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  • ekoul Newbie   1 review
    I recently made a purchase on Ozzy Tyres about 3 weeks. I bought 4 tyres and had them shipped to one of their affiliated fitters in Box Hill, Vic. After a couple days the tyres were shipped and I received a consignment number. I checked the consignment number only to see that the tyres were rejected by the fitters. When I called the fitters they said that they refuse to deal with Ozzy Tyres as their products are poor quality.

    I then called Ozzy Tyres to see what the heck was happening; they explained that they were having 'an issue' with these fitters and told me to choose another fitter. I asked for the one in Ferntree Gully - They told me that they are also having 'an issue' with this one. The only one left was Dandenong, kilometres away, so I reluctantly chose them. Days past - and I was calling the new fitters trying to work out when I could get my tyres fitted, but they said they hadn't received the tyres. I called Ozzy Tyres - they said they had been delivered. This went on for almost a week. By the end of the week I asked for a refund as no one could tell me where the tyres were. They told me that according to them they had fulfilled their obligation. I couldn't believe it! I had paid money for a product with their company which they had not delivered to me and yet according to them their obligation to me had ceased! After jumping up & down they assured me the tyres would be at the fitter within 48hrs! 48 hrs later still no tyres!

    They finally agreed to issue me with a refund - but 1 week later I have received nothing! No tyres, no refund - just excuses! The promised refund was supposed to be issued within 3 days, according to them; a week later still not here. They now claim the management staff is away on holiday and therefore they can't issue the refund.

    My suggestion would be avoid this company like the plague! Pay the little bit extra at your local tyre centre! Avoid the disappointing experience!

    4 months ago - 12/11/2014

  • MagicMaz K Newbie   1 review
    Thanks ozzy tyres got looking after me time again.i wouldn't go anywhere else and have recommended to many. Thanks for the good advice and friendly service.
  • Nathan Stroud Newbie   1 review
    I'm very happy with my purchase, the guys at Ozzy Tyres were great & the wheels are awesome. I was really impressed with the delivery time: somehow they got everything to Byron Bay in 24hrs... Thanks guys!

    6 months ago - 08/09/2014

  • Jeremy Bru Newbie   1 review
    Wasn't notified of delivery to the store but once I called up they were very helpful. Service was quick and easy and I'm super happy with the result! Staff was also very friendly :)
  • Gav1976 Newbie   1 review
    So I got a set of Avant Garde wheels for the Beemer but straight away I didn't like them so telling the guy's at Ozzy they didn't hesitate to make me happy which was great that's customer service. I really liked the Stance SC6 so I got them instead.

    7 months ago - 27/08/2014

  • m.chappo Newbie   1 review
    I got some tyres off ozzy tyres prices where fair I was also given a discount upon checkout so I was cheering. delivery was unreal got my consignment number the same day I ordered I was actually really impressed. then receiving a follow up call never received such service before so thanks again ozzy I will be back to purchase again but next time hopefully for some wheels

    7 months ago - 21/08/2014

  • jemmabren Newbie   1 review
    I brought an xxr wheel&tyre package online, and I couldn't be more happier literally had no drama's with using the online site although the delivery tracking was alittle slow and I became a little impatient but everything on ozzy tyres behalf was done quiet sufficient considering it was an online purchase. thanks to ozzy im a happy customer and will return and spread the good result.

    7 months ago - 18/08/2014

  • dbuttenshaw Newbie   1 review
    Thank-you Matt @ Ozzy. Your advise about what my new rims and tyres was spot on. Will definitely be back and recommend you guys to everyone. And WOW such a speedy convenient delivery. Thanks again, car looks awesome. :)

    7 months ago - 13/08/2014

  • Kevin Tiah Newbie   2 reviews
    I bought the xxv red wheels.i came in to fit.i got my calipers painted black as a recommendation. They gave me free black nuts. Once on the car they recommended I lower it also. I lowered the car and looks great. I had to wait longer than expected but was given a discount so I am happy with the service and products.
  • CRQ Mechanical Newbie   1 review
    Tyres are good value for money and very good service and fast delivery. keeps my customers very happy

    8 months ago - 21/07/2014

  • Aaron136 Newbie   1 review
    Thanks to the team at Ozzy Tyres once again! Best price anywhere on P-Zero's. Excellent, fast and friendly service too. Best price - best service won't be buying tyres anywhere else!

    8 months ago - 21/07/2014

  • Simon Griv Newbie   1 review
    Excellent to deal with recommend to all wheels look amazing and friendly service staff answers for every questions I had and the best free delivery so quick i recommend to all buy from ozzytyres
  • smenon Newbie   1 review
    I was looking for a set of wheels for my Pajero. As soon as I saw the VCT Abruzzi's , my wife and I loved the look of them. I was a bit hesitant buying wheels online without seeing them in the flesh, but we were not disappointed. The wheels look fantastic, they really changed the look of the car. I have already referred a friend to Ozzy Tyres after our positive dealings.

    We will definitely use Ozzy again.

    8 months ago - 17/07/2014

  • CJP87 Newbie   1 review
    Cheap prices, quick delivery and exactly what I needed.
    My friend recommended them to me and she was right.
    Thanks Ozzy.

    8 months ago - 17/07/2014

  • Mjj Painti Newbie   1 review
    I was recommended from my friends as they all buy from Ozzy Tyres. I went on their site and saw the wheels I need. I ordered and they shipped them out the next day. Wheels look awesome. Thanks and I will be back for more. Cheers
  • Eby paul Newbie   1 review
    My new wheels arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered them with tires fitted! In a regional area this is simply outstanding! The rims look absolutely gorgeous and fit the car perfectly I can't wait to see what they look like once the car has been lowered! Thanks ozzy!

    8 months ago - 17/07/2014

  • tim1990 Newbie   1 review
    I had a great overall experience with Ozzy Tyres! I was unsure of what wheels and tyres to buy and the friendly staff helped me through the whole process. They hooked me up with an awesome deal! I brought my car into the workshop and they took extra care of my car because it's low. I would definitely be coming back to get new tyres when mine wear out!

    8 months ago - 17/07/2014

  • al1994 Newbie   1 review
    Couldn't be happier with my purchase online ! , the customer service i recieved off Ozzy Tyres was phenominal during and even after i recieved my XXR 530 in matte white ! they look great and was advised by staff that they would fit perfectly. and they where right incrediable service and knowledge will deffinatley be an ongoing customer of there's again and i highly recommend these guys. thank you OZZY TYRES ! for your great work :)

    8 months ago - 17/07/2014

  • gregmenn Newbie   1 review
    Don't ever make a mistake with this company. The after sales service with them is non existent. After I innocently making a mistake on the tyre size for 2 or the 4 tyres ordered I expected like most retail outlets to be up for the shipping costs but I was amazed that they also have a 25% of the cost of each tyre "restocking fee". This fee of hundreds of dollars in unfair and unjust. I will never deal with them again and I will ensure through word of mouth that I get some satisfaction though ensuring that nobody I know ever deals with this firm in the future. BE WARNED! I am so disappointed and will revert back to reputable tyre dealers with shop fronts in future.

    8 months ago - 03/07/2014

  • Jeeperscreepersz Newbie   1 review
    They have great wheel and tyre packages, but services are a total let down. A big bully and unreliable. First and last purchase, never again.

    9 months ago - 16/06/2014

  • citizen john Newbie   1 review
    Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with Ozzy Tyres.
    I purchased a set of rims online that were guaranteed to fit my (current model) vehicle. I already had the exact tyre size their website recommended for the rim and vehicle.

    The rims do not fit the vehicle, they stick outside the guards considerably. I read up on the regulations and the national code states that wheels cannot protrude past the guard of a vehicle - at all. I rang my insurer who stated unless the vehicle is street legal, which if the wheels stick out past the guards it isn't, then your not covered by your insurance policy.

    I emailed Ozzy tyres photos of the issue and called them offering to take the vehicle to one of their 'fitment centres' to have them check it out on their behalf. They were not interested in this offer, instead they stated the rims fit the vehicle, and if I wanted to have some width machined off of the inside of the rim to help bring the rim in a little then 'here's a number and address'. I asked if they would cover the cost of the wheel modification, to which they said no, I asked if they would go halves in the cost - no.

    I explained to them I purchased online through their site because of the comfort the '100% fitment guarantee' gave - the guarantee states 'this gives you the assurance that the wheels will fit the vehicle safely and in accordance with regulation. If the wheels do not fit then we endeavour to offer you an alternative that will give you the satisfaction you need or give you your money back' Ozzy Tyres were not prepared to do any of these things, instead continued to repeat 'the wheels fit'.

    Their fitment guarantee is worthless empty words to suck in trusting people like myself buying online in good faith - my big mistake.

    I cannot stress enough how poorly Ozzy Tyres have handled this issue and I would urge anyone considering using them reconsider and go to your local dealer for real advice. It will work out much cheaper in the long run, so far I've paid big money for rims that don't fit, money to have them fitted, and now more money to take them off and trade on something that will fit.

    p.s. The rims took 2.5 weeks to arrive instead of the 2-3 days advised by the website.

    11 months ago - 28/04/2014

  • Markymarc007 Newbie   1 review
    Great service, great advice, very friendly and professional great price... great experience all round!
  • Marty Phil Newbie   1 review
    Great service! Fast delivery to my door and prices that seem too good to be true - but they are true! Thanks Ozzy Tyres. Won't be buying tyres anywhere else from now on!
  • CheekyMonkey478 Newbie   1 review
    Awesome website, easy to navigate and purchase. Delivery to WA unbelievably fast. Brilliant customer service, thank you for the discount :-)
  • Bally12345 Newbie   1 review
    Excellent Customer service, Super fast delivery :) I have small transport company and I will not go anywhere else from now on.. Ozzytyres you rocks
  • LKAS Newbie   1 review
    Excellent price and initial communication. However, I requested tyres to be delivered to my local tyre shop who they show as being a partner fitting location. For some reason the delivery company tried to deliver them to my house. Requested re-delivery to local tyre shop which was done.

    Spoke with the management of local tyre shop to arrange fitting and advised they are not partners with Ozzytyres and that they had requested several times that they are removed from Ozzytyres website (this will be why the tyres were sent to my house). They reluctantly agreed to fit the tyres but at $35 per tyre, not the $20 - $25 shown on Ozzy's website.

    I've emailed Ozzy twice to get to the bottom of this but had no reply which is disappointing.

  • Wander1 Newbie   1 review
    Great price; fast service; free delivery; won't be buying tyres anywhere else. Wish I had known about Ozzy Tyres years ago.
  • boosted_v6 Newbie   1 review
    Awesome quality wheels and tyres! And the competitive prices just make it a given who to shop with! XXR 527's are a brilliant wheel. Very happy indeed
  • stratospur Newbie   1 review
    I Ordered a Wheel and tyre package for my Sedan.
    I found their prices competitive with Melbourne and apart form some transport company problems that Ozzy tyres had nothing to do with, the wheels and tyres arrived in pristine condition along with all promised accessories and within 3 working days.

    There was a load rating issue with the tyres recommended for my car on their on line shop that I belatedly noticed after the fitting of my new wheels. Ozzy tyres rectified the problem within hours of my First phone call on Monday morning, by the early that afternoon I drove off with a straight swap with comparable tyres and locally at my nominated fitter.

    In all, I cannot fault Ozzy Tyres and would recommend them for their wide range of wheels, tyres and packages at competitive prices, they rectified my problem in a very timely fashion and quite satisfactory.
    Thank you Ozzy tyres :)
  • Riddla364ssv Newbie   1 review
    Bought some tyres from Ozzy tyres for me SSV Ute whick are new nitto neo-gens absolutely brilliant quiet, great ride , exceeded my expectations specially on the back of ute with 450RWHP & great price too for a 275/35 19 inchtyre!! Mad tread design aswell thumbs up everywhere here!!
  • SL33 Newbie   1 review

    The discount offered were true and genuine and I compared the prices of same brand in the USA. Bought over the phone and these guys were quick, less than half the price of all other tire companies including Bob Jane etc. etc. Falken 235 55r19 105W were very well priced and I had missed on Pirelli as these were out of stock. Ultra fast delivery and I had them on my SUV next day. I was overcharged slightly for fittings by the other company as I unfortunately couldn't find Ozzytyres in my local area.

    Been over paying for tyres a long time buy requesting quotes, unfortunately other tyre company will not display prices online and compete.

  • Aidan999 Newbie   1 review
    Tyres were half RRP, shipping was free, and arrived from interstate in a couple of days. Fast and easy. Not that it impacted on my purchase (as I looked elsewhere), but reviews on the website were a bit lacking - would be good to see more balanced input to the reviews to help me make my mind up on products I am unfamiliar with (this means reviews that detail products' good AND bad aspects).
  • likemlow Newbie   1 review
    Great site that's easy to use, saves a heap on my tyre and will definitely be shopping there again. I saved over $150 on 1 tyre= LOYAL customer
  • rogerdodger Newbie   1 review
    very quick delivery to nw victoria(4 days).....excellent web site with fautless customer service! tyres look better than the website,will follow up with on road performance stats later.
    • rogerdodger Newbie 
      following on my previous comments,had them fitted for $15 each(tyre disposal of $2.50 was included) tyres were dead silent and hold corners well.I sensed a little extra body roll through bumpy road sections, for the first few hundred kms but that has since disappeared.The car feels like it has enhanced power steering in corners as it seems to oversteer a little now,which suits me fine.Overall very happy with my purchase and will buy from ozzy again.


  • Marty99   2 reviews
    I bought a set of rims and tyres for my Cruze and am very happy.... A great price and great service.
  • ivandude Newbie   1 review
    Just placed my order for a pair of hard to regularly find tyres, and got it on sale for a good price. Some reviews worried me but the morning after placing my order, I received a call about whether I'd like to pick up as I live nearby to a shop of theirs & the free shipping courier has been unreliable lately. I appreciated the good prompt news, even if it is bad, and I was easy enough to arrange pick up on Weekend hours. The company has someone watching the online sales which is great, and the product was available still and not sold out - which was great as finding what I wanted hard.
  • Jeff Mclean Newbie   1 review
    I have so far bought 6 tyres from these guys and the service was fantastic. In total I have saved over $600 from buying the tyres from someone locally... And believe me that is alot better in my pocket than someone elses.
  • Diamond Ric Newbie   1 review
    Great product (Toyo 4WD Tyres) at an unbelievable price! Delivery very fast. Made me realise what a rip off some of the better known tyre places are. I'll be back.
  • PI2568 Newbie   1 review
    I had the pleasure to deal with Hussein from Ozzy tyres re: my recent purchase of 20" wheels and tyres. Not only was he very helpful and easy to deal with but he has also arranged for the wheels to be machined to the correct offset free of charge and have everything delivered to Gold Coast within 3 business days.

    I am not only happy with the price that I have received from Ozzy but also the professional service and quick delivery times. Well done guys!!
  • Afl Presea Newbie   1 review
    Great communication, easy website to use and quick delivery to Perth! Will definatly be back to purchase. Very happy :)
  • Damien in Brisbane Newbie   1 review
    Brought my first tyre from these guys as a test, I'm very happy. website was easy, communication was very good, price was by far the best. I am now going to replace the remainder of my tyres through these guys. its a rear find to have good prices, service and experience with a business in Sydney but these guys are truly great to deal with.
  • malisandro   2 reviews
    Bought 4 new Pirelli 245/35/20s ... ahooo ...
    The price was by far the best and these guys made sure I got these tires on time before Xmas. They've called me up and communicated well about the best options of getting my tires to me asap... I've got them fitted today and am happy as Larry...
    Thanks Ozzy Tyres for the great deal... I'll buy from you again!!!
  • Adam Fitzg Newbie   1 review
    I've bought over 8 tyres from these guys and I've been impressed with the price every time! Cheapest prices by miles.

    Then they back it up with above average customer service and an easy web page.

    What more can I say. Don't waste your time these guys are brilliant.
  • Tim Campbell Newbie   1 review
    Web site was very helpful and the Guarantee the wheels will fit was a relief. Shannon called and advised on front wheel clearance and have sourced a different wheel to fit all round.
    Thanks Ozzy
  • Dick Richards   2 reviews
    Just made my 2nd purchase with Ozzy. Was looking for a replacement set of tyres when Ozzy sent me an email giving 20% off the already marked down prices. Perfect timing Ozzy!
    I even received a phone call from Ozzy to express shipping delays that would take place over Xmas / New Year, and offering to use alternative transport to get the tyres to me if urgent. Now that is good customer service as far as I am concerned.
    I am only giving 4.5 stars because of a lack of choice in tyres in the size I use - 215/55/18.
    Give me a larger range and my next review goes all the way to 5 stars!
    Thanks Ozzy.
  • jozzo Newbie   1 review
    Fantastic, can't believe I stumbled across them online. I have several mates who can buy tyres wholesale, and Ozzy Tyres smashed their price. I had the tyres within a few days, they are definitely the way to go will return for sure.
    Good stuff Ozzy
  • Jonathan E Newbie   1 review
    These guys are great. Placed my order for tyre and wheel package with a tyre upgrade. Had a phone call from them stateing the tyres I wanted wont in stock but upgraded me to the top series of tyre for no extra cost. Customer service is unreal, prices are unbelievable and shipping is free what a great deal. Will be buying all my wheels and tyres from them from now.
  • LWije Newbie   1 review
    I ordered Kuhmo tyres for Honda Accord in two occasions. Received reasonable price, free prompt delivery and very friendly, polite & courteous service. Happy with the product and will shop in future as well. Thank you Ozzy tyres.
  • Kyleepat   2 reviews
    You want professional, courteous service? I ordered and paid for 2 new tyres off the Ozzy Tyres awesome website. I got a phone call to inform me the next day that the tyres I wanted were sold out, but were offered better tyres for the same price....and they were delivered in 4 days, and I live in South Gippsland.
    Having been involved in customer service for over 18 years, Ozzy Tyres are easy to deal with and offer great deals on an item that can cost a small fortune...and I own a Falcon wagon. Keep up the good work Ozzy Tyres!!
  • DazzaGee Newbie   1 review
    Ordered some Toyo Proxies online, best price, free delivery and good communications from the team. Highly recommended.

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