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  • TeeM Newbie   1 review
    I purchased 2 pairs of shoes that were faulty, sale numbers 12799036 and 12799035 .ozsale claims that they tried to credit my card with the refund and so they asked for my bank account. Its been 2 weeks since i gave them my bank details and i have not received anything. I called them last week and i was told accounts team would credit my account. Wonder how long i have to wait?

    2 days ago - 17/09/2014

  • Veronica.D Newbie   1 review
    STAY AWAY FROM OZ SALE! I returned a dress I purchased as it did not fit and the quality was very poor, and I did this this within the 14 day period. NO REFUND TO MY CREDIT CARD ONLY GAVE ME VOUCHERS.
    After my emails, no customer service... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
    I will be going to consumer affairs ...May be they will help me.
    Won't be buying from Oz Sale ever again.

    3 days ago - 17/09/2014

  • Gsue30 Newbie   1 review
    I'm very frustrated with Ozsale as after spending hours browsing through and placing orders all the nice clothes get refunded!It does not happen with brands exclusive so why doeis ozsale keep doing it?Very unprofessional and frustrating as they take the money and can't deliver the product.There were times the shipping wasn't refunded as we get charged for buying from more than one sale at the same time.Over the period of 3 months I have been refunded for almost 6 products...I don't wasn't to be wasting time choosing products only to be disappointed later...I think if you want stay in business have to get your act together!!!

    1 week ago - 12/09/2014

  • jeannn Newbie   1 review
    hi, I ordered a satchels bag at beginning of AUG, I found it shown refund on 21st Aug, but it failed to refund to my card. I provided my a/c information but never ever get a reply and refund back. can't find phone number on website as well....

    1 week ago - 11/09/2014

  • Mukzam12 Newbie   1 review
    Hi is the number 02 8999 0407 valid number at all. Its always busy tone. Im tracking my order no 13218855. This was dispatched on friday late afternoon after 6 pm and oviously their wont be anyone to pick it up as my postal address is my work address.i have sent email no reply and the number seems to be invalid
    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Hi Md,

      Thank you for your contact message!

      We have dispatched your order from our overseas logistics facility on the 08/09/2014.

      Tracking information on our international orders can take up to 5-7 business days to become active on our delivery partner's website, this is due to your order being in transit.

      Once the parcel reaches our hub at Sydney Airport, tracking information will become available and show as 'valid' online.

      Please note you can also track the status of your order in your "My Orders" section.

      Clicking the 'Track Here' link will take you to the tracking details for your order.

      If you require anything further - please let me know.

      1 week ago - 10/09/2014

  • Reda A Al- Newbie   1 review
    I ordered some swarovski earings but i never recieved them, i waited more than one and a half months but never got anything, tried calling them but never got any response. I wish i opened a case at paypal to claim my money back before it was too late. Also i bought 2 coats and a jumper. They took ages to send it to me, and when i got them, i found that sizes were too small. And still try to call them for return but never got any response, it's been over a month now. Never ever buy anything from this site !!
    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Hi, Could you please send over your Order No. and we will check and reply you with an update.

      1 week ago - 10/09/2014

  • wheresmystuff Newbie   1 review
    Bought some knives through schulte ufer, they never arrived, contacted Ozsale, they never responded. I keep looking at the links that arrive in my inbox and am sorely tempted to buy stuff, but since they dont send the goods theres no point in spending the $. SEND ME MY KNIVES!!!!

    2 weeks ago - 04/09/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will check and reply you with an update. Look forward to hear from you.

      1 week ago - 10/09/2014

  • Bewildered Newbie   2 reviews
    I have been trying via email and phone to work out why I returned a dress for $40 and only was credited $29. They won't answer. There was also a dress missing from the package. So out of 3 dresses; 1 missing; 1 completely the wrong size; 1 fabulous. They have not credited me for the missing dress. They took off the postage. Then the dress I actually returned myself at my own cost they refunded $29 out of $40. I have bought so many items from Ozsale. They are very slow, but usually the items do turn up. This one has me really angry because I have emailed and phoned several times to no avail. I would like to know why I haven't received a $40 credit to my credit card. I don't want store credit when the dress was incorrect sizing. Massive for a size 10. It was at least a size 14.

    1 month ago - 20/08/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Please send over your Order No. and we will get this sorted out as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

      2 weeks ago - 03/09/2014

  • Return item Newbie   1 review
    Hi,I am really unhappy about your service.I bought two coats in June, and the quality were quite bad, so I returned them and get voucher. Then I spend my voucher and another $120 for sunglasses from Gucci, so $230 for that pair of sunglasses. When I got them, the material used for the lenses are quite different from the sunglasses from the real store! Accordingly, I dont believe that they are real. Thus, I emailed your team, without any reply till now, and I logged a return item later, provided detailed statement as the reasons why I want to return, and insist that in this case, I want my money being paid back to my account directly instead of giving me the vouchers!! Now your accounts payable still give me voucher! Actually, when I buy the sunglasses, it was stated that they are supposed to be sent from Italy, however, the item I got was sent from Ozsale Return". It means someone before me was already unsatisfied.
    I really need my money be paid back to my bank account, not credit and give me the useless vouchers, as I do not want to waste my time anymore!

    1 month ago - 19/08/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will sort this out for you. Look forward to hear from you soon.

      2 weeks ago - 03/09/2014

    • Return item Newbie 
      Order Number 13124540
      One of your previous staff promised me to refund me via original payment method, I waited for a few days. Still not got my money.
      So I logged another job, the other staff replied, and insist that I can only keep the voucher rather than refund me via original payment method.

      1 week ago - 07/09/2014

  • Newbie30 Newbie   1 review
    NEVER, EVER AGAIN!! This site used to be great. Now they are pathetic!!!
    They 'conveniently' now delete all messages/contacts after they respond. If you are chasing refunds or where a return has gone... GOODLUCK!
    I would actually take stars away from the 5 stars value and give them -1000 stars if I could. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I used to buy a lot from this site and it was really good. Now, waste of time and all in all no savings as you waste all your time trying to get any kind of customer service out of them chasing orders or refunds for incorrectly described items.
    When I actually get a response from them to find out where my refund is... I am deleting ALL correspondence with this site. Absolute GARBAGE for customer service!!!

    1 month ago - 15/08/2014

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