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Just for cats! \\\=^..^=/// After 13 years at Glenmore Rd, we moved to Oxford St in 2009

Cat loving vets and and vet nurses providing 21st century care to your furry, purring family members.

We have excellent training with our senior vets being authors of many text book chapters and journal articles as well as being practical and offering our clients choices.

Our equipment is first rate, we offer (where appropriate):
* blood pressure monitoring
* colour flow ultrasound
* digital X-Ray facilities
* dental X-Rays
* in house pathology testing
* endoscopy
* operating theatre designed to human hospital standards
* loving care
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Reviews of Paddington Cat Hospital

  • Drs. Randolph Baral, Melissa Catt and Leah Puk are all very good vets. They looked after and cared for my cat that had asthma for about 7 years and when he also got intestinal cancer they were all very compassionate and warm people. I should mention that my cat is a "difficult" cat and not very friendly when he goes to the vets, but at Paddington Cat Hospital all the staff handled him very well and managed to do physical exams and take samples from him without him tearing the place apart. No other vet has been able to do that. Unfortunately he has passed away after 2 years with cancer but they still look after my other cat who is now 18 years old. This is a place you should take your cats, they are very skilled and caring people. I can't praise them enough!
  • Dr Leah has been incredible with my Persian who was diagnosed with FIP. Not only has she been able to manage his condition against all odds, but her and her team have always been welcoming and professional, explaining everything in detail (and i had a LOT of questions).
    My beautiful little boy is not only a survivor, but thanks to the team at Paddington Cat Hospital, he is thriving, healthy and happy.

    Cannot recommend this place enough.
  • Lean, Helen and Stephanie have always made my 18 years plus Burmese welcome. Their care over the years has really helped Mercedes have a quality of life.Its great to have a vet specialising in Cats so I know she gets the best up to the minute treatments . The nurses and the vets have a genuine love of cats and it shows. I can't thank the staff enough for the care and professionalism they apply to their craft. Mercedes is able to enjoy a great quality of life in her nineteenth year thanks to paddington Vet Hospital. You guys rock !!!
  • Would never recommend to anyone. My mother's old cat had been sick for a very long time and we spent thousands of dollars here on medication and treatment but after a surgery that shouldn't have been done she came home and passed away 2 days later. Very poor service as the vets could not explain to us properly why they did the surgery and on top of that charged us extra for medication we didn't use.
    • It is a sad reality that not every case goes well. We take every loss very hard and look over what could have been done differently. We pride ourselves on our communication and endeavour to ensure that clients are making informed decisions. Sometimes, we are unable to get a cat better without major investigations to find out the exact cause and sometimes, even these major investigations do not find a cause. The alternative is the cat continuing to deteriorate...without the opportunity of improvement. It is really important that owners are aware of these possible outcomes and we profusely apologise for any occasions these are not spelled out. We do always refund unopened medications in such circumstances (even though we cannot re-use them). Please call us to discuss further.
  • I am a veterinarian and have worked as a locum for the PCH numerous times during the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working here, the staff are wonderful and the standard of care is exceptional. If you are wanting a quality service for your beloved cats then look no further. Everything is practised to the highest standard here, in a clean well equipped hospital. 'TLC' from the staff is second to none, one of the many reasons I would recommend bringing your 'furry friend' here! What are you waiting for! I'm really going to miss you guys especially meggs and jasper!
  • Shnooks hadn't been eating and didn't look his usual playful self. Maybe I was being paranoid but I was expecting the worst when I took him up to the lovely people at Paddington Cat Hospital. Not only were they reassuring to me and calmly explained what they were doing every step of the way but they also clearly knew what they were doing. I couldn't have had more confidence. They removed Shnooks' rotten teeth and they started him on treatment for arthritis. I can't say that he is like a kitten again but his response to treatment has been like winding the clock back 5 years. Everyone was lovely and I couldn't have asked for more but I particularly want to thank Dr Leah, Dr Melissa and Helen. You guys rock and I wouldn't dream of taking Shnooks to anyone else. You are the cat experts and it shows!
  • My tubby cat visited several vets and tried several diets with little success before we were lucky enough to meet the great team at Paddington Cat Hospital. He is only a couple of months into his new diet but is getting close to his target weight, his arthritis is easing and he is back to acting like a kitten again!
  • My gorgeous little cat Coco and I couldn't be happier! Everyone here is not only friendly and helpful, but they actually explain things. Randolph has even written in a textbook about Coco's problem (asthma)! I'm very impressed and very happy to tell everyone I know.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    When I had 2 cat's and lived across the road this vet helped out allot. The staff are really friendly, love pets and I was always more than happy to leave them in their capable hands.
  • This hospital has been the best thing for my cats! Before I came here, I didn't realise that cats with kidney problems could have high blood pressure (who knew?!?!) and that by not getting it under control, the kidneys could get worse. They also managed to get my other previously diabetic cat off insulin - it was amazing! Through changing their diets and lifestyle, things turned around. It would appear that you truly are what you eat. Thank you, Melissa and Randolph and all the wonderful staff!

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