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Reviews of PAYPAL Australia

  • Amazing customer service. I was speaking to josh and he was helping me make a claim against a seller who is scamming me but trying to tell paypal im scamming him. Josh is a fantasic person! He understood my case inside out, understood me and everything i wanted. Every customer service rep out thrre should be like this guy!
    Paypal, if you are reading this. This guy deserves some recognition!!!

  • Sold something on eBay. Buyer claiming not received when clearly Aust Post tracking says delivered. Turns out the buyer moved house and did not update eBay records so sent item to old address. He did not have a mail re-direct in place. Long story short the Paypal dispute resolution has been hopeless. Latest thing, they rejected my request to review decision in buyer's favour because they couldn't track item. Problem is the tracking number they said they were using had a typo even though they had a copy of Aust Post receipt. Very ordinary. When they say they are "investigating" a dispute, don't believe them.
  • Neither my wife or I have ever had a good experience with PayPal. My wife has a web design business with some overseas clients and I manage some of her accounts for her. I note the PayPal exchange rates are unfavourable compared with banks and the fees are exorbitant. Any issues we take up with customer service are not well handled - we get different answers with each new person we speak to, doesn't seem like they are well trained. Transferwise is an alternative option that we're going to switch to as the fees and exchange rates are much, much better.
  • OK - since when does a small account with little turn over become a target for Paypal to investigate money laundering and like others hold your money. They allow people to deposit but not withdraw, they have no contact numbers in Australia, the phone number for Sydney is diverted overseas, when asked for verification of documents they want they quote the same Bulls**t over and over again, You submit paper work, they reject, you submit more, they reject (with no explanation) and then quote "don't recognise the ATO paper work", "Don't recognise the ASIC paperwork" and asked "what is a trust account". How on earth have they been allowed to operate in Australia if they don't know our tax system, our business system or who our federal government bodies are. I have had my money and account limited for 2 months, and even my tax accountant and the ATO have not been able to get any sense out of them as to what paperwork they require. Just imagine if we all ran our companies like them........
  • These people are appalling. The worse business model in existence, freeze your money quoting legislation that doesn't say they have to freeze your money, and then never respond. The 'Australian' phone number actually goes to the other country and is hardly ever answered. If you value your business, go to other provider but not PayPal
  • this business will limit your accounts, take advantage of you as a consumer or a seller, there exchange rates are always less so its in favor of them, and when you try and get things fixed its the same c**p every time sorry our system says, followed by you will have to wait 15, 30 or 180 days, why the hell does any business need to hold your money for 180 days with no explanation and no way of getting in contact with supervisors or account management, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE YOU WILL REGRET IT.
    • Looks like you have the same problems I do.... 180 days. What on earth with no open disputes nothing at wrong. They are holding over $4000 and maybe one day I will get it back.... Hopefully
  • trompfy Local Star 630 reviews
    PayPal have an excellent dispute investigation process because I had some unauthorised charges on 3 of my Visa Debit Cards and they refunded the charges straight back onto those cards after they found out they were in fact unauthorised so I would recommend disputing transactions with them in the future.
  • Everything is so great about Paypal, until they limit your account for no real good reason and decide to hold onto all of your money in your account for 180 days. They don't provide any real great help to solving the issue, just a lot of automated messages that lead to nothing. Terrible customer service overall.
  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star 1,090 reviews
    As a purchaser Paypal is a great resource offering piece of mind when purchasing online - basically u have some insurance & access to dispute resolution if something goes wrong with ur purchase. The downfalls really hit sellers who are slugged high fees not only if their consumers use paypal but also to withdraw their money when it hits their paypal account
  • everything about this business seems aimed to take advantage of the consumer, both buyer and seller. They claim 100% security and protection, but this is simply not the case from my own experiences. It is ok for beginners who want to sell small dollar items once or twice, where losing 5 dollars of your money isnt a big deal. But if you are going to spend more than 5 dollars ever, or receive more than 5 dollars, I strongly suggest you use someone else.
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