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Dr. Peter Bablis has been a Chiropractor and specialist health care professional practicing in Sydney for the past 21 years. He has post-graduate qualifications in Acupuncture, Sports Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Medical Herbalism, Iridology and Kinesiology. He is currently completing his PhD. at Macquarie University in Psychosomatic Medicine.
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Reviews of Peter Bablis

  • Dr. Peter Bablis is a Family Doctor, highly experienced in physiotherapy, and a leading drug-use researcher in Australia. Dr. Peter babliss aim and philosophy is to promote health using a combination of both historical and current treatments in all areas of holistic health care.
  • I am so impressed with peter bablis show.it has enligthen me and my family about men and women health problems facing. you guys do a great job. as a fan of your Cameroon I say love and not lose your steam.
  • Dr. Peter Bablis is an excellent Chripractor & Homeopathic. He has a wealth of experience as well as I totally trusted him to provide each associated with my personal kids (18 month aside). He's an amiable, personable method as well as I'd recommend him.
  • "Very good doctor, would recommend. Very friendly and caring, highly experienced and picks up things other doctors sometimes do not."
  • Peter bablis is very highly experienced and have very good NET(neuro emotional technology). He gives a very effectful services to his patients...
    Nice work sir......
    Have a nice weekend....
  • Great Work my dear friend. Such a good information you have shared. Thanks for sharing your information.
  • Very nice information i really like your service thanks for sharing such a good information.
  • Ur blog os so creative ...
    ...I will keep updated with the same
  • I was having trouble with my back pain when I was running or working. After that I met Dr. Peter Bablis who gave me a best treatment and suggest me some helpful exercise and these exercises and treatment by Dr. Peter Bablis help me lot. He is very nice and has a good experience in his field.
  • Awesome have nce week
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