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I have returned an item over a month ago and they still have not paid my $390 back! Ozsale very disappointing...

resting lotus
7 months AGO

Terrible service so far. I would like advice from previous customers as I am getting no where with this company. I ordered bamboo sheets. They have sent me some awful polyester ones which are not worth even a quarter of what I paid for the bamboo ones. I need a voucher number for Parcel Post so that Ozsale pay the postage for their own error not me. Can more

Jane 652
9 months AGO

I purchased two pairs of shoes in my size. Both pairs didn't fit, i.e. the sizing wasn't 'true', as one pair were far too large and the other too small. I returned both pairs of shoes for a refund and the refund was supposed to be made to the account from which I paid. Instead Ozsale decided to give me a $199 credit with their company - a total contradiction of their Terms & more

d scott
10 months AGO

Hi Just went through my bank account OZ sales deposited $38.95c into my bank account, thank you. But what about my $30 voucher that went with the purchase. They still have not contacted me by email. I suppose the deposit was a start. But would still like to know why when my phone crashed it wiped out my account, cant understand how it would effect OZ Sales records.

d scott
10 months AGO

I am not happy with OZ sales as I purchased a Doona from your sight I have an account with you and it comes up on my phone. My phone crashed and I lost all my details of my account. When I had my phone restored it erased all my information when I logged into OZ Sales. I have paid for the goods I had a $30 voucher and $38.95c was taken from my bank account. My more

1168 Reviews
a year AGO

they had a pop up sale in Brookvale on the weekend and the clothes were positively awful! However that I guess is only my opinion as we all have different tastes in life. They did however have an Arsenal football kits for kids so that will keep the husband happy for $15.

OVER a year AGO

I'm dealing with 3 different people to settle ONE issue and its taken a week and still no end in sight as I have to start from the beginning with each new person that answers my email. I was sent a USED pair of shoes. USED! And in the wrong size thank you very much. Its now become less about the refund and more about the principal. I also sent other stuff back and still more

d scott
10 months AGO

My phone crashed and I lost my order but paid the money for it and now they are saying that I have no orders what a joke. I have sent them email and now they wont even answer my emails I have phoned them in Brookvale and left my number and not reply. 470. I have paid more

d scott
10 months AGO

$70 I payed (not 470) and have not received goods

OVER a year AGO

Disappointed and will not use this online site again. Purchased curtains 5 months ago and received only part order. Repeatedly contacted through account and no response. Recommend Catch of the Day.

Mel Tyquin
OVER a year AGO

Buyer beware. Sent incorrect item. Requested exchange and received prompt reply to this via email as refused with no explanation. Then sent review request as to reason with no response. Luckily I used PayPal and was able to seek resolution and refund through them. My advice is to avoid this site. Customer service is non existant if item is not correct or as advertised.

Mel Tyquin
OVER a year AGO

OzSale finally got back to me offering to refund after PayPal had already resolved it for me and got my refund! Glad I kept all the original correspondence and screenshot everything as they were trying to discredit me with this response as if I used PayPal despite it. Even more

OVER a year AGO

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE - 1/ I received a dress where the lining was longer than the material, threads pulled all over & sleeves puckered. I was offered a discount to except how it was or receive a full refund, item was sent back for full refund & they now advise that I was only entitled to credit as this it deemed as a faulty product???? 2/ ordered perfumes, the items more


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