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Peerless Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Fortitude Valley, QLD
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Reviews of Peerless Dry Cleaners

  • I would not wish this experience on anyone else! After waiting for 3 weeks for Peerless dry cleaning to clean my garments, they called to tell me that they had lost my dress. I was at first told that they would cover the repurchase of the dress however after rebuying the dress, they miraculously found it and have 'wiped their hands of the issue and refuse to help me further. I have never experienced poorer customer service and cannot believe the miscommunication between the peerless stores. I would avoid sending any clothes to Peerless at all costs.
  • I would avoid at all costs. Just has an expensive item come back from pressing with a large tear which is obviously caused by it being caught and pulled on something. Taken no responsibility at all and suggested it was a manufacturing defect. Treated horribly in the process, the management was unprofessional, unfriendly and just plain rude. go elsewhere.
  • Terrible dry cleaners - definitely go elsewhere! A hardly worn garment that I put in just to be 'freshened up' came back with marks and stains that will never come out. A nightmare to deal with as staff are less than helpful.
  • Avoid like the plague! Not only are these people awful at their job (they have ruined 3 very expensive pieces of clothing now on separate occasions silly me giving them a second chance) but they were rude and horrible to deal with when trying to resolve the matter. I was dry cleaning my sister's dress that I borrowed, which I am now forced to pay for as they have used a chemical on the fabric which has turned it from red to streaky black!! And sadly it is irreplaceable. The staff were unfriendly, unhelpful and unprofessional. I strongly recommend never using this dry cleaner.
  • DO NOT give these people your business. Absolutely terrible. I have had numerous items of clothing poorly cleaned (one even came back with marks that weren't on there in the first place), damaged, and even a very expensive, near-new Italian hand-made suit destroyed. To top it off the staff is extremely abrupt, every time without fail. My only regret is not finding somewhere else sooner.

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