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  • RougeKitten   13 reviews
    There is nowhere else that offers such a wide range of affordable and interesting costumes and lingerie.

    10 months ago - 27/05/2014

  • January Girl Local Star   108 reviews
    Reasonable for fresh produce - stalls that have heaps of green, leafy vegetables, in season fruits (yumm for the mangoes in Summer time!), tofu, seafood in the back section (fish but look out for sustainable species - the marine life are having a hard time thanks very much!). It's packed though so keep an eye on your wallet and buy away. The rest of the market is full of general merchandise that ranges from incense to batteries to UGG boots and pet supplies.. I don't take too much interest in the general stuff but it always looks busy enough.
  • New2Rozelle Newbie   2 reviews
    Just awful - the absolute pits and to be avoided at ALL costs; the same tacky imported merchandise repeated over and over at multiple stalls, disinterested staff, no sense of layout, just a random mess. AND, forget getting a bargain because the outrageous and rip-off parking charges (Wilson) will send you broke and leave a final bad memory as you leave. Sorry, but yet another reason to avoid Sydney City in favour of to suburban attractions.
  • Leopard Conquest   9 reviews
    Most amazing markets I've ever been to!
    Im from Brisbane and go there 2/3 times a year. Every time I go I always go to certain places and they remember me and ask how my family and I have been! It really shows customer service is at a peak there!
    They always have great, fashionable, cheap clothes for EVERYONE.
    Phone cases are everywhere and gadgets.
    So many handbags and suitcases to.
    Great location!
    Its very big and easy to get lost so if you see a store you like and want to come back to write down the store number other wise it may be lost !
    Cant wait to back in June!

    Would highly recommend anyone and everyone to go - any age
  • seanaussie Local Star   889 reviews
    If you're looking for:
    Leather goods
    Mobile phone covers
    Cheap clothes
    And some unique things
    Then this is the place to go. Take a walk from Central station or the light rail, and bring your small change (to bargain), and know you'll buy more than you planned but get some bargains!
  • beanboy Local Star   260 reviews
    Tacky tourist merchandise and really cheap, but great if you need something like a iPhone cover.

    The fresh food market however is awesome however, everything is so much cheaper than Coles/Woolworths, and I find the quality is usually ok, but hunt around from stall to stall.
  • Simoneee   2 reviews
    Paddy's Market is great. It's affordable and they have a lot of stuff. It's even in the Lonely Planet:p
  • Lillian-P   5 reviews
    Always go to Paddy's for affordable fruit and vegs!
  • Ruby-0   7 reviews
    The good thing is definitely the prices. You shouldn't expect friendly staff, or really nice clothes. Besides, it's hard to find your way there because there is no structure at all. I was quite disappointed.
  • MandMs   75 reviews
    Paddy's Market is a very well known shopping mecca for tourists travelling to Sydney. They can get almost anything they want that can be worn or their bodies, consumed through their mouths, tacky memorabilia for their mantel or bookshelf, or gadgets repaired. We see smashed iPhones being repaired and people trying on UGG boots.

    A couple of downsides to such a popular market include the crowds and heat during a hot day. Don't flash your cash but do bargain, you'll be surprised.

    If you don't mind getting a little lost whilst shopping and getting mesmerised by the colours and experiences, this is a good place to get some cheap products. It's a popular place for Sydneysiders and tourists alike.

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