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Reviews of Ozsale Pty Ltd

  • Terrible service so far. I would like advice from previous customers as I am getting no where with this company. I ordered bamboo sheets. They have sent me some awful polyester ones which are not worth even a quarter of what I paid for the bamboo ones. I need a voucher number for Parcel Post so that Ozsale pay the postage for their own error not me. Can anyone advise? They ignore phone messages.
  • I purchased two pairs of shoes in my size. Both pairs didn't fit, i.e. the sizing wasn't 'true', as one pair were far too large and the other too small. I returned both pairs of shoes for a refund and the refund was supposed to be made to the account from which I paid. Instead Ozsale decided to give me a $199 credit with their company - a total contradiction of their Terms & Conditions.
    I have sent at least 5 emails in an attempt to resolve the issue, but the Customer Service people have been ignoring their obligation to comply with the T&C's. I will go to Department of Fair Trading if this matter isn't resolved within two weeks.
  • Hi Just went through my bank account OZ sales deposited $38.95c into my bank account, thank you. But what about my $30 voucher that went with the purchase. They still have not contacted me by email. I suppose the deposit was a start. But would still like to know why when my phone crashed it wiped out my account, cant understand how it would effect OZ Sales records.
  • I am not happy with OZ sales as I purchased a Doona from your sight I have an account with you and it comes up on my phone. My phone crashed and I lost all my details of my account. When I had my phone restored it erased all my information when I logged into OZ Sales. I have paid for the goods I had a $30 voucher and $38.95c was taken from my bank account. My receipt number for this is Oe836a0-0171-e511-8a00-005056963182.
    I have sent countless emails and no one is replying to me. This is very frustrating as I seem to be getting no where. I am not paying $70 for goods and not receiving them. Also why does your people that work for you not answer my problem.
  • mins Local Star 945 reviews
    they had a pop up sale in Brookvale on the weekend and the clothes were positively awful! However that I guess is only my opinion as we all have different tastes in life. They did however have an Arsenal football kits for kids so that will keep the husband happy for $15.
  • I'm dealing with 3 different people to settle ONE issue and its taken a week and still no end in sight as I have to start from the beginning with each new person that answers my email. I was sent a USED pair of shoes. USED! And in the wrong size thank you very much. Its now become less about the refund and more about the principal. I also sent other stuff back and still no refund from that either. I spend a fair bit with these guys so they will be losing whole lot more from me not ordering again than them giving me a petty refund. And very poor customer service. I will be contacting paypal for a resolution, not to mention giving OzSale a really bad rap on social media! Bad move OzSale, very bad move.
    • My phone crashed and I lost my order but paid the money for it and now they are saying that I have no orders what a joke. I have sent them email and now they wont even answer my emails I have phoned them in Brookvale and left my number and not reply. 470. I have paid and not received goods
    • $70 I payed (not 470) and have not received goods
  • Disappointed and will not use this online site again. Purchased curtains 5 months ago and received only part order. Repeatedly contacted through account and no response. Recommend Catch of the Day.
  • Buyer beware. Sent incorrect item. Requested exchange and received prompt reply to this via email as refused with no explanation. Then sent review request as to reason with no response. Luckily I used PayPal and was able to seek resolution and refund through them. My advice is to avoid this site. Customer service is non existant if item is not correct or as advertised.
    • OzSale finally got back to me offering to refund after PayPal had already resolved it for me and got my refund! Glad I kept all the original correspondence and screenshot everything as they were trying to discredit me with this response as if I used PayPal despite it. Even deleting original refusal. Then deleting all my wall posts and comments and blocking me from Posts to Page. I know of at least 6 other people in the last fortnight they have treated the same way!

      I feel so strongly about not allowing this practice to happen to anyone else.
  • DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE - 1/ I received a dress where the lining was longer than the material, threads pulled all over & sleeves puckered. I was offered a discount to except how it was or receive a full refund, item was sent back for full refund & they now advise that I was only entitled to credit as this it deemed as a faulty product???? 2/ ordered perfumes, the items have never been delivered, have requested for a refund if they can not provide a delivery date, now going on 3 weeks trying to get this resolved but they now no longer bother to respond to my emails. I'm sure consumer affairs will be happy to take this on board. ALL I'M ASKING IS FOR MY MONEY BACK!!!!
  • I ordered a onsie a Unicorn onsie & got a cow onsie instead!
    Im NOT impressed as I cant seem to find my last orders & your website does say you KEEP orders from the past 3 months! How come I cant find my order number?
    So on my parcel is a REF no. which is 32437179
    Your prompt attention in this matter would be appreciated.
    Ive bought from you many times & this shows incompetence at its best! Fancy sending me the wrong item!
    Not happy Oz Sale.
    Ive left 3 messages on your so called phone number where you tell me youll get back to me? Pfft.
    I would like my ORDER fixed & correct item sent!!
    • Report to Fair Trade
    • I agree. my phoned crashed and had to restore it I then signed into OZ sales and it said I have no orders, but I spent $70 on an item and now they will not answer my emails. I have phoned them but they have not phoned me back. I hope you get your issue sorted out, I am at my wits end that you cannot get anyone to talk to.
  • werxj Local Star 1,169 reviews
    If desiring a quick refund, an option for voucher is best. The downside with Buyinvite is when contacting using email, different persons replied for the same case, almost each time and I had to re-explain the whole problem then there would be misunderstandings and duplicate unhelpful information.

    But the last contact I had was pleasant and inquiries through the site and calls were handled by the same person which was much easier and faster.
  • werxj Local Star 1,169 reviews
    Phone calls is never answered and I wss prompted to leave a message for a callback. They did call back within about 2 hours which was good. Customer service was good also.
  • I have been an online shopper for 6 years. I recently purchased several items from Ozsale for myself, husband and granddaughter. Not one of the items we purchased fitted. They were all far too tight. I returned my items and requested a full refund. They have issued me with a credit. I have placed a dispute with Paypal in the resolution centre. I thank God for Paypal.
  • Worst online shopping experience ever. I bought a heater on 27 August. However, when i tracked this order it said that it was received by ozsale returns. I contacted my local courier expert and was told that ozsale has written wrong address (non existent street number) and hence the package was returned to ozsale. I emailed ozsale and was sent automated email which stated that the order will be shipped to the correct address. I tried to call ozsale however no success.
    Now, I have noticed the order in my returns tab and a purchase amount in my voucher. Ozsale has deducted postage and handling from the total amount. This is annoying as this was not my fault and i never returned the order. Have been trying to call someone who can help me with but in vain...
  • I recommended a couple of people 1purchased from the email and they say they didn't register from me but we have the email they sent them and they coincidentally purchased 12 hrs later. I have been tooing and froing and now after reading all these negative comments my friend doesn't want to deal with them. I have never known a company so tight with referrals. It's not brain surgery to see that I recommended. Obviously they aren't a good customer relations people.
    • Don't deal with them unless you never want to see your money again. They told me they refunded my credit card a week and a half ago but it never happened. If it wasn't for PayPal I would have lost $130.00. Ozsale customer service even refused to return PayPal's emails so they just ruled in my favor on two transactions. Never again. I have blocked all of their emails and I will warn whoever I can so this never happens to someone else I know.
    • Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will check and get this issue sorted out. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We look forward to hear from you soon.
  • Xg 1 review
    Worst online shopping experience I have ever had.I bought an expensive watch and found the crystal glass has already chipped once it arrived.so I contacted ozsale for refund. First it emailed me ask with some photos and invoice number.once I replied there is no more response what so ever.then I found out the return status has been changed to "Declined" after a few days.No one told me what was going on and why. My invoice number is 13091337.I tried to contact them by phone,messages,and emails.no response at all. Would that help?I want my money back!!!
    • Did you pay with PayPal? If so open up a dispute and get your money back.
    • Hi, we have received your contact message and our Customer Service Team will be calling you again. We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thanks
    • Your customer service team tried to ring me today while I was talking to fiat trade NSW.that person left one really unclear message that I couldn't hear a thing.tried to call back the number but the person asked me to ring customer service number which no one ever picked up the phone! I had to message the website and find out what was the progress.after all the complaint through PayPal and fair trade I finally got one email that asked to return the watch to NSW to get a refund. Which I have sent the watch back.Today I got another email from a different person to ask me return the watch to US for a replacement or repair. Also told me that I won't get a refund at all. Said the previous info I got for refund wasn't accurate! The info that I wouId get refund was from one of your team member too.this is so annoying and unprofessional!I want my money back!
  • Worst Company I have ever dealt with! After waiting nearly a month for something I ordered I contacted Ozsale and they told me that they were about to dispatch my order. That was after it had been sitting in their warehouse for 11-days. 3-days after my email to them I got an email telling me: "Due to an error on available inventory we are unable to complete your order". They then went on to say that they had refunded my credit card. That was over a week ago and still no sign of the refund in my bank account. I am fed up so I have opened a PayPal dispute and now they won't even respond to that. To add insult to injury on the same day I placed this order I also ordered something else. That arrived last week and the quality of the item is shocking. So much so that I have to return it for a refund. So now I have 2 PayPal disputes open with them. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! You will have nothing but headaches if you do and you will be waiting forever to recover your money. If you do deal with them use PayPal or you can kiss your money goodbye with no buyer protection.
    • This happened to me too, it's a roller coster with this company. Do not settle for a voucher.
    • That's why I went through PayPal. They will make sure I get my refund. They told me to return the goods today and they will refund me once they're delivered. The part that annoyed me most was that I had to fork out $25 of my own money for freight. Worst company ever, and I will never deal with them again. I only wish I read all of these negative reviews first.
    • I just raised a claim through Paypal too. Hopefully I can get my money back! I dont want any kind of voucher at all.
    • PayPal is the only way to go to protect online buyers :) Good work Xg.
    • Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will get this sorted for you. Look forward to hear from you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  • I purchased 2 pairs of shoes that were faulty, sale numbers 12799036 and 12799035 .ozsale claims that they tried to credit my card with the refund and so they asked for my bank account. Its been 2 weeks since i gave them my bank details and i have not received anything. I called them last week and i was told accounts team would credit my account. Wonder how long i have to wait?
    • If you paid with PayPal you can go to the resolution center and open a dispute to get your money back. I don't ever buy online without using PayPal. They protect you against this sort of thing. I hope you get your refund soon.
    • Hi, just to check with you if this account us under Tarisai?
  • STAY AWAY FROM OZ SALE! I returned a dress I purchased as it did not fit and the quality was very poor, and I did this this within the 14 day period. NO REFUND TO MY CREDIT CARD ONLY GAVE ME VOUCHERS.
    After my emails, no customer service... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
    I will be going to consumer affairs ...May be they will help me.
    Won't be buying from Oz Sale ever again.
    • Hi Veronica, could we please have your Order No. and we will get the refund sorted out shortly. Thanks
  • I'm very frustrated with Ozsale as after spending hours browsing through and placing orders all the nice clothes get refunded!It does not happen with brands exclusive so why doeis ozsale keep doing it?Very unprofessional and frustrating as they take the money and can't deliver the product.There were times the shipping wasn't refunded as we get charged for buying from more than one sale at the same time.Over the period of 3 months I have been refunded for almost 6 products...I don't wasn't to be wasting time choosing products only to be disappointed later...I think if you want stay in business have to get your act together!!!
  • hi, I ordered a satchels bag at beginning of AUG, I found it shown refund on 21st Aug, but it failed to refund to my card. I provided my a/c information but never ever get a reply and refund back. can't find phone number on website as well....
  • Hi is the number 02 8999 0407 valid number at all. Its always busy tone. Im tracking my order no 13218855. This was dispatched on friday late afternoon after 6 pm and oviously their wont be anyone to pick it up as my postal address is my work address.i have sent email no reply and the number seems to be invalid
    • Hi Md,

      Thank you for your contact message!

      We have dispatched your order from our overseas logistics facility on the 08/09/2014.

      Tracking information on our international orders can take up to 5-7 business days to become active on our delivery partner's website, this is due to your order being in transit.

      Once the parcel reaches our hub at Sydney Airport, tracking information will become available and show as 'valid' online.

      Please note you can also track the status of your order in your "My Orders" section.

      Clicking the 'Track Here' link will take you to the tracking details for your order.

      If you require anything further - please let me know.
  • I ordered some swarovski earings but i never recieved them, i waited more than one and a half months but never got anything, tried calling them but never got any response. I wish i opened a case at paypal to claim my money back before it was too late. Also i bought 2 coats and a jumper. They took ages to send it to me, and when i got them, i found that sizes were too small. And still try to call them for return but never got any response, it's been over a month now. Never ever buy anything from this site !!
    • Hi, Could you please send over your Order No. and we will check and reply you with an update.
  • Bought some knives through schulte ufer, they never arrived, contacted Ozsale, they never responded. I keep looking at the links that arrive in my inbox and am sorely tempted to buy stuff, but since they dont send the goods theres no point in spending the $. SEND ME MY KNIVES!!!!
    • Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will check and reply you with an update. Look forward to hear from you.
  • I have been trying via email and phone to work out why I returned a dress for $40 and only was credited $29. They won't answer. There was also a dress missing from the package. So out of 3 dresses; 1 missing; 1 completely the wrong size; 1 fabulous. They have not credited me for the missing dress. They took off the postage. Then the dress I actually returned myself at my own cost they refunded $29 out of $40. I have bought so many items from Ozsale. They are very slow, but usually the items do turn up. This one has me really angry because I have emailed and phoned several times to no avail. I would like to know why I haven't received a $40 credit to my credit card. I don't want store credit when the dress was incorrect sizing. Massive for a size 10. It was at least a size 14.
    • Please send over your Order No. and we will get this sorted out as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
  • Hi,I am really unhappy about your service.I bought two coats in June, and the quality were quite bad, so I returned them and get voucher. Then I spend my voucher and another $120 for sunglasses from Gucci, so $230 for that pair of sunglasses. When I got them, the material used for the lenses are quite different from the sunglasses from the real store! Accordingly, I dont believe that they are real. Thus, I emailed your team, without any reply till now, and I logged a return item later, provided detailed statement as the reasons why I want to return, and insist that in this case, I want my money being paid back to my account directly instead of giving me the vouchers!! Now your accounts payable still give me voucher! Actually, when I buy the sunglasses, it was stated that they are supposed to be sent from Italy, however, the item I got was sent from Ozsale Return". It means someone before me was already unsatisfied.
    I really need my money be paid back to my bank account, not credit and give me the useless vouchers, as I do not want to waste my time anymore!
    • Hi, could we please have your Order No. and we will sort this out for you. Look forward to hear from you soon.
    • Order Number 13124540
      One of your previous staff promised me to refund me via original payment method, I waited for a few days. Still not got my money.
      So I logged another job, the other staff replied, and insist that I can only keep the voucher rather than refund me via original payment method.
  • NEVER, EVER AGAIN!! This site used to be great. Now they are pathetic!!!
    They 'conveniently' now delete all messages/contacts after they respond. If you are chasing refunds or where a return has gone... GOODLUCK!
    I would actually take stars away from the 5 stars value and give them -1000 stars if I could. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I used to buy a lot from this site and it was really good. Now, waste of time and all in all no savings as you waste all your time trying to get any kind of customer service out of them chasing orders or refunds for incorrectly described items.
    When I actually get a response from them to find out where my refund is... I am deleting ALL correspondence with this site. Absolute GARBAGE for customer service!!!
  • I bought some stuff from their website then returned due to the products were poor condition. After the returned items has delivered on the 4 Jul 14, I still haven't receive the refund. I tried to contact by email, there is no answer. This is really bad, I'll go down to the bank to cancel the purchased transaction and then take to consumer affairs.
    • hi i was planning to return my item and they give me RAN already..just want to ask what how did u return it?is it you went to post and you pay for the post fee to return it?which address did u send it to?
    • Hi, you should received their email with a RAN number and address to send to. Normally you pay for the return item by taking them down to Post office. Otherwise, you can ask them paying for your postal and if they agree with that, they will email you a paid postal number, RAN # & Address.
      Either way you should ask the post office the tracking number cause they will ask for it.
      Good luck.
    • Hi Thuy Phan,

      Could we please have your RAN # and we will check and reply you as soon as possible. Thanks.
  • I ordered some roller shoes for my son and it was taking a while to arrive - so given the other reviews I was becoming quite concerned. I contacted the company (although their ports of contact are limited) and they advised me to wait the period that the item was expected to take to deliver - fair enough! - I knew about the delivery period when I ordered. Sure enough the item arrived the next day - in the time of the delivery period. The information on their site could have been more informative - it wasn't even showing that the item had been sent. But it seems it was all under control, because it arrived in the time specified and in good working order. The response from the company was accurate and timely.
  • I've ordered 2 x coats from their buyinvite site and it's been 2 weeks, which isn't a long time but when I go into my account to check on the order status, no order is showing! The money has been deducted from my credit card and the site/company doesn't even have a phone number on their site to contact with enquiries! Just a contact form and from the comments before, doesn't look like my message will get looked at in a hurry! Horrible service so far!!!
  • My issue is more technical. All of a sudden I haven't been able to log into the website. The Facebook link doesn't work and my email/password comes up as invalid. I wanted to do a return on some items that ended up not fitting right, but I can't do that unless I access My Account. I have tried emailing them using their Contact link on their website. They have emailed me back with a link to read the email in My Account. I have sent multiple emails explaining that this is useless because the link requires access to My Account AND I CAN'T EVEN GET ONTO THE BLOODY WEBSITE!!!!! It's making me wonder whether they are actually reading my email. I have been a good customer and I haven't had any complaints with any of my other orders. I don't normally get this upset, but I just feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall and I don't understand why all of a sudden I can't access my account.
  • I buy an item, wait two months, wonder about where it could possibly be, send them an email, get told it was never "delivered" to them, and get a shoddy refund. They've only ever delivered about half my orders in either the time they said they would, or at all! I don't want a refund ideally, I want the product that i chose to pay really good money for. Most of the time it's the really expensive items that just happen to get lost. Lucky workers is all I can say because obviously someone else is benefitting from my loss. I recently lost a 1500 tread cound king bed sheet set, two gel uv lamps ($130 each), a pair of designer sunglasses and many many many others. I can't believe the horrible service, and the "copy and paste" reply you get no matter who answers your question. No one in the entire company gives you a real answer for anything. And don't even try to get a refund, it takes two months of fighting them and waiting for their "don't have the time of day" responses to you legitimate issues with their companies problems. I can't believe there isn't zero stars to give them because they do not deserve as little as one in my opinion. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!
  • Ten weeks waiting for order . No order ,no refund , no contact . Next step consumer affairs . Never again would I use this company
    • Dear Dora,

      We apologize for the delay from our side. Could we please have your Order No and we will get our Customer Service Team to check and get back to you as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks
  • Really bad quality products. Tags missing damp clothing with a strong musty smell. Completely different to what you see on web.
    • probably the one the model was wearing after the staff dragged it through their customer service - smells pretty damp and musty to me!
    • Dear Johanna,

      We are sorry to hear the state in which the products were delivered. Could we please have your Order No. and our Customer Service Team will check and get back to you as soon as possible regarding this issuer. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  • I bought a pair of genuine diamond earrings on white gold from this website. They arrived half a month late, after I already sent a lot of email asking when my order would arrive. And when my earrings finally got to me, I was really shocked as their quality was no where near the description they posted on the website. According to the website, they were supposed to be decent diamonds with minimum colour G-I, clarity SI1-SI3, but mine were very visibly yellow. Even the prongs are not straight and diamonds are not symmetrically placed on the plates. And the box it came with looks extremely cheap. What a huge disappointment. What makes it worse is that these pair of earrings are for $400 and they are not returnable..
  • Been a customer of theirs fir years. Ozsale used to be good, but communication issues, the long wait for goods to be delivered & the sometimes inferior goods, have convinced me to take my custom elsewhere.
  • OZSALE.3rd time UNLUCKY!! This time I ordered glass wear, 2 glasses missing and 1 broken! Luckily the courier remained and I took photos and I sent the goods back with them. Their customer service is almost non existent. I got the phone number off this site as there isnt one on the web site. They send "form" emails that do not address the problem. As we speak I am still stuck waiting on the phone .. over half an hour now, I dont think they are going to pick up the phone . Ah yes 45 minutes later they have asked me to send photos attached to an email. Customer service admitted they have no staff hence the long wait. Even after all this they wont agree to a refund until they have checked my emailed photos thank goodness I took some while the courier was there, and also told me that i will get an email REFUSING my refund initially just to ignore it and they will "look into it" They have had my money for nearly 6 weeks it took to deliver the parcel . I buy HEAPS on the internet and this is very bad service indeed. Previously ordered mattress covers and got green blankets, and 1000tC "COTTON SHEETS" that turned out to be polyester and so thin you could see through them!
    I am on a whole page of terrible reviews.. I will share this on social media and hope others avoid this company.
  • awful service, i certainly wont be purchasing any more goods from this company, NOT once have they answered any of my emails regarding an order purchased 7 weeks ago ,which i still dont have, they were very quick to take my money though, also some months ago I received broken items in the post from this company, I emailed them regarding their return policy, STILL waiting for their reply, we as customers need to warn family and freinds to stay well away from this company
  • This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with, they don't reply to numerous contact attempts they then delete all negative facebook comments when you try to contact them that way. How dare they take MY money then treat me like a pain for daring to ask where my order is. I took screen shots of all my contacts because I saw they deleted previous customer posts, now I am blocked from commenting at all. Who ever their social media management is clearly have no idea how to turn a negative into a positive customer service 101!! When I have paid for an item I have the right to ask where it is after nearly 2 months and it should be answered in a timely manner. I wonder if they where the customer would they think this was an acceptable way to be treated I think not!! I will never buy from you again and it looks like you have upset a lot of people great way to ruin a business. ACCC and fair trading will be getting a report.
  • Just awful customer service. I had no tracking number and after 6 contacts via their contact us tab, I thought I would go on their social network page. Result : they deleted my comments and banned me from their site. Totally and utterly unacceptable OZSALE, that is not how you treat customers!
  • more than worst store. i order some pants from uk. not showing the tracking. i put msg in contacts got replied after 1 week. they just say we will try to find but nothing happen till now. almost 2 months gone i place the order and still donot know i will get the stuff or not. very very bad experience
  • Worst online store with no customer service. Staff clearly do not answer to your problems or they don't understand English. Cannot speak to any manager. After researching on google finally found their number, kept me on hold for 30 mins, no answer! Left a message, no callback! Apparently they don't refund money and give you about 30% off which is no use. Al the money you waste paying for the item, shipping and returning. Absolute disgrace. They should be shut down in my opinion.
    • You can contact your bank. If you have not got a refund they send you a dispute form for non delivery of goods bought on the the Net. The Australian consumer law applies.
      Let the bank chase them for your money.
    • I paid with my debit card don't know if they would return my money. If it was credit card, I could have reversed the payment. Anyways it was my first and last purchase with them. Never going to give them a cent from now!
  • Do not buy from this business if you are expecting goods to arrive in the next month or so. Even when the items are yet to arrive to their "offices" (six weeks after taking my money), they still will not offer a refund. I buy online because I am time-poor, but now I'm having to repeat my emails, chase this up, yet all I have received from OzSale is smug automated email responses back.
  • Don't think I will ever buy from them again, have sent multiple messages about an item coming from the US that has no tracking information, thanks to truelocal I finally found a phone number, response was it has been sent, there will be no tracking information, I will just have to wait for it to turn up. Was also told that if you send a follow up message/email, then your query will go to the back of the queue, this might be good information to have on the website. So no matter how long it takes them to respond online DO NOT send multiple messages.
  • What a pain - have been trying for over a month to get a decent reply or a damaged item sent to me. So they offer 30% credit REALLY the item is unwearable and unusable and should never have been sent and I cant get a straight answer. Have sent 4 emails with NO responses
    • well since getting a phone number from TRUE LOCAL _ Thank You very much - I have an answer but grudgingly
  • My first order. Number 11760872. I ordered 11 items 7 of which were out of stock weeks later when they started packing. They refunded me some and credited me with the rest! Seriously? If you don't have my stuff refund me the money! I have emailed many times about this matter but always receive bs automated responses sometimes having nothing to do with what i asked. I want my money back because i will NEVER order with Ozsale again. Steer clear. Wayyyy more trouble than its worth. I wouldn't have bought ANYTHING if i'd known they would be out of stock most of my items! So unprofessional.
    • I agree am having a similar problem with them as well.
      They sent a clearly damaged product to me and it has taken over 3 weeks to get anywhere = have just been on the phone for 15 minutes and finally have SOME resolution. The initial offer was 30% credit for something that is clearly damage and unusable.
  • Horrible customer service, I bought shoes which came in 2 weeks later their expected date, which would be fine if the order would be right! Wrong shoes, wrong size, and the customer service people are not answering my questions... they just keep saying that this is what I ordered... never use it
  • I have bought a few products from buyinvite and on a number of occasions, I would return items and not receive credit until I have sent more than 10 emails, chasing, complaining, contacting ozsale (their sister company - they have a contact number) before finally getting a result!
    The service is ridiculously poor.. I am currently waiting for another set of returned products which were sent in early February! What is very strange about this particular returns package is that, one out of three returned products within the same postal package was credited, and yet they cannot trace the remaining two!

    After several emails and correspondence, and promises that I would get credit refunded.. yet nothing has been done about it! And now I have discovered that my emails have been deleted!!! My correspondence and promises were made primarily from Lionel... I am hoping that this formal online complaint will generate a response and a solution.. Otherwise I will just have to take it further and further on other links and chains of communication.

    My products are:
    Oxford Dress - RT 407605
    MOS Dress - RT 411806
    • Hi Sarah, I have the same issue an issue with them now. My order (4 watches) did not reach me and I tried looking for their contact number but did not find anywhere. They never replied any to my messages in the contact page. Do you have a number that I can call? Thank you so much.
  • Ozsale has some pretty cheap sales and for that reason you need to be patient and wait 3-4 weeks for delivery. Parcels usually come from Uk or USA so they do take some time. I've never had any issues with delivery or quality. Bang for your buck I say!! Great website I have placed more than 12 orders in the past year.
  • It was really terrible when I bought products from Ozsale. I bought two shoes and one necklace jewellery. The shoes are like a fake product. The other shoes are the same. I only used this shoes about 4 times for walking and riding bicycle, but now it's damaged. Next, I've just received my necklace, I wear it and it's broken immediately. I think that the products of this company was of such low quality, they are as same as fake products. I'm really angry now, so I want to tell my terrible experiences for others customers. Don't believe in advertisement of this company. Good luck!!!
    • I brought a watch from ozsale. It came a empty box. Called them. Not sure what will happen next!!!!
  • Really disappointed in this company! so hard to get hold of no phone number provided. Made an order two weeks ago they processed my payment and took my money but failed to process my order so I never got the automated email they are telling me to look for, need a fax number to show proof that the money was taken from my account that's if they ever get back to me! oh yeah hours of business are 9-5 so I rang at 4.20 only to get a message that the office is closed!!
  • Worst service. Second order and for the second time they lost my package and they don't even bother to call the courier on the phone. They responded they will email them and will take 3 business day to answer. they cannot call them because the courier puts them on hold and they cannot wait! unbelievable. The client should wait for an order that has been paid for and not received but Ozsale cannot wait few minutes on the phone to know where the package is. NEVER buy from this website. just headaches.
  • Never Never Never Again!!!!. Order never arrived and they ignore all msgs you send when you query. Took 5 msgs over a period of 3 wks to get a response from them which was a vague, message advising to follow tracking details. They sent to wrong address but made it hard for me to get resolution as their contact centre only deals with email responses. 6 weeks on and I still don't have my order, not tracking info and they have my money

    Next stop Consumer Affairs!!
  • VERY dissapointed with my last OzSale purchase!!!
    Placed an order with OzSale for my wife, recieved a message many weeks later stating that certain items were no longer available, this was ok at the time. When the remaining pieces finally arrived, all were incorrect as just half of each item arrived (tops with no bottoms). Sent a message complaining and I was assured that I would recieve 1. a full refund or 2. 50% refund if I kept the order, was ok with this and responded and expressed my dissapointment with this order. They must have been slightly upset with my mail as they have now rejected the claim!!!!
    I will not spend another dollar with OzSale
  • Bought an item in the wrong size (i realised a minute after i ordered it). they did not respond for a day and said they would refund me but i had to order it again, by which time all had sold out.
    My tracking code on all items does not work. it has been three days and they have not responded.
    Calling the office does nothing as it rings out, you leave your number, and no-one calls back.
    Frustrated, I wont be shopping with them again!
    Buyer beware!!
  • Bought a set of bed sheets, took over a month to receive and the quality was poor. The set didn't even include the flat sheet. BUYER BEWARE.
    • oz sales is such a bad company to deal with.
      returned item through parcel point news agent 3 weeks ago still have not got refund voucher . Sent multiple emails. Keep on getting standard response. Someone called a week ago said they would look into it still waiting. cannot get a decent response never had such bad customer service.
  • Worst online shopping experience ever. Ordered a unique looking snow jacket. 2 months later I receive a plain army green jacket. No response to complaint. It is the most common problem encountered with online shopping that they do not want to pay people to perform the maintenance required to accurately track stock levels. If I ordered any item and payed for it anywhere in the world, the vendor is not allowed to keep the money unless their part of the contract (ie. the deliverables) is completed accurately. It would not be accepted at a supermarket or retail outlet. It does not take a genius to realise that I received a different item because the other (nicer and rarer) item was out of stock. The item I received was in stock because nobody wanted it, including me. I am terrified that the other few hundred dollars worth of orders are going to receive the same disgusting treatment. Given the absolute consistency of these negative reviews everywhere I have little hope of ever achieving satisfaction. I will not get the jacket I wanted and have wasted time and money on something I don't want.
  • I've spent hundreds of dollars on a number of separate sales and after 40 days 4 lots of purchases worth almost $500 have not arrived and ozsale have not yet responded to a query raised 2 days ago. Have now lodged claims via PayPal. Very disappointing as I have made a number of purchases through this site.
  • Buyer beware. Do not expect your money back when u return an incorrect item to Ozsale. They apologise & advise you to return the item using a reply paid address w/ a reference number on top of the shipping address then ignore all msgs you send when you query why refund has not been processed. Took 5 msgs over a period of 3 wks to get a response from them which was a vague, message advising that their warehouse couldn't 'locate' the item & unless I could provide a tracking number they would not process my refund. Apparently the 'reference number' on top of the shipping address is an internal reference number (hence I do not understand why warehouse can't 'find' my item) & although Ozsale never warned me returned items are not tracked only items dispatched from the warehouse are I am the one out of pocket. Incredible seeing as I never rcvd what I paid for in the first place hence if Ozsale had simply refunded my money if my size was sold out instead of sending completely different size to me then I would not have been penalised for returning an incorrect item that is now 'missing'.
  • BEWARE when buying from OZSALE. I have purchased many items from ozsale and almost every order has been a negative experience. The service they offer is disgusting. Heres some of the stuff that has happened:
    -bought a perfume/body lotion pack that wasn't packed with any protection so the body lotion had a crack that basically destroyed the whole package. Ozsale expected me to send back a LEAKING body lotion...
    -They say they have the 21 day period, however many of my items have been sent way after - one Item I purchased 26 days ago still hasn't even been sent.
    -I've had to return some items and for one return I was given reply paid postage, and when I returned another item for the exact same reasons I was not given reply paid postage or told I would be reimbursed.
    -I've bought a large bulky item of ozsale and they sent 2 orders when I only ordered one, wondering what the parcels could be I opened them all to discover ozsale had sent me a duplicate order. Doing the right thing, I contacted them just to let them know. They expected me to send back the items AT MY OWN EXPENSE! (paying for packaging/postage etc)
    -When you message them, they take DAYS to respond, and when they do reply, they can't answer your question, don't answer it properly or avoid it completely. Sometimes, they don't even reply at all.
    -Majority of the items I've received are not packaged with care, just thrown into box/bag with no padding or protection.
    -their postage prices are constantly changing and are very unreasonable, especially considering how long it takes for items to arrive.

    I wouldn't buy from ozsale ever again, and if you plan on buying from ozsale, don't buy something expensive.
    • I have the same experience. I received a leaking face wash.
    • I just received a package of body product's after a 6 week wait, they were suppose to be for Christmas, all leaking, gross, slimy, and cant get hold of anyone to talk to about it. NEVER again for me, worst online shopping experience ever.
  • I have been shopping online for years and in all that time I have never, never come across a company that is so inefficient, unreliable and rude. Do not bother contacting them either by email or phone as they do not respond. They didn't send goods. Their website is colourful and inviting, but that's it. I have found this a very worrying time as I have lost quite a bit of money to them.
  • I like them. Have been using for a few years quite regularly and had no problems except perhaps minor ones when I didn't clearly understand how they operate. Saved me lots of money and time.
    • I am going to contact consumer affairs tomorrow cause they have done the same to me.
  • Wow, I'm shocked. I found these reviews after searching for their phone number, and to read what everyone has said, Oh Boy. So it's a waste of time chasing them, just sit back and wait, and your stuff might come in a month or 2, and it might be what you ordered and if not, your stuck with it, as getting the right stuff or a refund will never happen, or they will suck you into the roundabout of a credit voucher. That takes out the joy of finding the site and going, Hey there good prices, eventhough the delivery cost was a bit strange, how it's costed at each sale, and now to find the truth. Reading down the comments, Ozsales actuallyuse to comment and offer help, but that stopped. How did people go going through ACCC ? Now it's just a lucky dip if the stuff comes at all, and in what condition, and how much it has cost me. Yep like someone else said, I should've reviewed them before I ordered, well at least they won't be getting anything more out of me. Thanks everyone for the input.
  • I have never had a worse experience then the one I am going through with ozsale. I have sent 6 emails and still awaiting a response that addresses the issues raised. I ordered on the 4/12 and I am still waiting for my order. The tracking number they provided me isn't valid yet, as they have advised me that the tracking number won't be valid until it is picked up by Australia post. Each response they send me is that the next time I check the tracking number I will see how far my item is. Not so lucky it seems because I am still waiting. I have asked to cancel my order and have it refunded and they advised they cant because it has been sent and yet its not trackable because according to them its not in Australia posts possession. I am extremely frustrated that a company can treat paying customers this way.
    They provide no resolution to my emails and questions and no satisfaction. I will never use ozsale again and I will be sure to tell all of my friends about the poor experience with this company. Its disgusting
    • I couldn't agree more! I had the same issue with you. Never had this issue before with other company. Worse thing the sent me faulty items and took them forever to process it and refund didn't get process until after 2weeks even tho it says within 2 days after the received the returns in their term and conditions. I had to call them in order to get my refund and customer service wasn't helpful at all.
      I'm still tracking my refund til now :(
    • Could not agree with you more! I have lost a fair bit of money to them. I find it all very upsetting, to think a company offers this service.
    • I am waiting on a $200 package to arrive and the tracking number does not work (they haven't replied for 3 days) so i am worried.
      Useless company, should have realized by the first items lateness and poor quality that it was going to get worse...
  • The worst online store.
    Do not buy from this store.
    While the item states returnable you will be lucky to get a credit voucher,
    Then (not to mention the terms and conditions) when you try to redeem the voucher, you must spend more than the voucher, or you will not be credited the balance, nor can you spread the amount over several sellers.
    There is zero integrity or customer service with this company.
    • Totally agree. I bought a pair of legging with a big hole on them. It took me 2 months to receive the credit.
  • They canno do there job properly. I have been waiting on my order for 1month and im looking forward to letting the police know about this un-worthy site.
    • After sending eleven requests for details of an order placed with OZSALE, I am still awaiting a straight answer.

      They have stated it takes more than eleven days to arrive via air from America. When an order is placed they state 7 - 21 days for delivery. Yet they are unable to advise where in the world the order is and exactly when the order will be received, evern though it was despatched on 08/12

      In short, I would not recommend ordering any item from this on-line company. Clearly, they have no customer relations and do not post their telephone contact details on their web site so customers have to search the internet for contact details.. Very poor and should be investigated.


  • Well I understand that they are doing there best to send the item to there customers on time .I have been buying from Ozsale and I have become there VIP customer now. I have so far faced no problem from them .. People have to understand that when ozsale sending the item from there it's the post people's job to have the delivery sent to people on time as in my case the mail man or delivery person made a mistake and my parcel had been sitting at the post office Which i was not aware of untill i went on my ozsale account to see how long it will take for me to receive my parcel and I did not received the card from post office saying your parcel is here to be collected ..I always remember one thing that online buying means that you will receive your item sometime late or sometime soon I am happy with Ozsale service .. Keep it up . Oh yes if they do run late on sending the my order they send me an e-mail .. And am sure that they do that to all there customers ..
    • ...see, this is where you are wrong. Not everybody gets treated the same by this company. Most customers don't get an e-mail let alone get an answer to their inquiries. Maybe you are just lucky that you are treated like a customer should be treated. Believe you me, I have ordered unfortunately numerous items in a very short time span and I have been treated with nothing but disrespect. My items were in the "approved" stage for month. Dispatch date was a lie as it revealed itself after all investigations that consumers are able to get, got to the bottom of it. I have waited as long as 3 months for 2 different items and not once have I been given a plausible explanation. So, no....Australia Post was not at fault, it was Ozsale! Good for you that you have not faced any problems with them. I have ordered goods that were not the items I wanted, I have waited a long time and goods received were dirty and of poor quality.......
    • Hi Melea, Many thanks for your comment. You are right in your experience ..
      There are companies that I do buying from and sometimes I don't receive my goods but do you know what trick they use..?? They will ask you to Waite a bit longer and you will receive it soon. Did you know that PayPal is so good to use for buying .. They give you 45 days if you don't receive your item and if you don't receive it by 30 day just open a dispute
      And hey you will get your money back .. With tracking number you should receive it within 30 days n as for Ozsale they tell you its 27 working day to receive the item .. If it goes more then that I track my parcel .. As for my parcel sitting at the post office its was part of my mistake too that I didn't checked that whereabouts is it .. Well we learn from our mistakes .. Once again many thanks for your time and comment .. And by the way I also do online selling and buying .. If u see holisticfashions dot com .. :) and I give pple 30 working days
    • Shabana; It is OZSALES responsibility to ensure products are delivered on time according to their agreed timescales, not the shipping companies.
  • Terrible!! Purchased $100 worth of goods over a month ago - products have still not been sent! Emailed ozsale asking when I would likely receive my items, I had a reply saying 'they would be sent soon'
    When I asked for my order to be cancelled and refunded, I was advised that I needed to wait until I had received the goods before I could be refunded. By reading others reviews, it looks as if I will never get a refund!!!
  • This is a shocking company in so many ways! The worst is their returns practice. Though the site shows items as returnable, they do not mention you won't receive a refund. All you get is ozsale vouchers. This information is hidden away on the site under the help tab. You will not find it when looking at 'returns' next to the product listing. Don't touch them with a barge pole! I'd like to give them no stars but the rating system insists on at least a half.
  • oz-sale offers x-mas delivery guarantee? They didn't say what guarantee means. If it fails, the most you can get is your money back. You will never get your x-mas back. It is sad for their guarantee, because I sent them message through their website, requested that they contact me back. Nothing!!!

    Should they really want to continue their business, they need to act more promising that what they are doing now. Please have a close look on their website. There is no way you can contact them or complain. They have the choice to contact you back or not. You are customers, but you have no choice there.
    • ..... they didn't say which Christmas they mean....
      Maybe in a year or so? I would not order from them again, as I have bought, what was to be a birthday present. I ordered 2 months in advance and guess what? you guessed right, the present did not show up on time and I had to buy something else instead. Big disappointment that was.....

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