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  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   660 reviews
    This Pattison's is located in the fresh food market at Chatswood Westfield. The shop is kiosk style with a few tables and chairs to sit down and enjoy your purchases. They sell lots of pastries - tarts, quiches and so forth. They also sell nice cakes, these aren't cheap cheap but not bad compared to competitors in the area. Worth a visit, but not the most amazing place in the world (there are tastier treats elsewhere!).

    5 months ago - 30/10/2014

  • Troy Ellwood   11 reviews
    Really nice range of pastries and cakes. A little expensive, but of quality is really nice and taste is delicious.

    6 months ago - 20/10/2014

  • Parkynator   6 reviews
    I get a take away coffee and a pastry most mornings, and the range of cakes and pastries are really gourmet and delicious. A bit on the pricey side.

    6 months ago - 06/10/2014

  • timhowie471   5 reviews
    Good range of pastries, all tasty. Bit pricey.

    9 months ago - 07/07/2014

  • Thibault D Newbie   1 review
    Table was dirty, pastry was obviously cooked few days ago. Coffee was alright. Very disappointed used to be way better.
  • Kanazawa Newbie   1 review
    We went for lunch recently to Pattison's Patisserie in Chatswood (The Chase) and was verydisappointed. We order a quiche which was leftover from the day before, and
    the salad had been freezed and thawed out so it was soggy on the plate. When
    we mentioned to the waiting staff they just look stunned and walked away with
    the salads that were barely touched. The only positive thing is the coffee, but
    that will be our last visit,
  • atan7 Local Star   1,012 reviews
    With high ceilings and rows of delicious baked goods it is hard to resist sitting down with a coffee and taking a break. I come here to buy lots of birthday cakes and they have a good variety, from Tiramisu's, to fruit baked cheesecake and lemon tarts. The staff are friendly, and the coffee is good (they have a dedicated coffee guy while the others only serve).
    It gets pretty packed on a weekend with families sitting down mid-grocery shopping.
  • mumsrite Local Star   224 reviews
    Having been there several times over the past fortnight, I can say that most of the items I've had are pretty good.

    Highlights for me are the chocolate custard tart, cinnamon twirl, provencial quiche and coffee, which are outstanding.

    Definitely recommend!
  • mumsrite Local Star   224 reviews
    My first choice was a savory basil & tomato mini pizza which failed miserably.

    However, not all was lost. The long black coffee was smashing and the chocolate custard tart was just how the French make them in France, thin flakey pastry with a lovely chocolate filling so light you wouldn't have guessed it was custard. Croissant and jam was good too, buttery and not over baked.

    It's a neat little tuck shop concept with a touch of classy French. Definitely going back again.


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