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  • valerieDimarco Newbie   1 review
    I had my hair done yesterday at Paris hairdressing liverpool i had a full colour,keratin,cut and blowdry.I must say i am extremely amazed with the end result, the staff were very friendly and professional, such a great atmosphere, I would like to THANK YOU & i will be reccomending you to everyone i know, looking foward to my next appiontment

    1 month ago - 25/02/2015

  • elle75 Newbie   1 review
    Service in this liverpool store was shocking... they dyed my hair and burnt it all then left me and told me to get extensions to fix it when i returned there the next day.... dont use this salon.... and they are to pricey too
  • BaboAgha Newbie   1 review
    Well the looks are surely deceiving.. I always thought they might be very professional as they look expensive. Price was OK - medium range. I went for root touch-up but all roots were not touched up. The attendant washed my hair and it was like I was being punished for choosing them...yeah lots of Ouch!!! But it didn't even give them the clue that I was actually hurting. They applied something they called treatment to my hair in less than 2 seconds. Thank god for the other attendant who blow dried my hair well and yes wiped off all the dark stains still on my neck despite the painful wash...definitely not/never going back.

    2 months ago - 07/01/2015

    • elle75 Newbie 
      Yes exactl, never going back there and to everyone thinking of going there go elsewhere

      2 months ago - 17/01/2015

  • DaphDaph07 Newbie   1 review
    Definitely has a family atmosphere my highlights did take a lot of time to develop and the end result was much lighter than I originally wanted however the staff were very friendly and explained how to maintain my hair in a way that didn't try and pressure me to buy any products.

    4 months ago - 22/11/2014

  • z.s __xx   3 reviews
    Great salon!!
    They are very professional,friendly and outgoing.
    I got foils and a colour done along with a keratin and I couldn't be happier!!
    They're prices are very affordable and their services are just amazing!
    You will not be dissapointed. You will be recommended to everyone I know! X
  • z.s __xx   3 reviews
    Great salon!!
    They are very professional,friendly and outgoing.
    I got foils and a colour done along with a keratin and I couldn't be happier!!
    They're prices are very affordable and their services are just amazing!
    You will not be dissapointed. You will be recommended to everyone I know! X
  • nihar Newbie   1 review
    Victoria the staff is very professional, understanding and helpful. I am very happy with the service and work she did for me .Good luck Victoria and keep it up. Thanks.
  • z.s __xx   3 reviews
    Great salon!
    They are very professional,friendly and outgoing!
    Got foils and a colour done along with a keratin treatment and I couldn't be happier! They prices are very Affordable and their services are just amazing!
    See you guys soon! Love you's xx
  • A2012 Newbie   1 review
    One of the staff has a rude customer service. If you walk in the shop, and as customer, you know what you want, but this staff would terribly insist that staff did the right thing on your hair . Beware of their package, you may need to pay add ons for full colour and other services and they do not provide blow dry unless you provide a hefty $15-25 out of pocket cost. They would cut your hair and would not blow dry it unless you pay additional. There are other hair dressing salon out there in same package price without additional out of pocket cost. You come out of those salon happy and well treated. Will not go back to this salon again.

    7 months ago - 26/08/2014

  • Peta.T   7 reviews
    Customer Service is pretty appalling. The management is extremely unprofessional. They are very over priced for the bad job they provide. I did question the staffs credibility in the field of hairdressing. I spent most of the day there waiting around. People that were older than myself and perhaps family were seen to first even though I had been waiting some time before they arrived , to make matters worse I had an appointment. It was quiet clear that everyone else wasn't a priority. To avoid disappointment do not waste your time/money and invest in another hairdresser.

    7 months ago - 30/07/2014

  • Lex7 Newbie   1 review
    Worst hairdressing salon I have ever been to in my life. Tried it out a few years back, they left bleach in my hair for over 7 hours, my hair was orange not even the colour I wanted. The management said they'd redo my hair for a cheaper price because I wasn't happy. Ended up just dying over it again with a dark brown similar to my natural colour and spending 700 dollars including the 'real hair' clip in extensions they were selling as they chopped half my hair off in the process. I was young and the management was very persuasive. It's taken my hair years to recover and finally after 4 years my hair is ok again. Be warned. DO NOT GO HERE WORST SALON EVER.
  • Jane heatherfield Newbie   1 review
    My cuts and colours are the reason why i always get my hair done here, really impressed by the service given, staff are lovely and welcoming.
    Affordable prices, and great atmosphere.
    This is why i return here and believe as a local what more could i want.
    im here right now getting my colour done and enjoying every bit of it.

    9 months ago - 13/06/2014

  • Itsszszs Jess Newbie   1 review
    I joined true local just to mention, i had a great experience at paris hairdressing and would definately reccomend all to get their hair done with such talented stylists,
    thanks guys you completed my day, see you soon xoxoxoxoxox

    9 months ago - 11/06/2014

  • Lauretta Kiprianous Newbie   1 review
    As good as it gets.
    Great salon, always Happy with the results i expect, never once had a bad experience here.
    Its so good to feel that when you walk in, they know what you want.
    I work in big businesses and never have time, but i feel that they always seem to have time for me and my hair, love you guys, wouldnt trade you even if a salon was advertising free hair services, you all look after me and all my girlfriends go to you now.
    Thankyou for calling us vip woooohooooo, will keep recommending.

    9 months ago - 01/06/2014

  • lavish19 Newbie   1 review
    Haha if there was 10star rating, i would........
    Firstly, i come from menai and tried all sorts of salons, home salons, mobile hairdressers blah blah blah and can go on and on,
    However never once enjoyed, loved or by fair was happy or perhaps happy with my hair.
    Overall i give those who tried credit although not to the degree i give Paris Hairdressing.

    I enquired over the phone about colour and extensions and they do it.
    So i was willing to try.
    On my arrival i was served thorough by recieving refreshment and a hand massage.
    Wow they already won me,
    So a senior stylist started to consultate me and instead of telling me about what i wanted or so so, she actually educated me on how she will be doing my hair and the communication between us i felt she listen to undertand what i wanted, not what other hairdressers ive gone to, to believe what they think suits me best!

    So i had a nice chocolate brown and foils, with 24inch micro beaded hair extensions.
    Its been 3months and have found the colour has lasted as well as the extensions.
    So greatful that im due again to do my hair at a wonderful experience at paris Hairdressing, woould doubt others, its dissapointing to see others not happy, they pobably havent experienced others and have judge already.
    My advice, go out there and try and youll be back to appreciate the time and dedication youll recieve by the the staff actually looking after your hair.
    Yours faithfully,

    9 months ago - 01/06/2014

  • christina 1   9 reviews
    Great salon always very happy with my hair. Victoria is very talented.
  • Housemouse Newbie   1 review
    Reading these reviews it makes me think if they were at the right salon. I went a got myself an all over hair dye and wash and blow dry and I actually enjoyed the end result. The colour was exactly what I wanted, the wash and condition was really relaxing and when I got the blow dry done she styled my hair in a way that actually suited my face. I really enjoyed my experience and will telling my family and friends to go here. Thank you Paris salon .

    11 months ago - 03/04/2014

  • h.florance87 Newbie   1 review
    After reading these reviews i was stunned, as ive never recieved any off this...
    I think they must have got the wrong salon!
    Im a very busy mum with five kids im constantly on the go between work/life/kids and HUSBAND so i dont have the time of the day, but i love coming to Paris hairdressing, i look forward for my weekly blowdrys, my monthly colours and on occasions my hair styled, i promise you all they are the best, for being in such a busy centre i feel so priveledged getting my hair done there,
    ive been around over the years to hair salons but have never stuck so strongly the way i do with the girls at Paris hairdressing,

  • jezebelx Newbie   1 review
    I joined this website just to write a review here!! I purchased a voucher off scoopon and it told me to email in order to make my booking. I waited a week with no reply so I called. They asked if I had made a booking via email and told them about my email being ignored and managed to make my booking via phone. Very disorganised.

    My deal included a style cut, treatment and full head of colour. I picked out a colour with the hairdresser. I told hairdresser I did not want to bleach my hair and told me I should consider another colour as my hair is quite dark and it would not work.

    A while later a another hair dresser came to me and recommended another hair colour for me but said they would need to strip my hair. I'm not one for hair dresser terminology so I agreed to pay the extra $100 to achieve a lighter look. So I got sucked into paying $100 extra for something I Didn't want to do in the first place!! After that they dyed my hair. Did not give me the treatment that was included in the deal and my haircut was a literally a trim.

    Afterwards they had the nerve to try to sell me hair products. I am not a happy customer and will definitely not be returning.

    I feel that their advice is not genuine and they care more about how to make money rather than focusing on what the customer wants.
  • brittaz Newbie   1 review
    Worst hairdresser ever. I'd been to them a few years back and I should have learned my lesson then. I'd spent hours in the salon only to get a uneven dye job in a colour completely different to what I wanted and a really horrid haircut costing alot more then originally told. But I saw the vouchers they had and decided to give them a shot again. Bought a voucher and was told that they would only honour it on weekdays. So I asked for a refund. 3 months down the track so I contacted fair trading. Paris charged me $7 for the refund.
  • Avbera Newbie   1 review
    The worst hair dressing experience ever! Dirty salon, management just worried about saving money with choosing left over colour someone else requested! Left me waiting for ageas didn't even offer me a drink of water or magazine! Loud music for 4 hrs straight felt like exploding in my chair... Never again!!!
  • Wifey83 Newbie   1 review
    Bought an online deal. Went in, the salon is FILTHY. Dirty hair everywhere and colour All over floor. No massage that was supposed to be included. Staff members were trying so hard to sell me product. To the point where I considered making up an excuse and walking out. "You're hairs need need that" so unprofessional. he worst salon I have ever been to! Disgusting. Cheap and nasty!
  • jenayyyyyyyy...! Newbie   1 review
    bought the scoopon full head of foils deal, one down fall is im dark and trying to achieve lighter, was completely happy with the results, team was really helpful and lovely, have to re-visit for lighter locks, cant wait for my newer result other than that. lucky to buy such a great deal.
    consultation was the best part, having it done was edgy, seeing the result made my day!
  • WEBELONGTOGETHER   3 reviews
    just had my hair blowdried by the best hairdresser in the world, thanks guys, abit upset that its raining but i come here just remember that i love the experience and the way im serviced
  • Dwi Trajko Newbie   1 review
    Bought a full hair package (Keratin, full colour, cut and toner) and very disappointed with the result. I didn't like the colour because one of the hairdressers picked it for me and insisted that it would look good on my hair, then all the colour runs down to my forehead and they can't even bothered to clean it up. The cut was shocking and this is the worse hairdresser salon I've ever been.
    • Laura bubbles Newbie 
      That's impossible I went into the salon to do my hair nothing like that happened I think your on a wrong website love!!!


    • VforV Newbie 
      She not wrong you know she is spot on this place is horrible


  • Ashanti itsME&&Hiim Newbie   1 review
    Im really happy with my colour service done over here.
    The staff are great and would reccommend this salon to anyone..
    Much appreciated see you guys soon for my keratin.
  • AntonioYEAHBUDDY Newbie   1 review
    Im writting this review just to say that im always getting my hair cut over here at paris and the girls always do an awsome job.
    Thanks girls see you in a couple of weeks for my next trim.
  • SahREEnahh_OHYEAHKOl Newbie   1 review
    Ohh yeahh!!! Had the full head of hair extensions deal. Got some purple got some blonde. Looking like glamorous. Love Paris, this is what I always wanted.

    Sareenah loves you!!!
  • reginaaaaaMEAN Newbie   1 review
    Was black and now red brown...
    Paris removed my colour did some magic and now im the sexiest colour on the planet.
    Ladies if you want a makeover...
    Head over to paris hairdressing as the hairdressers are number 1 and trust me, I went to 2 other hair salons and they rejected me since they said they cant remove black well paris took time and dedication and I got the colour I always wanted nernerrrrrrrr...

    Hahaha love you guys will definately be back xoxoxoxo
  • MZ Haidarrr Newbie   1 review
    just had the keratin treatment done over here, by far its one of the best treatments ive ever had in salons over the years....
    Now i cant wash my hair for the 4 days and hoping ill recieve better results.

    I cant remember the lady who serviced me however she was lovely and trusted her from the minute go, she was bubbly and knew what she was doing...
    another compliment about the staff is that they are so educated about hair and know what they are doing....

    Thanks Paris Hairdressing, ill be back for my next keratin appointment.
  • LinhCOOKIEmuma89 Newbie   1 review
    Bought a ourdeal voucher for $39,
    voucher includes a colour, cut and treatment.
    Happy with the service however would of been complete if the blowdry came with the voucher, however it didnt.
    Overall was happy with the colour, loved the contrast and the cut was great as well.
    the lovely lady who serviced me i forgot her name however from A-Z she was great.
    Nice refreshment on arrival as well.

    will definately come back for my next colour appointment...
  • Melissa Zelinski   2 reviews
    On my way too work and once again would like to say paris hair you amaze me..
    Love you all and thankyou for the gorgeous blowdry it just goes so well with my colour.
    see you soon MWAHHHHH!!!
  • V.gangitano09   3 reviews
    Once again, Paris Hair, you complete me!
    just had my colour done here and to all the ladies out put your hands up for your big sexy hair, they are awesome hairdressers, they care about your hair, they know what they are doing, their service is great, what more would you want!!!
    By the way just to let Paris Hair know ive decided to get the human hair extensions deal you have going on for $299, the sign thats displayed at the front of the salon...

    Thanks guys you rock and my hair .... ive never flaunted it so much that i feel so good about myself... see you guys soon !!
  • Michelka Gianni   2 reviews
    Just had the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done over hear,
    once again i hereby state Paris Hairdressing is my savior.

    its just like walking in priceline and buying cosmetics, you feel great about yourself.
    The head wash was great, the hazelnut latte was too,

    But most of all Vic & Aleisha are my number One!!!

    Love you all. Thanks Paris
  • WEBELONGTOGETHER   3 reviews
    So i have been here for a while now regularly going back and forth doing my roots and getting my weekly blow dries as well as having my hair styled.

    Now i also purchase the amazing voucher deals as well as getting great package deals.

    Further more im really happy with my recent visit as i did go a little bit lighter then usual and it looks great now im the darkest blonde with foils blending through.

    I recommend Paris Hair for any women out there.

    The staff are also lovely.

    and so is head massages OMG i cant wait for my next visit..

    Girls you rock my block>>>

  • Chameleon_Girl Newbie   2 reviews
    I have been here 3 times, due to their scoopon/Cudo/website vouchers. Whilst $50 is an amazing deal for a colour, cut and treatment, I have had bad experiences every time!

    The first visit I was given the option to pay about $100 to have the old colour stripped from my hair, so that the new colour would look lovely. I agreed, however as I was leaving, was told I would have to have my colour done again in just a few weeks as it fades quickly after having the original colour stripped. I really would've appreciated knowing this before I agreed to the colour stripping. However, I was happy to put this down to me not asking the right questions at the time. The thing that caused me to return the following day is that my simple 'straight across' cut on long hair was done really poorly. I had chunks of hair that were 4cms longer than the rest! The management who I saw to fix the cut agreed it was terrible, and proceed to layer my hair. I asked for no layers, however they said it was necessary to fix the cut. I was sad about this experience.

    My second visit saw me ask for the same solid colour and simple cut again. Much better cut, however the colour was obviously darker than I had requested. Not a huge issue though, but when paired with my previous visit, it was concerning.

    My final visit saw me again asking for the same cut and colour. This time I requested the hairdresser who put my colour on to remove the excess colour that had overlapped onto my face. Said it was necessary to be there, however it would come off during the washing process and they would use some colour removal on my skin. However, it did not come out, and I felt embarrassed as I walked around Liverpool doing my groceries with colour on my forehead and cheeks. This colour on the face could be the usual thing in hairdressing, I'm not sure, and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, I know when I colour my hair myself and I'm super careful, this does not happen.

    I really wanted to give this place a good try - they always have such amazing deals (hence my returning multiple times) and some of the ladies who work there are genuinely nice and seem to do a good job, however after 3 visits, with each visit producing a different cause for concern, I would have to say I won't be returning. If you need hair done correctly the first time or for a night out on the day you're visiting the salon, I wouldn't recommend a cut and colour.
  • Gobsmackandhurr Newbie   1 review
    Had the best night out, My girlfriend had her hens night and we rocked up to PARIS and had our hair and makeup done, we looked so hot, theres a photo of all us girls having a great night but mossstttt offfff aalllllll, we love to thank paris for the amazing job they did and the time and dedication they took looking after all of us girls.

  • Hanisha Khan Newbie   1 review
    Purchased a cudo voucher and had my hair done today at paris,

    Value= Great
    service= Amazing

    Hair turned out just the way i wanted it and will gain to definately come back and have my hair done over here....

    Great salon, lots of posters, lots of mags, lots of socialising and Great music, i even bought that,

    They gave me colour safe shampoo and conditioner, whilst i was there i decided to buy a hair straightner since i needed one, they also have great Ghd's there.
    Thanks Paris Hair, doubted you guys at first however i guess it takes for you guys to make us consumers understand.
  • L.Khoury89 Newbie   1 review
    Ive known the team at Paris Hair for a while now and ive never felt so comfortable walking in just like family and getting my hair done.
    So i specifically made a profile to say how amazing they are and i recommend this salon for anyone out there,

    The staff are the best, my favourites are wally, victoria, tina and Adam (his so cute).
    Well everywhere there is good and bad although Paris is in my good books.
    you guys are AWSOME!!!!
  • bellydancer08 Newbie   1 review
    Was given a gift voucher for hair extension deal,
    arrived to my appointment, they matched my colour, had them put in and styled...

    Id have have to say for $199 full head human hair is a great deal.
    You wouldnt find that price in a busy westfields.
    The quality seems great, so are the staff, and to top it off they curled it for me.
    First time visiting and im happy with the results.
  • Kevin Bayliner Newbie   1 review
    So i used to go to the barber shop however my hairstyle was toooo sharp,
    I generally have to get my hair tidy and cut over here every week to perform with style.

    I only come here because they tell me whats best suited for me,
    Im happy with the results because im always complimented with the new trends every week Paris explore on my hair, as being a professional dj, i need to perform with style.

    Thanks paris ill be making a new mix for you guys soon..

  • V.gangitano09   3 reviews
    Just had my Brazillian Keratin treatment done over here,
    Staff are polite and calm and they know what they are doing..
    i purchsed the voucher online,
    Price is great following with the products (shampoo+conditioner)...
    Looked at my hair how terrible it was before keratin, and the results look amazing...

    OMG i cant wash my hair for four days now,
    Conclusion, ill be back for my next Keratin appointment in a couple of months.
    Paris Hairdressing is a salon id recommend for those who need treatment for damage hair.
  • unforgetable007 Newbie   1 review
    Im so in love with me hair,,,,,,,

    My hairdresser is my best friend, Paris hair always looks after me and im loving the music.....

    Im loving my arrival coffees, they are just the best...

    see you guys soon ... mwah

    and my husband loves the colour...
  • Melissa Zelinski   2 reviews
    Victoria is amazing, she gives the best hair service for what you pay for...

    AS i just recieved my weekly treatment and blowdry, see you again next week ...
  • Antonia Rizzo Newbie   1 review
    Just had my Keratin Treatment done here,
    Love the results, cant believe how smooth and shiny my hair is.

    will be back after my trip to Europe to have it done again,
    Thanks guys.
  • Michelka Gianni   2 reviews
    MY BIRTHDAY IS TODAY and my Fiance' surprised me by getting my hair done,
    took me blind folded to Paris Hair and had two lovely ladies looking after me,
    I really felt like a princess, i had a colour done, and my hair blowdried in a gorgeous style...

    PARIS HAIR you are my saviour,
    If my fiance' proposes to me, you guys will be definately doing my wedding hair....

    I Recommend Paris Hairdressing to every women out there..

  • Charmaine Mercedes Newbie   1 review
    Just walked out of Paris Hair and had my hair done by Victoria,
    Bought a voucher on their Paris web and never been so greatful with the colour,
    Victoria gave me a couple of ideas with colour like OMG shes so good at what she does i honestly was worried on how the colour was going to turn out be however in the end i loved it.... i seriously love the contrast and the blowwave was just a cherry on top!!!!

    Thanks Vic from now on im coming to see you instead of my previous hairdresser in campbelltown that BURNT my hair and she left the look innapropriate.
    Im now looking in my bathroom light and it really looks amazing!!!
  • Johana Reily0809 Newbie   1 review
    Well I specifically made this comment just to put all your reviews and show and would love to announce that I highly recommend Paris Hairdressing as an award winning salon!!!
    I spent at least three hours travelling because trains were down and buses were only at this point operating, if anything I'd give them a bad review!!!
    Bought a voucher walked in and was given a nice refreshment in which I needed, instead of the foils I did balyage, and had never been happy with my than ever, it took 2 years walking in and out of salons and no salon has ever understood what I wanted and the color Paris gave me...
    Also I always asked if other salons do the bodywave and I guess they were thay lazy or coudn't be bothered and stayed they don't do it? After asking Paris they gave me a price I coudn't say no to, well thanks to Paris I love my colour, I love my hair and most of all the staff treat like a best friend!
  • MarcusDavis33 Newbie   1 review
    Well I'm a regular, I get my hair cut here for a couple of months now.
    My recent visit OMG I needed something different as I was off to an occasion and I left it in the good hands of my hairdresser.
    So it turned out great as it was more of a make over for me,
    I'm now lighter? And I have unique patterns which she calls it tattoo work.
    Thanks vic your awesome
    See in you in a couple of weeks!!!!!
  • Hurr Newbie   1 review
    I specifically made a profile to say how bad this place is. I had beautiful long hair and wanted to try out some simple long ''layers''. They chopped off half my hair, gave me the shortest layers and made it look like a mess. It ruined my high school experience trying to grow it out. They have no idea what they're doing here.
  • Nada62 Newbie   1 review
    So I've been here about 4 times and have never had a good experience. The reason I kept going back was because staff had changed, desperate for a blow dry and just to give it another chance. First time I went there for a blow dry, the staff kept burning me with it, Staff even thought did such a bad job at blow drying that pulled out a hair straightener and started straightening the bumpy bit-which pretty much defeated the whole purpose of a blow dry.

    The next time I went was for a simple trim- the staff took one look at my hair and started going on about how dry it was and that i'll need a keratin treatment which was around $400 for my length of hair. Staff proceeded to tell another member of staff to give me the keratin, when I had to say even louder- no I just want a $30 trim. Staff looked so mad at me.

    The 3rd time I went was for another trim. Except the staff that washed my hair wash soo busy complaining about the staff and clients that didn't give me the scalp massage and didnt condition my hair!! When it came time for the trim the staff kept asking me why I didn't want layers and how good I'd look. Again when I said no just shook head.

    The last time I went in was for another trim. I was sooo desperate at this point for a trim, no where else had time and I emphasise I really needed one. The staff sat me down, asked me to brush my own hair. Went on and on about how dry my hair was then picked a whole bunch up then just started cutting. I'm talking about a dry cut. Staff didn't wash it as i was expecting to. My hair is thick, and very curly so once brushed its pretty much a fro. Staff didn't even section it off, just guessed and cut the amount thought was appropriate off! Staff didn't ask me a thing. Some people might ask why I didn't say anything, it just totally 100% got me off guard, I was speechless. I wouldn't have expected this ever from a salon. Staff was looking around while cutting my hair not paying attention like had to be somewhere else. It was just the rudest thing. And now when u straighten my hair you can see all the unevenness and choppy bits.

    Each time I have been, the staff has been so unfriendly, barely make eye contact with you. But the big one for me was the complaining all the staff do about one another and worse then that, omplaining about clients. Not happy the only good thing I have taken from this I will never go back again.
  • KylieBather Newbie   1 review
    This place is atrocious! I actually signed up here so I can rate this company as low as possible to warn!! others to avoid!! Staff is sooooo rude!! And highly unprofessional!! not worth the time and money!!
  • Eliza Payenda Newbie   1 review
    This is the WORST salon i have ever been to! i was on my way to a wedding and had to get my hair curled somewhere as i was running late for my appointment at another salon, anyway i walked into Paris and it was an absolute joke. My hair is very long and thick and what the staff didn't realise was that curls would not stay in place if didn't do them tight enough but no staff standing there telling me "my curls don't drop". TEN minutes of being in the hairdresser my curls started to drop, was absolutely the rudest person i had ever dealt with when getting my hair done, after i had told the staff what i wanted, did the complete opposite and blamed me saying my hair didn't have a styled cut? LOL anyway this was over and i went to get my makeup done but told staff if they dropped i would be back, agreed to this, after my makeup was done (even the beautician told me my hair was curled badly) i went back and was made to sit for 20 minutes at least and was stared at by all of the staff members. Whilst sitting, the same staff was doing another woman's hair who was also complaining and told staff stuffed up, these staff need to get their qualifications, it looks like a fancy salon but is absolutely bad! If you're from the liverpool area, DO NOT go here as they will ruin your hair and blame you for it. I'm usually the type that doesn't rate things, but this salon really hit a nerve with me especially with their unprofessional attitudes and absolute bad work, I'm surprised its still running.
    • Johana Reily0809 Newbie 
      I dont know how they are the worsed when it was only for curling your hair, dont you think itsx your fault because you were late and impatient, please if anything go back to the hairdresser that you were booked in with and talk about how they neglected you because you were late!


    • Eliza Payenda Newbie 
      In no way, shape or form did i say that i was in a rush? i said i missed my appointment hence why i went to Paris in the first place... Read before you start making assumptions. This is a review site and i provided my review on the salon and how they worked with my hair, well actually how they didn't work with my hair.

      9 months ago - 17/06/2014

  • Jessmalik Newbie   1 review
    OMG I love Paris hairdressing (in liverpool westfield). Yesterday I went to the salon with no appointment I asked a beautician called Ghadir if I can do a keratin for my hair. She said yes sure so she called Nisrine (senior stylist). Nisrine said yeah come through. she sat me down and washed my hair at the basin and dried my hair then she started putting keratine in my hair. when she finished, I have to wait for 20min and the time went so fast I couldn't feel it because of the music and the convos between me and Nisrine. Then she blow dried my hair then she got Tina(make-up artist) to help her, so I won't be late for my next appointment. Nisrine and Tina treated me very nice. I thought I was related to them. At last they finished blow drying and straightening my hair. I loved it. I couldn't stop saying thank you! Love you Paris Hairdressing and I'll like to thank Wally Ash the owner of Paris for having a such 2 beautiful ladies like nisrine and Tina :) love you guys mwa.
  • Ghadirt Newbie   1 review
  • DC2010 Newbie   1 review
    Possibly the worst experience ever! I had a voucher through scoopon for treatment, cut, style and choice of balayage or full head of foils. On arrival I was barely greeted and led to a seat covered in someone else's hair. I asked for the foils to which hairdresser replied no, not part of the deal, must be a full colour only- foils would be an extra 45 dollars! After some discussion I said fine, and told her what colour I wanted- she said no and basically told me colour I had was fine and they would just do regrowth to match. I had to argue about this also- a lot!! When it came time to wash colour out, the girl went on and on about how dry my hair was and how I needed a $99 treatment. I told her a hydrating treatment is included and had she done it- she claimed she had but I highly doubt it! Yet another girl cut my hair- rushed it and had to get the NEXT girl who styled it to fix the cut. I was furious by the end of this! Strangely enough, there were 2 clients in there at the same time complaining about their colour treatments also. Staff are rude, always looking for shortcuts and clearly have no idea what they are doing. If they weren't gossiping near the basins, they were hiding in the staff room. They clearly took on these coupon deals because they are not getting any business but by trying to screw coupon users over is most definitely not adding to their clientele list! My only success was showing them scoopon website which proved I should have got foils but they tried to charge me anyway! In summary, rude and unprofessional staff, terrible colour treatment and dirty salon. Stay clear of this place!!!
  • italianob Newbie   1 review
    Paris hairdressing is the worst salon I've ever been to not only did they ruine my hair but the staff are rude, it irritates me that a hair salon can be so horrible and still want money from clients the day I was there the boss was there and was fighting with his staff ( unprofessional ) will never go there again and urge everyone to not go there do not waste your money on a salon like Paris hairdressing
  • ChichiCha Newbie   1 review
    Worst salon I have ever been to. Staff are rude, most the staff are NOT qualified and their hair extensions are the poorest quality hair. They ruined my hair then refused to fix it. Would never go back again.
  • Krisy Newbie   1 review This is what I received at Paris Hairdressing. I've been going to this salon since I was 11 years old. I've been doing my own hair blue for about ten months, and I've NEVER had results this bad. I'm just... saddened, and disgusted. I did receive my money back, but that's beyond the point. I have to walk around like this, and I can feel people staring at me. It's gross. It stains my clothes. It looks like I have green roots. A decent hair salon would have agreed to fix this, imho, at either a discount or for free. It was treated like a joke, and I honestly felt awful the entire time I was there. It was insisted that it was *my* fault, that I wasn't clear to the hairdresser, but I know that I was. This happened on Thursday. It's Saturday now and I don't even want to leave my house.
  • kaynsteve   6 reviews
    Purchased a voucher from Ourdeal - thinking it would be great due to being in the same area where I work (that I would be in and out in around 1 hour or more) as I was just getting my hair dyed. One of the staff was very friendly, however they were more interested in chatting to each other than working (and chatting to their friends that walked past or on the phone to them) - they left the hair dye in my hair for over 2 hours!!!!! When I pointed this fact out as it was reaching 2.5 hours the staff replied Oh really, like they were shocked and the salon only had 2 other clients so it was not very busy. I am honestly amazed my hair didnt fall out. I had purchased 2 vouchers from this deal, but wont be going back to use the second.

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