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Reviews of Penrith Medical Centre

  • Never had a problem seeing a doctor, and haven't had a problem with the 3 doctors there. Though the reception staff are a bit rude. They need some re-training on health communication and probably cultural competency and safety in a health environment. Who calls their first name their Christian name? Not everyone is a baptised Christian, lol.
  • I have rung up over the past 4 days asking for to see a bulk billing doctor. I am a uni student any honestly can't afford to book an appointment. Every time i have rung, they answer the phone nicely, then i say i would like to see a bulk billing doctor and its like i am talking to a different person. They change to a person who wants to hang up as soon as possible after letting you know you should ring up tomorrow, in the afternoon. I do not recommend this clinic.
    • Thank you for your feedback, we are deeply concerned that your experience on the day mentioned was not optimal. We have a commitment to training and developing medical centre personnel with the highest level of focus on quality patient care and we will endeavour to improve the customer service experience in future. Please feel welcome to call the Practice Manager on 47 218755 if you have any other concerns in future.

  • I think it is worth paying to see my doctor as I know I will get the best care, I think you can also walk in and see any doctor under medicare which I think is a good option.
  • getting to expensive to see a Dr by appointment..

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