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Reviews of Piccola Pizzeria

  • Pizzas are tasty but beware of their prices.
    The fewer toppings you choose, the more you pay !!!
    CHEESE and OLIVES $16.80
    CHEESE, OLIVES, Ham, Mushroom, Capsicum, Onions & Tomato Sauce $15.80
    Then they try to support their ridiculous pricing by saying they have been doing this for 20 years.
  • The pizza from here is great. Very tasty. The regular menu is great value, but I think the gourmet pizzas are over-priced, and for some reason you can only get gourmet pizzas in large and family sizes, not the regular.
    There always seems to be too many staff on. There is about 6 girls behind the counter, that are either walking around bumping into each other, or standing around with nothing to do.
    They need to be a bit more careful when giving out pizzas that have been ordered. We once ordered a pizza, and got given a ticket that said 55. Later on, we went back and waited for ages to collect our pizza. We went and asked what was up, and they said that when they called out 55, some guy came and said he was 55 and grabbed our pizza, and they didn't ask for his ticket. So we had to wait around for ages until they made us another one.
    Delivery on Friday and Saturday nights can sometimes take forever, we once waited close to 2 hours, but the pizza arrived hot.
    All in all, very nice pizza, but ring ahead to order and go down to collect it if its the weekend.

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