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  • ChrisMcL Newbie   1 review
    Booked my car in for a service and rego check with a "free" rego check with service through a shopperdocket.
    They went and told myself that a number of things that needed doing, Including cracks in bushes that I could not see.
    I asked them to not worry about the rego check. They said it was $50 of their time being up on the rack.
    I then asked them to take it off the hoists, not worry about the rego check and I will pay them $50 for their time.
    They then proceeded to complete the Rego check into the computer regardless and against my wishes, and put things down to the RTA to which I cannot get the car passed for rego now until they are all repaired. And after going to another repairer who said some of those items are fine.
    Do NOT go to this repairer

    9 months ago - 19/12/2013

  • Secret Shopper Newbie   1 review
    Mick & Diane are fantastic every time i went there you got greeted with a happy smile and finally someone honest in the trade!! Great work at Great price and very flexible with business hours. They fit in with you and what you need, Raymond had a bad exprerience but he would be one in a million. Petlum staff usually go out of their way to help. It's a no brainer for me A+
  • Raymond Morgan   2 reviews
    Armour Autmotive outsourced my car to this company for an LPG Tank restamp in 2008. In 2010 I had to get the tank re-stamped because of legal issues concerning their LPG licensing. After having the tank re-stamped I asked them to do me a favour (as I had to leave town on business with short notice) and to drive 5 minutes down the road, check the new stamp on the tank which would then allow the car to be registered. Despite this being an issue on their side they were unwilling to do this for me so I had to go elsewhere to do the e-safety check again from scratch. (It passed that time with flying colours because the new stamp was legal)

    To their defence, everyone tells me (including my trusted mechanic Armour Automotive) that they are wonderful guys - but when they cost you $300 due to negligence and are then unwilling to assist then it's a bit hard to agree.
    • Secret Shopper Newbie 
      I had an extremely pleasant time at Petlum Automotive, they did my LPG tank as well and i had the same issue it was through no fault of theirs it was a 3rd party at the time who i later found out he was doing quite a few around the Sydney area. The staff caught out a lot of workshop's and the poor guy's just happened to be one of them. Mick usually goes out of his way to be helpful unless he is under the pump which is very likely being so busy. I'm really sorry you were not happy, you would be one in very many. Great job at Great price and very flexible when it comes to business hours. Dave!


  • Louise2   4 reviews
    An excellent mechanic. I have been going to Petlum's for years. All the work is of a high standard. Petlum's will check mechanical parts related to your mechanical problem to make sure all is ok. The spare parts are of the best quality. All repairs are completed in a timely manner. The repair costs are competitive. Mick and his staff are friendly and helpful. They will bend over backwards to help you. Altogether, a great experience each time

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