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Reviews of Pancakes Plus Cafe

  • Over priced. Pancakes were doughy and the middle was soggy. Menu not accurate to quantity of the food and the cheese sandwich was homebranded cheese $5.20 for that? No thanks.
  • We've been here several times over the years and most recently on Sunday for lunch. The standard impression from each visit has been pretty much the same. This is a family run restaurant that doesn't scream for your attention but commanded a prominent spot - an ideal spot to rest from shopping or catch up with friends. The seating and layout is fairly standard and neat, with booth seating and freestanding tables/chairs. Capacity is around 40-50. The decor is a mellow pastel peach colour that exudes conservatism and a bit dated - your 80's mob would feel most at home. Nothing out of the ordinary but highly pragmatic.

    Their specialty is pancakes as the name so obviously suggests. The menu has a good variety of pancakes and other foods. We have had many of the different types of pancake meals from the menu and then some other dishes, such as bacon and cheese melts and waffles. Taste factor is good. The pancakes are soft, not doughy or dry. If you order pancakes, they will always bring out maple syrup. The Ranch Style Pancakes large meal is presented with a quirky smiley face (2 eggs for eyes, sausage for mouth, bacon for hair, tomato slices for ears and over 4 pancakes completing the face) - very filling.

    The staff is very helpful and prompt but seems so engrossed and busy that they forget to smile. We had 2 different young ladies serve us and they both work very hard, cleaning and serving food, although there were only about 7 groups of customers (taking up only about less than a third of the seating).

    Although it's table service, the standard method to pay for your meal is to take your bill to the front counter (which doubles as a barista station). They only accept cash, so you need to allow for around $10-15 per person. The cash only basis saves on a lot of overhead costs but the food isn't economical either, and you'll be hard pressed to find other reasonably priced pancakes nearby.

    All in all, generally average with consistent standards and a nice place to stopover on a busy shopping day. To take it to the next level, I'd recommend improving on customer rapport skills and enable alternative payment methods. We would come again.
  • $4.50 for a reg latte. To me that's overpriced. Ordered toasted sandwiches side salad and chips. Average sandwich, chips cold and salad looked like a handful of sandwich filler. Decor extremely outdated and cash only was inconvenient. Overcharge on food should be able to afford a Renovation.
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