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A Northmead Pancake house serving savoury as well as sweet pancakes, in varieties such as Mexican, Thai chicken and farmers brunch. 

Pizza's and meat dishes are also on offer for dinner whilst separate breakfast and kids menu's available. 

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  • Jawid Amir Newbie   1 review
    Very bad customer service!!! Had to wait for 30 min to get our order and still waiting for the rest of order!
    Had to walk to counter to remind them that I am still waiting for my order.
    Will not come back again
  • Bella.Blue Local Star   384 reviews
    Had such a mediocre experience at Pancakes tonight. It's been years since I've dined here and my, has their standards dropped. Like the below reviewer, I ordered the Chicken & Mushroom 'crepe'. It was so light on chicken it should have just been called a chicken & mushy mushroom flavoured crepe - and the sauce was so thick and heavy. For some reason it was served with a scoop of sour cream (which wasn't too bad) and marinara sauce...which was strange, to say the least. I didn't dare touching the salad because it looked like it was a mix of unwashed leaves and dead things. It was pretty horrible actually. Lastly, service was pretty all over the shop. They knew which mains to give us but kept bring us other customers' drink and dessert orders. So annoying that they were confused and then made it seem like it was our fault! For soggy, bland crepes I would not bother going back to this place.
  • hitendra Newbie   2 reviews
    Just came out from the Northmead restaurent with a bad taste. Wife ordered a Monte Cristo Crepe and I ordered a Chicken and Mushroom Crepe. In the Monte Cristo the green salad was not washed and was still dirty, plus the actual crepe was luke warm meaning the dish was not freshly prepared. My chicken and mushroom crepe has two pieces. It appears one piece had been just microwaved as it was just warm from outside however very hot inside. The second piece was just luke warm. We complained to the wait staff who gave the feedback to the kitchen and came back with some excuse.
  • Makeup by Faye   17 reviews
    Pancakes on the Rocks Firstly, news there are now stores open in North Strathfield and Beverly Hills!

    Hungry Hippo has been to the Northmead Pancakes several times, other stores around Sydney include: Campbelltown, The Rocks and Darling Harbour.

    Whats so great about Pancakes? Yes that is somewhat a rhetorical question, WHO doesnt love pancakes? Two favourites that come to mind are devils delight (chocolate pancakes, strawberries, cream and chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce) and strawberry patch (buttermilk pancakes, with fresh strawberries, cream and vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis).

    They have a variety on their menu apart from pancakes yet to try the entire pancake combos theres so many. On the main meals side of things, the hippo has tried their steaks, ribs and crepes. They are also a license facility and do cocktails, wines beer and spirits along with milkshakes and the usual.

    Personal incident: There are pork ribs and beef ribs, and hungry hippo has had an instance where beef was supposedly ordered but got pork ribs. Due hunger and developing culinary skills the hippo did end up consuming the pork ribs thinking it was beef. So when placing orders for those who do not eat PORK be careful and very specific, even double check when your order comes to you.

    Hippos pluses

    Must say the ribs and steaks are pretty decent. The ribs have a smokey bbq flavor through them along with the steak it comes as per your request well done, medium, and so forth.

    If youre ever there for breakfast you can get a long list of sides to add to your pancakes or even have separately. This includes: eggs for $1.95, sausages for $3.00 and bacon for $3.00 and ham at $2.00. Basically you get your moneys worth if not more ;) They also have a kids menu for kids up to 10 years of age and everything on this menu is below $10.

    Beverage side of things: they do a range of coffees and teas starting $3.50, also have one of the best chocolate Swiss shakes in town a sneaky move the hippo has done before (adults only) order a shot of khalua or baileys on the side and stir it in to your milkshake this is amaze balls!

    Theres one on Mermaid Beach in Gold Coast too if youre missing pancakes when away from home ;)

    Opening hours are pretty accommodating as well. They open till midnight Friday and Saturday at Northmead, if you require another location, please check their very informative website and you can expect to walk in on a Friday night at 10.30pm and be able to order those ribs or steaks mentioned earlier and they have heaps of parking at all venues.

    Hippos minuses

    As awesome as their breakfast specials are from experience with the Northmead restaurant have driven away on separate occasions both Sundays because the line is long and out the through the doors, so get in early or be willing to wait in line.

    Be careful remember my ribs story be specific pork or beef having eaten both couldnt tell the difference so be aware.

  • Aobryan Local Star   160 reviews
    Customer service is quite shocking so I wouldn't take a first date there. The pancakes and crepes are great. There is a normal food menu (main meals) but they leave a LOT to be desired. If you only want pancakes, then its a good place to go.
  • unhappy_pancake Newbie   1 review
    HAD the worst customer experience at Pancakes on The Rocks. Initially I wanted to go and have a nice experience with a friend but was served by the most unwelcoming customer service. First off we waited for over 20mins for service, everyone looked our way but never came to serve us. Then my friend had to grab someone's attention by crazily waving her hand to get some service. Then someone noticed her and came over. Then the guy threw down the menus but didn't apologize to say, 'thank you for waiting.' When they came back to take our order, the guy said, 'what do you want?' Then we ordered and he goes, 'IS THAT ALL?' abruptly. When it came to my turn to order, he was the same, WHAT DO YOU WANT, IS THAT ALL? He grabbed the orders really roughly off the tables, never smiled and stormed off. He came back with our orders, he slammed our pancakes on the table. He had an angry persona on his face and never smiled. Both me and my friend felt out of place and received a cold service. We never want to go back there ever again. It's disappointing because we heard that this place has good food but the service was slow and some staff need extra training in customer service. It will help with a bit of a smile to lighten someone's day! No matter how busy you are, you still need to show good service, you don't know who you are serving, I could be a secret shopper.
  • Anthony Ny   5 reviews
    Service is so-so. Pancakes seems to be big only on top and if you will look at the the bottom its much smaller but they taste right much better than Maccas
  • SashaU   65 reviews
    There was a bit of a line up when we went here (which can be a good sign.) The line moved fairly quickly though and we weren't waiting too long. The meals came out quick and were nice - nothing too special, but good value in the end.
  • bargn$hopa Local Star   181 reviews
    Cannot complain, nor here or there. Nice little treat and something I only visit about once a year. Pricing is good value and the food has always been nice.
  • Mercy2010   2 reviews
    Good for take-away and the service can range from poor to excellent... still give it a try. The Pancakes are fantastic.


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