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Reviews of Pantz & Plantz P/l

  • At a wedding yesterday four lovely ladies all wore outfits from this stylish boutique
    We are all in the prime of life and all looked elegant yet trendy
    Jan has the nouse to know what to recommend rob her clients
    Hence saves considerable time
    All in all a great experience and I shall return

  • i would just like to say my experience was nothing short of excellent both women were wonderful and as a person who also deals with the public i cannot fault them
    regards genie54
  • There are very nice clothes here for mother of the bride and such but only worth visiting if you want to be humiliated by the extremely rude management. From 'we have some in your big size' to 'well, shop elsewhere, when I commented on the price of one article I shown, I walked out. Who needs it when there are other nice shops with pleasant shop management? .. and there's always the net.
  • After reading "mother of the brides" review (below) I was a little hesitant in going to this shop, but I am GLAD I did. I was with my girlfriend and we were both warmly greeted by the owner of the shop who was helpful and had a wealth of knowledge. The shop is full of beautiful outfits at very reasonable prices. I felt comfortable and there was no negative vibe or rudeness at all. My daughter is getting married in May this year and this IS the shop that I will purchase my Mother Of the Bride outfit from!! I am not a stick figured woman and was NOT treated with ANY disrespect at all. I am writing this review because I live on the Northern Beaches and really didn't know where to shop that would have a wide variety and very affordable prices. I highly recommend Pantz & Plantz AND their staff. I would like to thank the staff for making my afternoon so enjoyable and taking the stress out of "what to wear". 5 stars!!!!
    Regards Jenny
  • I went to this store to get a dress for my daughter's wedding. The management was most rude. When showing me various outfits I would sometimes say 'I don't like this', and they said coldly 'well maybe I can't help you then'. They seemed to take it as a personal affront on their selection rather than me expressing my own preferences. I finally bought something, however at home with family input I decided that it wasn't suitable for the occasion. So I went to return it, and found that I wasn't offered a refund. But I had 6 months to buy something of the same value in store. The management was extremely rude to me. They became extremely cross at me (so unnecessary as they're keeping the money and not giving me a refund), and made me feel very uncomfortable. Especially when I said that the skirt was a bit old-fashioned, they gave a big huff and took great personal offence. They made me feel highly unwelcome in the shop to look for something else which was what I intended, and after giving me the credit paper they walked to the back of the shop without saying goodbye. This is not the way you treat customers. And unfortunately I now have to return at some later date. At no time was they are professional or friendly towards me, but cold and hostile. I would NEVER recommend anyone shop here.
  • I found Pantz & Plantz to have the best choice and service when it came to finding an outfit for my mother. I recently took my mother and sister there to look for my mother's outfit for my sisters wedding due to us being recommended from a few people as they have the best selection. The shop owner was extremely helpful and very nice when it came to helping us. We had numerous outfits to choose from, considering everywhere else is very limited.
    I would highly recommend pantz and plantz to anyone.
  • Fantastic Service, brilliant range, found what I was looking for, very reasonably priced. I recommend this store A++
  • I have just visited this store in Cromer with my Daughter and was able to buy a dress for her upcoming wedding, I had the store recommended to me by other regular clientele and was extremely happy with the service from the owner, and staff. The garment range is fantastic and I would recommend the store for any mother of the bride in the market for an outfit.
  • I have never felt so humiliated, embarrassed and yes even anger at the business owner. My friend took me there so I may look for a dress for my son's wedding. Firstly they said that I should wear pants and I told them that I preferred a dress and kept harping about that. They then showed me a couple of dresses that Weren't to my taste. Never was I unpleasant!! I felt the clothes they were showing me were old fashioned. They then proceeded to say that when you reach sizes 24-26 that they are harder to get. I told them that I was 20-22. The owner leaned over to me and said if I was 20-22 they'd eat their hat and then said maybe I should get something made. I can't begin to tell you how that made me feel. We left absolutely stunned. We proceeded to go to Chances at Mona Vale where the staff were so lovely and professional. AND yes I bought a dress Size 20. So maybe they should "eat their hat". - you should not be in business or maybe you are just too old for it. You DO NOT at any time treat customers the way you treated me.
  • Just been up there with friend and the salesperson was the rudest I have ever met. The friend said she was a size 20-22 and the salesperson said she would eat her hat if she was, she definitely was size 20. Went and brought a dress at Mona Vale, people very friendly, Friend left in tears as the salesperson was so rude. Would never recommend anyone to go there again. The staff needs to brush up on people skills.

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