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Reviews of Pink Palate Restaurant

  • I love the decor...its bright and uplifting. I love my Asian dishes hot...they are very accomodating! Excellent friendly and fast service. Loved my Chilli beef, and Combination Seafoood. The kids couldn't get enought of the honey chicken though there was more than enough in portion size. Lovelv special fried rice and more plain rice than we could ever need. Fantatic value for money.
    Obviosly the NEW owners know what they are doing.
  • My husband & I decided to try out this local restaurant just before Easter. We were highly disappointed with the service and food that we received.
    The waiter was casually dressed and was not friendly or helpful. As it was BYO, he was happy to store the beer, but it was exceptional hard to get his attention to grab another beer, instead my husband left out table during dinner and walked over to the fridge and helped himself to his bough beer. The waiter did not even noticed this as he was too busy reading the newspaper at the front desk.
    Serving size are acceptable but are not presented nicely. Entree was ok, but the main dish I ordered was slopped in a shallow bowl - just hookien noodles swimming in a watery gravy with a few carrots, a couple of pieces of beef and chicken. It was not appealing nor did it taste very good.
    The boiled rice is served on a plate which goes cold quickly.
    After paying close to $50 for one entree, 2 mains, 1 side of rice and a can of drink, I would have been more satisfied with a packet of 2 mins noodles at home.

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