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  • Nickster Newbie   1 review
    Disappointed and will not use this online site again. Purchased curtains 5 months ago and received only part order. Repeatedly contacted through account and no response. Recommend Catch of the Day.

    2 months ago - 12/01/2015

  • Mel Tyquin Newbie   1 review
    Buyer beware. Sent incorrect item. Requested exchange and received prompt reply to this via email as refused with no explanation. Then sent review request as to reason with no response. Luckily I used PayPal and was able to seek resolution and refund through them. My advice is to avoid this site. Customer service is non existant if item is not correct or as advertised.
    • Mel Tyquin Newbie 
      OzSale finally got back to me offering to refund after PayPal had already resolved it for me and got my refund! Glad I kept all the original correspondence and screenshot everything as they were trying to discredit me with this response as if I used PayPal despite it. Even deleting original refusal. Then deleting all my wall posts and comments and blocking me from Posts to Page. I know of at least 6 other people in the last fortnight they have treated the same way!

      I feel so strongly about not allowing this practice to happen to anyone else.

      2 months ago - 31/12/2014

  • boxinc Newbie   1 review
    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE - 1/ I received a dress where the lining was longer than the material, threads pulled all over & sleeves puckered. I was offered a discount to except how it was or receive a full refund, item was sent back for full refund & they now advise that I was only entitled to credit as this it deemed as a faulty product???? 2/ ordered perfumes, the items have never been delivered, have requested for a refund if they can not provide a delivery date, now going on 3 weeks trying to get this resolved but they now no longer bother to respond to my emails. I'm sure consumer affairs will be happy to take this on board. ALL I'M ASKING IS FOR MY MONEY BACK!!!!

    4 months ago - 07/11/2014

  • CathOz   3 reviews
    I ordered a onsie a Unicorn onsie & got a cow onsie instead!
    Im NOT impressed as I cant seem to find my last orders & your website does say you KEEP orders from the past 3 months! How come I cant find my order number?
    So on my parcel is a REF no. which is 32437179
    Your prompt attention in this matter would be appreciated.
    Ive bought from you many times & this shows incompetence at its best! Fancy sending me the wrong item!
    Not happy Oz Sale.
    Ive left 3 messages on your so called phone number where you tell me youll get back to me? Pfft.
    I would like my ORDER fixed & correct item sent!!

    5 months ago - 29/10/2014

  • werxj Local Star   860 reviews
    If desiring a quick refund, an option for voucher is best. The downside with Buyinvite is when contacting using email, different persons replied for the same case, almost each time and I had to re-explain the whole problem then there would be misunderstandings and duplicate unhelpful information.

    But the last contact I had was pleasant and inquiries through the site and calls were handled by the same person which was much easier and faster.

    5 months ago - 27/10/2014

  • werxj Local Star   860 reviews
    Phone calls is never answered and I wss prompted to leave a message for a callback. They did call back within about 2 hours which was good. Customer service was good also.
  • Maranatha Newbie   1 review
    I have been an online shopper for 6 years. I recently purchased several items from Ozsale for myself, husband and granddaughter. Not one of the items we purchased fitted. They were all far too tight. I returned my items and requested a full refund. They have issued me with a credit. I have placed a dispute with Paypal in the resolution centre. I thank God for Paypal.

    5 months ago - 15/10/2014

  • Smriti84 Newbie   1 review
    Worst online shopping experience ever. I bought a heater on 27 August. However, when i tracked this order it said that it was received by ozsale returns. I contacted my local courier expert and was told that ozsale has written wrong address (non existent street number) and hence the package was returned to ozsale. I emailed ozsale and was sent automated email which stated that the order will be shipped to the correct address. I tried to call ozsale however no success.
    Now, I have noticed the order in my returns tab and a purchase amount in my voucher. Ozsale has deducted postage and handling from the total amount. This is annoying as this was not my fault and i never returned the order. Have been trying to call someone who can help me with but in vain...

    5 months ago - 02/10/2014

  • bcnsw   3 reviews
    I recommended a couple of people 1purchased from the email and they say they didn't register from me but we have the email they sent them and they coincidentally purchased 12 hrs later. I have been tooing and froing and now after reading all these negative comments my friend doesn't want to deal with them. I have never known a company so tight with referrals. It's not brain surgery to see that I recommended. Obviously they aren't a good customer relations people.

    6 months ago - 26/09/2014

    • lisam467 Newbie 
      Don't deal with them unless you never want to see your money again. They told me they refunded my credit card a week and a half ago but it never happened. If it wasn't for PayPal I would have lost $130.00. Ozsale customer service even refused to return PayPal's emails so they just ruled in my favor on two transactions. Never again. I have blocked all of their emails and I will warn whoever I can so this never happens to someone else I know.

      6 months ago - 28/09/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will check and get this issue sorted out. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We look forward to hear from you soon.

      5 months ago - 01/10/2014

  • Xg Newbie   1 review
    Worst online shopping experience I have ever had.I bought an expensive watch and found the crystal glass has already chipped once it I contacted ozsale for refund. First it emailed me ask with some photos and invoice number.once I replied there is no more response what so ever.then I found out the return status has been changed to "Declined" after a few days.No one told me what was going on and why. My invoice number is 13091337.I tried to contact them by phone,messages,and response at all. Would that help?I want my money back!!!
    • lisam467 Newbie 
      Did you pay with PayPal? If so open up a dispute and get your money back.

      6 months ago - 22/09/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Hi, we have received your contact message and our Customer Service Team will be calling you again. We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thanks

      5 months ago - 01/10/2014

    • Xg Newbie 
      Your customer service team tried to ring me today while I was talking to fiat trade NSW.that person left one really unclear message that I couldn't hear a thing.tried to call back the number but the person asked me to ring customer service number which no one ever picked up the phone! I had to message the website and find out what was the progress.after all the complaint through PayPal and fair trade I finally got one email that asked to return the watch to NSW to get a refund. Which I have sent the watch back.Today I got another email from a different person to ask me return the watch to US for a replacement or repair. Also told me that I won't get a refund at all. Said the previous info I got for refund wasn't accurate! The info that I wouId get refund was from one of your team member too.this is so annoying and unprofessional!I want my money back!

      5 months ago - 01/10/2014


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