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The Peninsula Motor Group has over 20 years of professional experience with Holden's range of vehicles the company is considered to be a leader in customer satisfaction, and professional after-sales service. 

 Our objective is to provide our customers with the highest standard of service, at the most competitive price. This standard will be maintained as an ongoing commitment through the interaction and co-operation of the total Peninsula Holden Group.
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Reviews of Peninsula Holden

  • Make sure you visit Holden peninsula and see Joe Vartuli for a great price and great service. My parents received a fantastic price on a Holden commodore and are very happy with the purchase.
    5 stars for quality in service and how quickly the process all happened. Thanks Holden peninsula.
  • I just purchased a Captiva 7 from the team at Peninsula and I cannot say enough great things about them!
    The price was by far the cheapest and it wasn't as if they were doing me the favour by discounting like all the other dealers.
    The finance was eager to beat my banks rate and I was introduced to the service department so I know where to go on my first service.
    go to these guys for a deal and service.
  • No customer service! Stood around for half an hour this morning and still haven't been spoken to! The 3 customers who all walked in after me have all been served!
  • Very disappointing. Poor quality/service across the board. This repair centre is a massive rip off, I would recommend taking your car somewhere else if you don't want to get slug $330 for them to tell you there is something wrong with your car. I brought my car to Holden Peninsula to get their machine to read my computer and find out what's wrong with the car, which I got quoted for $120. Plugged their bloody machine and it came back with crap load of codes, but still not able to tell me whats wrong with the car. Couple of days later, I had to add another $200 so they'd tell me what wrong with the bloody thing and another 300 for putting in a fuel pump which I called a bunch of places is about $150 job.
  • Over priced used cars
    With to many km
    Wouldnt by a used car from there when you could buy a new car at the same price as the used car.
    Shop else where people or sell privately
  • I traded in my car which was a fuel burning machine and was looking for a car to fit a baby seat and pram i wanted some good on fuel, the sales prson said how bout the barina spark i just had a baby and was trying to get rid of my other car.The sales person brought out a tape measure and said yep ur carseat will fit so i was like ok than did paper work and wat not i regret getting this small car as my pram does not fit and cant get much stuff to fit in the car even the car seat, the sales person watch other sales staff try and help me put the seat in when it couldnt fit right he ran off i drove away disappointed. Wish i could get something a lil bigger but barina is on finance.
    • I withdraw this complaint as I ended up with a good out come from the Holden team from my troubles. Thank you and I'm enjoying the Holden cruze
  • In a 10 year span we have purchased 4 cars from Peninsula Holden. The Staff are Professional and trustworthy in everything they do.
    We would never purchase a new or used car from anyone else!!
  • BEWARE - if purchasing from this dealership ensure ALL commitments are in writing when negotiating your deal.
    • Its best to avoid peninsula holden and buy at any other dealership.

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