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Reviews of Pentimento

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    What started out as a simple visit to the only shop that opens late in this part of town many years back has turned into my regular ritual every time I visit King St, Newtown. PentiMento has a certain charm on its store that overflows its front door it would be very hard for anyone passing by to not take notice.

    PentiMento occupies a decent floor space and supplies the whole room with a warm atmosphere filled with contemporary, artful, and inspirational books and merchandises. The items range from novelties of high humour values at the front of the store up to high quality homewares at the back of the store. If it werent for the premium price tags, it would be almost impossible to not buy a lot of things from this store, either for gifts or to spoil yourself.

    I dont really engage that much with the staffs except when I pay at the counter. Last time around the staff at the checkout was quite friendly and I appreciated his small talks.
  • I've always found the staff at Pentimento to be helpful and accommodating. When I've asked prices on items where it didn't appear clear they've acted promptly and professionally. Books I've bought (which are always for presents) have always been wrapped beautifully and with a smile. Maybe the difference is because I'm there to buy things :)

    I jumped on here to find their phone number and saw all these neg reviews and was kind of surprised. Anyway, I called up as I'd seen a book on Stanley Kubrick there (and other great point about their store - where else would you find a book 4 inches thick on Stanley Kubrick's unproduced Napoleon project and screenplay?) the lady I talked to was friendly and helpful, found the book (as I was asking for the price) and has put it aside for me and I'm heading up today to grab it.

    For me for one I like that they don't hound you while you're browsing and offer to 'help' etc. I want to shop and generally be left alone until I need their help. As to the writing down names of books - what's so hard to understand about a retail store having a policy in this day and age to protect themselves?

    Anyway, I just wanted to offer a contrary opinion to the negative ones.
  • One of my favourite shops on King street. The staff are great fun and always have time for me, I don't know what all these haters are on about! I go for the book selection which I love. For me it's a fun place to shop!
  • The "shop asisstants" and management here may have reasonable taste in their stock, but the seriously rude entirely negate any pleasure derived from shopping here. When Pentimento first opened it was a pretty unique place to shop. Thankfully there are now plenty of very decent and far less overpriced options handy to King St. If I wanted to be treated with disdain and annoyance I'd be at the real estate requesting repairs for our rented house.
  • This place has saved me many a time, great when your on your way to a party or someting and need a quick gift, gift wrapping is a bonus. Great cards, books, quirky things.
  • I have just come online to post a comment about how wonderful this shop is! I am from the country and recently visited my daughter in Newtown who has just started University in the area. We both discovered the store and it is exquisite! I can say it was the sort of shop you could happily spend hours in without being hassled. When I did have a question about the jewellery, the girl was so helpful and knowledgeable. They even have the most intricate necklaces made in the local area! I loved it and look forward to poking about in there again when I next come down!
  • I think Pentimento staff are rude. I was writing down the title of a cookbook - and a staff member comes over and goes are you writing down the title of the book and I said yes, and they said - can you not. I was writing it down because I had 3 other cookbooks I was buying and was noting that one to buy later.... I walked out of the shop and bought my 3!!! thats right THREE cookbooks from other shop where they respect their customers. To add injury to insult, I have shopped in Pentimento on a regular basis, the staff member knows who I am but that did not stop their rude behaviour towards me. There are too many other great little places on King st to have to bother with rudeness like that at Pentimento.
    • I have also been asked not to do it once, however when i asked a young lady working there she explained to me why this was such an issue..
      Unfortunately it seems that there are many customers who write down the title of the books so that they can then search online for the same book at a cheaper price. To protect their stock and without being able to differentiate who is and isn't doing the wrong thing they've had to enforce this policy.
  • Not sure if their business plan is to cut down on customers, but that's what they achieved today. The management have no respect for their customers and I too was treated very rudely there. I feel sorry for the staff that work there. I live locally and so have bought many birthday presents and bits and pieces here, but after my experience there today I certainly won't be returning.

    I was always aware that they were overpriced but overlooked this as it was close-by and convenient. A shame that such business practices exist. Not sure where their arrogance springs from as their shop really isn't all that special! Only especially overpriced!
  • I used to shop here all the time until I had a run-in with an incredibly rude member of staff. I firstly heard the way she was speaking to a co-worker and was shocked, but it was when I asked for assistance with something and she looked at me as if I smelt bad or was a huge inconvenience to her, then waved her hand toward the back of the store. I later described the woman to a mutual friend and she told me that this woman is the owner of the store! Honestly, the store is rather run-of-the-mill and incredibly overpriced so I haven't missed shopping there, but I would also encourage other shoppers to consider shopping in other places. People who treat customers that rudely shouldn't be given our custom.
    • Ms Enmorian, I whole heartedly agree. It has always been an expensive but handy place to pick up last minute pressies and cards. The staff are far too serious in regards to the job they are engaged in. Maybe "Human Relations Co-ordinators Purveying Outrageously Inflated Handycrafts Of Various Diverse Origins-Managing Financial Expurgating Of The Gift Challenged. Or maybe they are just check out staffs selling trendy loot instead of frozen peas. At least real sales attendants at the supermarket posses customer service skills. Me being garden variety and ordinary and all.
  • colly 28 reviews
    Good place to find humourous birthday cards, gifts and books (mainly in design/arts etc). If you're looking for a last minute gift you could do worse than going here. the staff are always helpful too!
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