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Prepare to be pampered ....Specialising in skincare, massage, reflexology, waxing, tinting, electrolysis and much more. CALL NOW for APPOINTMENT

Pamper Time Beauty Therapy provides a professional,one on  one personalised service where you, the customer is number one. 
Specialising in skincare, massage, reflexology, waxing, tinting, electrolysis and much, much more. If you need to relax and unwind, why not book yourself in for a Pamper Time Perfection which includes a facial and  back, neck and shoulder massage.
Better yet you can totally indulge and incorporate a heavenly Spa Pedicure followed by a Reflexology session, your body will thank you for it.
ENVIRON is the preferred skincare range used at Pamper Time with clients coming as far as the Shire for these brilliant  Environ DF Facials.
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Make Up Facials Skin care Pedicure Tanning Manicure Eyes & Lash Skin peel Massage Waxing

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  • ABN 70 165 411 433
ENVIRON Skincare Mancine Eyes of Adonia MOR Billie Goat soap Tony Dekort Jewelry
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Reviews of Pamper Time Beauty Therapy

  • Tessil is a fantastic practitioner and a lovely lady. The beauty of her salon is that it is not like other impersonal salons, and neither is her service. She tailors her treatments to her clients, and I have had fantastic results since I've been visiting Tessil for regular facials and using the home care as recommended by her. I've even had a couple of (brave) people ask me if I've had fractal. If you want real tangible results, go see Tessil. She's a wonder.
  • I adore Pamper Time and Tessil. She makes waxing a comfortable and dare I say it, almost pain-free experience, and my skin is looking and feeling amazing thanks to her facials and product recommendations. I also love her flexibility around my busy work schedule. If you're in the Inner West and looking for a beautician, I highly recommend Pamper Time.
  • Tessil is great! She is friendly, considerate and experienced in what she does. Would rate her facials highly, as I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. She is always professional and easy to speak to, and does great threading. Pampertime is a hidden little gem in Stanmore and I would recommend to anyone! When my mother is visiting from NZ, she always finds time to have a facial from Tessil.
    Pampertime ticks all my boxes, great service and experise and value for money.
  • I'm new to Sydney and went to pamper time for a wax based on the great reviews. What I was expecting was a beauty therapist experience with fresh linen, delicious aromas, relaxing music and a clean facility. What I experienced was not that. I've been to a few different places and other than the wax itself is been very pleasant. Tessil was absolutely lovely but I found myself laying on a seat that was covered in an old mink blanket with a small square piece of plastic. While it was probably the least painful wax I've had it was definitely the most uncomfortable with the awkward position I had to be in. It wasn't the most thorough job either. The room was cluttered with mess and it did not seem clean. I left with lots of wax residue which was not pleasant.
    I see there are lots of great reviews but for people expecting a clean relaxing environment this is not the place to go especially for the price I paid. It was the most I've ever paid.
  • If you are looking for a professional massage or beauty treatment, look no further. Tucked away behind a salon on Percival Road, this place is definitely one of the area's best kept secrets. The owner, Tessil, is very charismatic, friendly and calming and wants you to have a beauitiful experience. I go for facials and waxing and she is just wonderful. Give her a try, and you'll be glad that you did!
  • Have had very good results with massages from Pamper Time. I found Tessil a very nice person, caring and considerate, always willing to help. Most professional, and highly recommended.
  • Tessil is amazing, so professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The products she recommends have done wonders for my skin; her facials are fabulous; and, even with my low-pain threshold, she makes waxing and threading less painful with the care she takes. I highly recommend Tessil.
  • I have been going to Pamper Time for two years and find Tessil's facials very relaxing, professional and my skin significantly improves.The care, advice and the products recommended all add to this improvement. I always feel good after chatting to Tessil as she has the gift of empowering women.
  • Tessil at Pamper Time is a great beauty therapist. I have experience waxing and massage and both services were well delivered and her pricing is most reasonable. I highly recommend this business.
  • I have recently moved from the UK to Sydney and the day I found Pamper Time was an absolute blessing. The most knowledgeable, professional and sensitive therapist I have ever met. I have been having waxing done for over 15 years so I have been to many businesses throughout this time and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart they are THE BEST I have ever met. It's an absolute pleasure to have my waxing done by them and the reason for this is because of how gentle and sensitive they are, and furthermore they make you feel at ease and creates a really warm environment through friendly nature. The whole experience, for something most may associate with pain and discomfort is far from it and that is all because they are AMAZING! The day walked into Pamper Time was the day I look no further for any one else to wax me.

    I have also had the pleasure of them not only helping my skin but completely transforming it. The products they use are brilliant and their application is quite simply fantastic. they listen to you, looks at you and is very observant. From this they are able to recommend things that are specifically for your needs. And my goodness do they know their 'stuff'.

    I feel blessed to have met this little gem!
  • I have been going to Tessil for over 2 years and she is the friendliest and most knowledgable beauty therapist I have been to.
    She looks at my skin and gives me advice which is specific to me and recommends products that work.
    I recommend Tessil to all my friends.
  • I've been a client at Pamper Time since it opened and have always found the service to be friendly, personalised and professional. Tessil runs a great small business and has built up a loyal clientele due to her excellent service and warm nature.
    I was surprised to read knifewrench's review, as it's totally inconsistent with my experience over the years and with the experience of other clients who have posted reviews.
    As another reviewer pointed out, waxing sensitive areas can hurt. However, there are things that can be done to minimise the pain, including trimming the hair so that it is around 0.5cm long, and not waxing just before one's period when one's pain threshold is lower.
    knifewrench - you complain about being charged extra for waxing of an additional area. This is fairly standard pricing practice across beauty salons for waxing services.
  • I posted a review of this little salon almost two years ago. I've been going here ever since for soul-restoring massages and bloody good facials. I've moved away from the local area but it still works out better driving here and getting the personal, thoughtful care -- even for the little things such as a brow shape, tan or wax. Bland Maccas-style beauty bars are just not worth it. Needless to say I'm a bit shocked tonight to find a poor review on this page (everyone else is ecstatic...did that person even go to the same place??).
    Anyway, Tessil has acquired some new skincare tech lately and the gadgets are awesome. I decided to lash out and get a few extras in my recent facial, including something sonic and something ionising (i didn't pay attention) just wanted the extra fussing. My skin usually feels better after a visit, but this one took the cake - and some frown lines!
    Tessil takes pride in her facials, even the basic ones and often txts a day or so later. I can report back that, weeks later, I've still got people (even the guys at work) mention that I'm looking great. Can hardly wait for my next booking :)
  • I've been seeing the lovely Tessil at Pamper Time for over two years now and have always meant to write a review on True Local. Now that i'm leaving Sydney, it's officially on my to-do list so here it is:
    Tessil runs a small, private business in Stanmore and conducts herself with the work ethic of a professional and a smile that is indicative of her warm personality. When I first rang Tessil for a Brazilian wax, I told her I had sensitive skin. She said her wax was designed for sensitive skin but we would "see how we go" and if there was a reaction/it was too painful, we would settle for a bikini wax or change the plan! This immediately showed me she was not out to make a buck and actually cared about her clients as Brazilians are obviously more expensive than Bikini waxes. She allocated enough time for a Brazilian and though I didn't have a reaction to the wax, suggested that maybe I could see if I like the bikini wax better - again this meant less profit for her - but I did stick to the bikini waxes and its her constant care/support for her clients that has made me feel like a valued customer and to return time and time again.
    Tessil is also amazing at Facials and Massages - I get both these treatments from her and look forward to each one as a special treat! She also has demonstrated her focus on customer needs rather that profit/gain by being open and honest about when each treatment is needed. For example, I recently got back from a trip to America and whilst having a wax, considered booking a facial the next day. She inspected my skin and said "your skin is actually looking great, let's re-visit in a couple of weeks".
    Lastly, when I first came to this True Local, I read the review below and thought I was at the wrong business!! Then I read all the eight other 5 star reviews and knew, yep, that's Tessil!
    To directly dispel any myths in the odd review by Knifewrench below:
    I arrive 5-10 mins before each appt and have physically seen Tessil change the sheet for waxing each time and Tessil's prices are standard (and cheaper than city prices). In terms of the extra $ for buttock waxing, this is definitely the norm as many salons either charge extra (or simply don't do it as the beauticians don't like the job).

    Other salons just charge the $60, unlike Tessil who offers from $50, which is reasonable as some women would not want or need this wax. Also Tessil's business is small but is always clean, i've never seen it unclean or any implements being unclean.
    Ultimately, Tessil is someone you can trust to do a good job and is concerned with choosing a treatment that is right for you. If you are a first timer to Brazilians and find them more painful than you anticipated, I suggest telling her on the spot and she will re-arrange the appointment because that's the type of person she is.

  • I went here recently for a brazilian, and I would not recommend it.
    , the waxing bed had one sheet of durable plastic over a towel, and I could see wax residue on it.
    Waxing pot was dirty, and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long time.
    Waxing technique was awkward and incredibly painful;
    - Wax was very hot, she didn't take care to let it cool down a little, or to wax another area while letting the freshly waxed area settle down.
    - Wasn't able to pull the wax strip off in one go.
    - Didn't ask me to turn around or hold a leg up so she had easier access to other areas
    Lastly she wanted to charge me an EXTRA $10 for the area between my buttocks which NO OTHER waxing parlour i've been to has ever requested.
    Aside from that, the lady was nice and friendly, however given the bad standards of the place and her poor waxing technique I will never go there again and would not recommend anyone go there for a brazilian.
    • Who said waxing doesn't hurt especially when it it on the most sensitive area of our body!!!!!!!!
      Tessil is one of the most gentle and caring beauty therapist that I have ever encountered. She loves her job and always put her clients' need first.
      BTW, I noticed that you were having grievances over a mere $10. May I ask how much were you paying for the whole process? Have you paid Tessil?
    • I cannot disagree more with this comment. They are one of the most professional and courteous therapists I have ever met, and I have been going to Pamper Time now for 4 years.
      They pride themselves on their high standards and a little bit of wax residue is to be expected.
      As to the pain, what did you expect!! Certain parts of our body are more sensitive and it comes with the territory.
      They always checks the temperature of the wax and also checks that you are comfortable.They are easy to talk to, and if you were feeling uncomfortable, you needed to let her know, and they would have modified their technique.
      You may have attended other less discerning establishments which have no scruples and charge less than them, but you would have received a sub standard treatment.
      I cannot recommend Pamper Time more highly and will continue to be a most happy and satisfied client!!
    • You need to read my review properly. Nowhere did I say that 'Waxing isn't meant to hurt', I said this had been the most painful wax i've experienced so far. And as far as $10 goes, yes I am going to whine about it. I'm a student, if I can go somewhere else and receive a better wax, covering a larger region for less then yes i'm going to prefer that over someone who does an awful job, charges me more for it and i'm complain about it
    • And cdaniel, same goes for your comment, read my review properly. I said that this wax hurt more than any other i've experienced before.
      - As for the wax being hot, I did tell her that it was too hot for my skin and she did nothing about that
      - I did ask her if I could change my position to make things more comfortable for myself, but it was still a terrible wax
      - If you think that a plastic sheet with waxy residue on it left by other customers is acceptable hygienic wise, you must have an incredibly low standard for hygiene
      - Lastly I didn't say anything about the therapists being horrible women, I said they were nice and I have no doubt their beautician strengths lie in other form of therapies like facials or whatever. but I PERSONALLY would not recommend anyone go there for a brazilian specifically
    • I'm really surprised someone would write such comments. I have been going to Tessil for years and have always been extremely satisfied with both the quality of her work and the standard of the salon. Her technique is great, as is the quality of her products. I always make sure I let her know exactly what I want, so she is able to set aside the right amount of time. If I ask for anything extra during the appointment, I would certainly expect to pay for it. And I would never leave the bill unpaid. It's a pity there is not the capacity for businesses to critique customers. I would recommend Pamper Beauty Therapy to anyone who wants a first rate job at a reasonable price.
    • I find it sad how many of the customers can't seem to accept any sort of criticism or personal opinion. I also find it sad that these customers have also misinterpreted my comments and assumed something that wasn't true.
  • I started going to pamper time about two years ago just for waxing. Since then, I've started seeing Tessil for facials and massages as well. Her service and care is excellent and I always leave feeling refreshed and cared for! Strongly encourage anyone to go
  • I have been a customer of pamper time for over a year now. Tessil is absolutely amazing, friendly and a very experienced therapist. I go for facials regularly and absolutely love what they do for my skin. I was recommended products by my previous therapist that just werent right for my skin. I am so happy to have come across Tessil who has provided me with an honest recommendation for my skin type and have been using the products she recommends, which have made lasting improvements to my skin. My last facial i came out with my skin glowing and went out that weekend only to be complemented on having a pregnancy glow. I highly recommend you try pamper time & i'm sure you will have the same experience.

  • Thank you, Tessil for the helpful advice and product for Jarred's acne problems. Wish I'd spoken to you first, instead of trying all the wrong products. His face has a smile on it these days! I love having my son back. Thank you for the great service.
  • Lovely service, I always feel well looked after there. Tessil is kind and friendly and does a great job. I definitely recommend Pamper Time.
  • Fantastic personalised service! Tessil is talented beauty therapist and masseuse, I always feel so relaxed after a treatment and really look forward to my next one. And she stocks gorgeous products - scrubs, lotions, candles - great for gifts or as a treat for you.

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