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Reviews of Pain Free Dentist Sydney

  • I was referred to the Pain Free Dentist Sydney, by my spouse and have been fortunate to have had Dr Lisa Chong correct my many neglected dental issues. Lisa is professional, positive and reassuring and has turned my oral health around in a matter of weeks. Every experience has been positive, with every member of staff. It is a great feeling, having peace of mind, after finding an extremely thorough, affordable dentist, I am happy to see long-term, one that I trust.
  • The best dental experience I have had . Dr Lisa Chong is hands down the best dentist I have ever been to and she is very caring and polite, with the latest technology i would highly recommend this to everyone!!!
  • Totally recommended. My husband has a paralyising fear of dental work and has avoided going for years and years which you could tell and he had stopped smiling fully and spoke to hide his teeth. We found Pain Free Dentristy online and my husband was willing to try it. Since then he has now had his whole top row done (which has taken 10 visits which is amazing achievement to get him to go more than once!) and only has a handful of teeth to go on the bottom. Dr Lisa Chong is understanding, non-judgemental and positive. She asked what hubby's favourite music is and puts it on whenever we come, and follows up every time with an email. She and her staff have made it comfortable and easy for hubby to come back and he is so happy with his teeth - he is smiling fully and has lost all the self-consciousness about his teeth. Definitely recommend. Will be going there myself in the new year and taking my son, and will definitely make the trip to the new practice in rozelle when it opens!
  • This dentist is fantastic!! I have had many traumatic experiences with dentists in the past and I can say with confidence that this is the best dentist I have been treated by. I had a wisdom tooth removed and experienced no pain at all! I highly recommend this dentist, the work is flawless. Highly recommended!!!
  • Best dentist ever!!! Seeing a dentist is never high on my itinerary but this dentist is not a normal dentist. Lisa is super caring, very thorough, totally dedicated to her customers. If you can't stand pain, then this dentist is for you. If you are a dentalphob, then start here. Lisa and her team are such warm and loving people. Lisa is very experienced and highly trained in her craft. If you worried about price, then this pain free dentist is where I'd go. If you don't know what you can claim, Lisa is the expert! Lisa explains everything in simple terms and give you control to make decisions you feel comfortable with. If you need loooots of dental work like I did, then I'd put my trust in Lisa. I found this dentist by accident during an emergency, I had to get out of a lot of pain. I was in and out before I knew it, no fuss, no pain. Truly an amazing experience. I will not disclose her trade secrets here but you have got to try this dentist. Good bye bleeding gums, good bye sensitive teeth. Come and see Lisa and her team, you'll come out feeling a million bucks.
  • They are so kind. I was terrified of the dentist but not anymore! I had my dental implants done here and I was awake for it, it was fun and pain free! Certainly the best dentist to come for dental implants.
  • I highly recommend this practice! I recently had dental work done there and it was very much pain free. Dr and the staff are also very friendly and look after you. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends.
  • I am absolutely amazed after my first ever root canal today!!! Having never had a filling in my life, i was panic stricken by the absolute thought of having this procedure. I can truly say that I did not experience any pain whatsover (not even that dreaded needle). I have a few more sessions to go, but feel 100% more confident with Dr Chong after having a not so pleasant experience with my own health funds dentist centre. I truly look forward to the final outcome, and can vouch she is very reasonably priced (and I expect the final bill to come in cheaper than the originally quoted price from my own health fund. Will defnitely be recommending this practice to all my family and friends!!
  • I was petrified of dentists and had avoided them for over 10 years until I could no longer ignore my dental problems. Dr. Chong and her staff immediately made me feel at ease and offered me a range of relaxation and anaesthetic options. I can honestly say my treatments have been PAINFREE. Dr. Chong is professional and her work is immaculate.I would recommend her to anyone, especially those afraid of dentists.
  • For that celebrity look smile that everyone wants, Dr. Chong's dentistry works pain free wonders. Her dental practice is highly recommend for its professional, reliable and ever pleasing service.

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