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Reviews of Pinky's Pizza

  • Worst pizza ever! Minimal toppings and wasn't cooked properly. We gave them 3 opportunities to improve and it was the same bad experience every time.
  • bad experience.......$74 later we ordered their 3 large pizza and garlic bread and coke meal deal with a serving of bologneise sauce on penne pasta and a large serving of ribs...delivery time was ok but the pizzas were smallish and under topped the garlic bread had little or no garlic butter on them the ribs were nice but under sized and the bolognaise was firstly forgotten and when finally delivered 40 minutes later was half full with a mexicana sauce not bolognaise....we called to come to some sort of compramise and was returned with rude arrogant servers with no understanding of customer service and was not willing to help except offering us more pasta (YUK) and when asked where they were located to bring the food in to show to them we were returned with smart remarks such as look us up in the phone book....not happy and will never recomend to anyone any time ever!!!! its pizza hut for us next time!!!!
  • yummy fresh and warm could have some more offers and better pricing but other wise great

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