Petries Brasserie (marriott)

Brisbane, QLD
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Reviews of Petries Brasserie (marriott)

  • Amanda Cassar Local Star 1,042 reviews
    Recently enjoyed breakfast here.
    A la carte and buffet options available.
    Buffet $35 p/head. All the usual buffet options but chose the 3 egg omelette. Menu said it came with toast (that never came.) Friend chose the pancake stack. Both very tasty & filling and omelette still hot which was great.
    Bit hard to track down staff to take order and finalise account however.
    Lovely layout and decor.
  • Nadine87 Foodie 55 reviews
    Take a wine buffet, all you can eat seafood and a complimentary cocktail and you have all the makings of a great night. Petries offers fresh seafood as well as dishes that may be better suited to vegetarians or non-fish eaters. The whole sand crab is impossible to eat, but you can't go passed the hot fish dishes, smoked salmon and a Moreton Bay bug. The buffet at Petries is perfect for a bit of a splurge on the hips and on the credit card, but it is a well worth while experience. For the not-so-indulgent, the a la carte menu offers delicious dishes.

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