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Reviews of Parramatta Timber Floors

  • They did our deck and internal flooring and we have had problems ever since due to poor installation by Parramatta Timber Floors. We've since ripped up parts of the outdoor deck and found rotted timber, off cuts of (rotted) timber and loose screws. This is only four years after installation. A timber deck should last at least 10-15 years. The screws they used were not long enough either and they used non-stainless screws in some areas which were completely rusted through. The internal floors are no better as they didn't use enough glue or leave enough space for expansion. I'd strongly recommend going somewhere else. We contacted the business and they completely rejected any responsibility.
  • Having had a timber floored installed and polishied by Parramatta Timber Foors.
    i can say that i was pleasantly surprised!
    Haveing dealt with trades people all my life you begin to expect the worst.
    With Parramatta Timber Floors, every detail was taken care of.
    The job they did was wonderful.
    I would recommend that you give them a chance to do your flooring.
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