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  • Sarahktpnguyen Newbie   1 review
    I've ordered 2 x coats from their buyinvite site and it's been 2 weeks, which isn't a long time but when I go into my account to check on the order status, no order is showing! The money has been deducted from my credit card and the site/company doesn't even have a phone number on their site to contact with enquiries! Just a contact form and from the comments before, doesn't look like my message will get looked at in a hurry! Horrible service so far!!!

    1 week ago - 23/07/2014

  • Sarah5780 Newbie   1 review
    My issue is more technical. All of a sudden I haven't been able to log into the website. The Facebook link doesn't work and my email/password comes up as invalid. I wanted to do a return on some items that ended up not fitting right, but I can't do that unless I access My Account. I have tried emailing them using their Contact link on their website. They have emailed me back with a link to read the email in My Account. I have sent multiple emails explaining that this is useless because the link requires access to My Account AND I CAN'T EVEN GET ONTO THE BLOODY WEBSITE!!!!! It's making me wonder whether they are actually reading my email. I have been a good customer and I haven't had any complaints with any of my other orders. I don't normally get this upset, but I just feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall and I don't understand why all of a sudden I can't access my account.

    1 week ago - 22/07/2014

  • rsteph Newbie   1 review
    I buy an item, wait two months, wonder about where it could possibly be, send them an email, get told it was never "delivered" to them, and get a shoddy refund. They've only ever delivered about half my orders in either the time they said they would, or at all! I don't want a refund ideally, I want the product that i chose to pay really good money for. Most of the time it's the really expensive items that just happen to get lost. Lucky workers is all I can say because obviously someone else is benefitting from my loss. I recently lost a 1500 tread cound king bed sheet set, two gel uv lamps ($130 each), a pair of designer sunglasses and many many many others. I can't believe the horrible service, and the "copy and paste" reply you get no matter who answers your question. No one in the entire company gives you a real answer for anything. And don't even try to get a refund, it takes two months of fighting them and waiting for their "don't have the time of day" responses to you legitimate issues with their companies problems. I can't believe there isn't zero stars to give them because they do not deserve as little as one in my opinion. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!

    2 weeks ago - 15/07/2014

  • Dora12 Newbie   1 review
    Ten weeks waiting for order . No order ,no refund , no contact . Next step consumer affairs . Never again would I use this company

    2 weeks ago - 14/07/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Dear Dora,

      We apologize for the delay from our side. Could we please have your Order No and we will get our Customer Service Team to check and get back to you as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

      2 weeks ago - 16/07/2014

  • Johanna Ca Newbie   1 review
    Really bad quality products. Tags missing damp clothing with a strong musty smell. Completely different to what you see on web.
    • rsteph Newbie 
      probably the one the model was wearing after the staff dragged it through their customer service - smells pretty damp and musty to me!

      2 weeks ago - 15/07/2014

    • Ozsale Newbie 
      Dear Johanna,

      We are sorry to hear the state in which the products were delivered. Could we please have your Order No. and our Customer Service Team will check and get back to you as soon as possible regarding this issuer. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

      2 weeks ago - 16/07/2014

  • anna2891 Newbie   1 review
    I bought a pair of genuine diamond earrings on white gold from this website. They arrived half a month late, after I already sent a lot of email asking when my order would arrive. And when my earrings finally got to me, I was really shocked as their quality was no where near the description they posted on the website. According to the website, they were supposed to be decent diamonds with minimum colour G-I, clarity SI1-SI3, but mine were very visibly yellow. Even the prongs are not straight and diamonds are not symmetrically placed on the plates. And the box it came with looks extremely cheap. What a huge disappointment. What makes it worse is that these pair of earrings are for $400 and they are not returnable..

    1 month ago - 30/06/2014

  • Paulaa Newbie   1 review
    Been a customer of theirs fir years. Ozsale used to be good, but communication issues, the long wait for goods to be delivered & the sometimes inferior goods, have convinced me to take my custom elsewhere.

    1 month ago - 27/06/2014

  • Carole Pickett Newbie   2 reviews
    OZSALE.3rd time UNLUCKY!! This time I ordered glass wear, 2 glasses missing and 1 broken! Luckily the courier remained and I took photos and I sent the goods back with them. Their customer service is almost non existent. I got the phone number off this site as there isnt one on the web site. They send "form" emails that do not address the problem. As we speak I am still stuck waiting on the phone .. over half an hour now, I dont think they are going to pick up the phone . Ah yes 45 minutes later they have asked me to send photos attached to an email. Customer service admitted they have no staff hence the long wait. Even after all this they wont agree to a refund until they have checked my emailed photos thank goodness I took some while the courier was there, and also told me that i will get an email REFUSING my refund initially just to ignore it and they will "look into it" They have had my money for nearly 6 weeks it took to deliver the parcel . I buy HEAPS on the internet and this is very bad service indeed. Previously ordered mattress covers and got green blankets, and 1000tC "COTTON SHEETS" that turned out to be polyester and so thin you could see through them!
    I am on a whole page of terrible reviews.. I will share this on social media and hope others avoid this company.

    1 month ago - 26/06/2014

  • Newbie   1 review
    awful service, i certainly wont be purchasing any more goods from this company, NOT once have they answered any of my emails regarding an order purchased 7 weeks ago ,which i still dont have, they were very quick to take my money though, also some months ago I received broken items in the post from this company, I emailed them regarding their return policy, STILL waiting for their reply, we as customers need to warn family and freinds to stay well away from this company

    1 month ago - 23/06/2014

  • Angela Burns Tyler Newbie   1 review
    This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with, they don't reply to numerous contact attempts they then delete all negative facebook comments when you try to contact them that way. How dare they take MY money then treat me like a pain for daring to ask where my order is. I took screen shots of all my contacts because I saw they deleted previous customer posts, now I am blocked from commenting at all. Who ever their social media management is clearly have no idea how to turn a negative into a positive customer service 101!! When I have paid for an item I have the right to ask where it is after nearly 2 months and it should be answered in a timely manner. I wonder if they where the customer would they think this was an acceptable way to be treated I think not!! I will never buy from you again and it looks like you have upset a lot of people great way to ruin a business. ACCC and fair trading will be getting a report.

    1 month ago - 21/06/2014

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