Picasso Pizza Restaurant

Hampton, VIC
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Reviews of Picasso Pizza Restaurant

  • Ophelia Local Star 159 reviews
    I used to come here quite often, but not anymore. Firstly the pizzas are quite ordinary in my opinion. Secondly, what is more off-putting is the constant derogatory muttering of the management to the patrons. Whilst I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, such public display of mockery by the management is extremely off putting and consequently I won't be coming back.
  • Ophelia Local Star 159 reviews
    It's great to have a pizza restaurant nearby that not only serves really good pizza, but also that isn't overly pricey. You can get tasty large pizza for only $15 - think your 'classic' pizzas like margerita, capriciosa and marinara - and they are consistently good. Great value for money!
  • Always great pizza!

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