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  • KiwiOz   8 reviews
    My fiance and I cant rate this restaurant highly enough. It is our favourite! The food is always awesome- the chocolate mouuse and fish bait fritters are the best. Slightly overpriced, but we always leave very full and happy.
  • jessw1234   4 reviews
    I was due to have my wedding and ceremony at Peronis Restaurant at the end of this month. I had arranged this with them over 6 months prior to the wedding date over the phone as I live in WA. I was assured by the person I dealt with that this was fine and that they would open the restaurant on the Sunday of my wedding for just my future husband, me and our guests. I was given a quote and informed to contact the restaurant on the first week in February to obtain a sample menu from them and to discuss this menu.
    My fiance and I did as they asked and rang during the first week in February. They stated they were too busy to discuss the wedding, but gave us a quote for the wedding which was different to the original quote that we had be given (it was less, so we weren't complaining). They refused to discuss the menu as they were 'busy', but stated that they were happy to discuss the wedding when we flew to NSW at the end of February. My fiance and I explained to them that we were planning to come to the restaurant for dinner on the 26/2 (a Friday night), and asked if it was OK to discuss the wedding then. They stated that this was OK and that they would find time during service to sit with us and discuss the wedding and menu.
    When my fiance and I arrived in NSW, we dropped by the restaurant at about 3pm on the Wednesday to confirm our meeting on the 26th. They gave us a brief tour of the restaurant, informed us that we could not get married in the garden (as my fiance and I had originally planned) due to insurance, and stated that we would be sharing the restaurant with another party of 25 people. They then told us that they needed to go and that they would see us on Friday.
    Although I was a bit upset at not being able to hold the ceremony in the garden, and that we would not have the restaurant to ourselves, I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant and was willing to come back on Friday to discuss things further. Also, with one month until my wedding I really had no choice!
    My family, fiance and I attended the restaurant on the Friday and although I was disgusted at how rude a staff member was to me and the other people I was dining with, the food was very nice and I was excited to discuss the menu with them. By the end of the meal the person we had been dealing with still had not joined us to discuss the wedding, and since we were due to fly back to WA in 2 days my fiance approached them to ask if we could please discuss the wedding. They refused, stating that it was too busy, they were tired and needed a break. They told my fiance to come back next week (despite knowing that we live in WA!). My fiance explained that we were leaving the state, and that we had organised to speak with them on this day weeks ago. They stated that the timing was bad and continued refusing to speak with us.
    The night ended with me in tears (as you can imagine-the invites were out with the restaurants name on them and all my plans for the wedding in one months time revolved around this restaurant!). The head waiter tried to cover for the person we were dealing with and my fiance speaks very highly of how he attempted to diffuse the situation, however the damage had been done and they still refused to speak with us.
    I do not think ANY group booking should be made with this restaurant as I do not think they can cope with group bookings. I will never be going back and have warned all my friends (and the 40 guests to my wedding!) to never attend this restaurant. I have been lucky enough to find another restaurant to cater for my wedding at such sort notice.
  • foodlover2   2 reviews
    Poor quality food in upmarket surrounds. Steak was tough and overcooked (m/rare was ordered), pastas were bland-tasting and creme brulee straight off the supermarket shelf. Service was very slow but friendly.
  • balert   4 reviews
    We went to this restaurant with high expectations only to leave feeling thoroughly disheartened and out of pocket. There is nothing much Italian about this place (as it claims to be). A few poorly over-cooked pastas or mushy risotto is as close as you'll get. Much better quality and value to be found elsewhere.
  • paddy010 Foodie   21 reviews
    Signature dishes include the satisfying jerk chicken pasta, with asparagus and mushrooms in an herb cream sauce, as well as such classics as ropa vieja (shredded beef stew), steak churrasco (barbecue), conch chowder, and black beans and rice. Starters are tropically flavored, too, such as the tostones con pollo, in which crispy plantains are topped with chicken and cheese. And watch out for those fruit-flavored drinks.

    I will happily return.
  • Suze   2 reviews
    Excellent atmosphere, great service and an extensive menu to choose from. Great night out with some friends or for a romantic dinner.

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