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Reviews of Peters Meats

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    This is a nice butcher with plenty of staff (so you don't typically wait long to be served). I quite like that they have an open fridge (in addition to the regular butchers counter) where packaged meats are sold. They have some good promotions that come up and the range of meats is extensive. Plus they sell eggs!
  • First time buyer. Impressive looking shop. Our customer service person was friendly and pleasant and offered to score our pork belly for us which we thought was great. This person passed it on to one of the butchers. We didn't realise until we got home that the 1.5kgs of meat was totally and utterly BUTCHERED! The 'scoring' went through the rind and at least half way through the meat. In some areas it totally broke through the entire cut of meat. Needless to say the 3.5 hours cooking required for a really good pork belly was pointless. I realise pork belly isn't an expensive cut and this is totally a first world problem but don't offer the service unless you are going to do it right. Ordinarily I would prep my own meat but you offered. I won't be returning.
  • jojostuff Local Star 403 reviews
    Great butcher with reasonable prices. The other reviewers are absolutely right - the chicken wings are cheap at $1.29 to $1.99 a kilo and chicken marylands at $2.99 a kilo. You can also get beef cheek here, which can be quite hard to find.
  • mumsrite Local Star 233 reviews
    Gotta love their chicken wings - they're always CHEAP! And fresh! If you're cooking asian soups you can't ignore the pork bones - boney but still with plenty of meat on them!

    Their sausages are great too. And their whopper of a New York steak! And the roasting pork!

    Well, lets just say they have a great variety of meats and cuts. Friendly service. They're often busy so be a little patient, you'll get your turn.

    Thumbs up!
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    This place still rocks- the staff are friendly and the chicken wings are always the cheapest here. The chorizo is also great in the meats section on the far right.
    There are lots of staff but it gets really busy here on the weekends. Nevertheless they still take the time to serve you and help you choose the best cut of meat for whatever your meal plans are.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Located in Chatswood Chase in the grocery area of the mall near Coles this butcher has high quality meats at good prices. The service is great with plenty of staff to help you choose the best cuts. They offer free crumbing too- so if you see a piece of lamb, chicken or anything else you like they will crumb it!
    They have a section with pre-marinated meats too- so for a quick and easy dinner- grab a whole lemon and herb chicken for $9.99 put it in the oven and voila!

  • Peters Meats always have a good selection of meats to choose from and offer advice if you need something different for a special recipe. The deli section is also excellent the vegetable lasagne is really good.

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