead of giving me the vouchers!! Now your accounts payable still give me voucher! Actually, when I buy the sunglasses, it was stated that they are supposed to be sent from Italy, however, the item I got was sent from Ozsale Return". It means someone before me was already unsatisfied.
    I really need my money be paid back to my bank account, not credit and give me the useless vouchers, as I do not want to waste my time anymore!

    1 week ago - 19/08/2014

  • Newbie30 Newbie   1 review
    NEVER, EVER AGAIN!! This site used to be great. Now they are pathetic!!!
    They 'conveniently' now delete all messages/contacts after they respond. If you are chasing refunds or where a return has gone... GOODLUCK!
    I would actually take stars away from the 5 stars value and give them -1000 stars if I could. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I used to buy a lot from this site and it was really good. Now, waste of time and all in all no savings as you waste all your time trying to get any kind of customer service out of them chasing orders or refunds for incorrectly described items.
    When I actually get a response from them to find out where my refund is... I am deleting ALL correspondence with this site. Absolute GARBAGE for customer service!!!

    1 week ago - 15/08/2014

  • Thuy Phan Newbie   1 review
    I bought some stuff from their website then returned due to the products were poor condition. After the returned items has delivered on the 4 Jul 14, I still haven't receive the refund. I tried to contact by email, there is no answer. This is really bad, I'll go down to the bank to cancel the purchased transaction and then take to consumer affairs.

    2 weeks ago - 12/08/2014

    • yapz28 Newbie 
      hi i was planning to return my item and they give me RAN already..just want to ask what how did u return it?is it you went to post and you pay for the post fee to return it?which address did u send it to?

      2 weeks ago - 12/08/2014

    • Thuy Phan Newbie 
      Hi, you should received their email with a RAN number and address to send to. Normally you pay for the return item by taking them down to Post office. Otherwise, you can ask them paying for your postal and if they agree with that, they will email you a paid postal number, RAN # & Address.
      Either way you should ask the post office the tracking number cause they will ask for it.
      Good luck.

      2 weeks ago - 13/08/2014

  • Jo - Happy Customer Newbie   1 review
    I ordered some roller shoes for my son and it was taking a while to arrive - so given the other reviews I was becoming quite concerned. I contacted the company (although their ports of contact are limited) and they advised me to wait the period that the item was expected to take to deliver - fair enough! - I knew about the delivery period when I ordered. Sure enough the item arrived the next day - in the time of the delivery period. The information on their site could have been more informative - it wasn't even showing that the item had been sent. But it seems it was all under control, because it arrived in the time specified and in good working order. The response from the company was accurate and timely.

    2 weeks ago - 08/08/2014

  • Sarahktpnguyen Newbie   1 review
    I've ordered 2 x coats from their buyinvite site and it's been 2 weeks, which isn't a long time but when I go into my account to check on the order status, no order is showing! The money has been deducted from my credit card and the site/company doesn't even have a phone number on their site to contact with enquiries! Just a contact form and from the comments before, doesn't look like my message will get looked at in a hurry! Horrible service so far!!!

    1 month ago - 23/07/2014

  • Sarah5780 Newbie   1 review
    My issue is more technical. All of a sudden I haven't been able to log into the website. The Facebook link doesn't work and my email/password comes up as invalid. I wanted to do a return on some items that ended up not fitting right, but I can't do that unless I access My Account. I have tried emailing them using their Contact link on their website. They have emailed me back with a link to read the email in My Account. I have sent multiple emails explaining that this is useless because the link requires access to My Account AND I CAN'T EVEN GET ONTO THE BLOODY WEBSITE!!!!! It's making me wonder whether they are actually reading my email. I have been a good customer and I haven't had any complaints with any of my other orders. I don't normally get this upset, but I just feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall and I don't understand why all of a sudden I can't access my account.

    1 month ago - 22/07/2014

  • rsteph Newbie   1 review
    I buy an item, wait two months, wonder about where it could possibly be, send them an email, get told it was never "delivered" to them, and get a shoddy refund. They've only ever delivered about half my orders in either the time they said they would, or at all! I don't want a refund ideally, I want the product that i chose to pay really good money for. Most of the time it's the really expensive items that just happen to get lost. Lucky workers is all I can say because obviously someone else is benefitting from my loss. I recently lost a 1500 tread cound king bed sheet set, two gel uv lamps ($130 each), a pair of designer sunglasses and many many many others. I can't believe the horrible service, and the "copy and paste" reply you get no matter who answers your question. No one in the entire company gives you a real answer for anything. And don't even try to get a refund, it takes two months of fighting them and waiting for their "don't have the time of day" responses to you legitimate issues with their companies problems. I can't believe there isn't zero stars to give them because they do not deserve as little as one in my opinion. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!

    1 month ago - 15/07/2014

  • Dora12 Newbie   1 review
    Ten weeks waiting for order . No order ,no refund , no contact . Next step consumer affairs . Never again would I use this company

    1 month ago - 14/07/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Dear Dora,

      We apologize for the delay from our side. Could we please have your Order No and we will get our Customer Service Team to check and get back to you as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

      1 month ago - 16/07/2014

  • Johanna Ca Newbie   1 review
    Really bad quality products. Tags missing damp clothing with a strong musty smell. Completely different to what you see on web.
    • rsteph Newbie 
      probably the one the model was wearing after the staff dragged it through their customer service - smells pretty damp and musty to me!

      1 month ago - 15/07/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Dear Johanna,

      We are sorry to hear the state in which the products were delivered. Could we please have your Order No. and our Customer Service Team will check and get back to you as soon as possible regarding this issuer. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

      1 month ago - 16/07/2014


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