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Platinum has grown a reputation for straight out honest advice, industry leading knowledge and award winning service. A good stroll through some consumer review sites, such as this, should back this up. Platinum Removals is truly one of Sydney's premier removalist company and we can say that proudly. In an all but unregulated industry, you are only as good as you choose to be, and we choose to uphold high standards in everything that we do.

Offering a full range of services, where you can control your costs, from assistance to moving a few items to the premium package of pre-packing and end of the lease cleaning, included on your move.

We cover all aspects of residential and commercial moving, with storage options available for short and long term on two conveniently located facilities, one in Mascot (near the airport) and one in Brookvale (North Shore).

We are looking forward to listen to you moving needs.

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  • Pietra Fiori Newbie   1 review
    Would like to thank the company for the excellent service provided at last minute notice, we had a severe problem with water flooding within the house, so we urgently needed to move out.
    Great attitude, friendly and well groomed movers and good communication with the office staff.

    2 weeks ago - 12/03/2015

  • atan7 Local Star   996 reviews
    Great friendly serviceB Marcio was friendly and easy to talk to. As with all moves it can be scary putting your possessions in the hands of others. On move day Roman and James called 20mins before arriving to keep us on the loop of their where abouts. They arrived with a giant truck that was clean and well laid out with protective rugs and plastics. The guys were so friendly and carefully wrapped our belongings such as our couch and glass table. They even dismantled our bed which was a little tricky as it has a storage unit underneath the base. They were very communicative throughout the process and moved fast. Our 2 bedroom apartment was moved in 5 1/2 hours... Including the reassembling of our furniture in our new home. They aren't the cheapest at $140 an hour but they don't have hidden costs such as mileage fees and they take such care you really can't put a price on a job well done. Thanks so much!
  • Julies Karkotle Newbie   1 review
    Our relocation was a bit unusual, we had to move from 3 different locations across Sydney into a multi level property with difficult access in the Central Coast.
    Platinum Removals managed to organise separate vehicles to accommodate our requirements with tight schedule due to settlement arrangements, the whole move was done within a day, apart from the packing of contents which was done on the day before.
    All in all, a successful large scale move, my wife had their services recommended by a work acquaintance, we will certainly spread the word.

    1 month ago - 02/02/2015

  • Ashley.carter79 Newbie   2 reviews
    Thank you Platinum for helping my parents move last minute before Christmas. The boys were friendly, hard working and handled all our delicate items with care. We highly recommend your removal service.

    2 months ago - 29/12/2014

  • nuclearcop   3 reviews
    MY WORST REMOVALISTS EXPERIENCE EVER. The truck was too small, so the movers couldn't fit everything I owned, after I specifically told them at booking that I had a lot to move. I had to hire a van at my own expense and move the leftover items.

    In transit, my computer desk tray was broken, and the movers didn't say anything about it - they just delivered it to the destination and kept quiet.

    I had a plasma TV propped up against a wall, and told them not to move the boxes which were holding the TV up or the TV might fall. They removed the boxes 3 times, but thankfully my TV didn't fall over - their insurance covers their own injury, not your property getting damaged.

    Finally, they attempted to overcharge me for actual work done. "It's 40 minutes, but we'll round it up to an hour. It's only a $30 or $40 difference. No-one else has ever complained about this."

    I would never use this company again.

    2 months ago - 27/12/2014

    • nuclearcop  
      In response to the comments from a representative from Platinum Removals:

      1. I am disgusted that you imply that I have not used your company's services. I have used your company for a move, and my review is reflective of my experience. I already gave you this feedback over the phone.

      2. Your INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER customer breakages. To say "false" is INCORRECT. Your terms are:

      Platinum Removal insurance DOES NOT COVER:
      * Damage to your furniture or household goods
      * Breakage and accidental damage

      3. Billing IS NOT DONE ON 15 minute intervals. Billing is: "Time charged starts at your pick-up address and finishes at the drop off address, with the addition of a call out fee on top"

      4. You were told at booking that I wanted my move done with 1 truck and 1 trip. Your movers did not offer a second van. It would not have been needed had you provided a large enough truck

      Your reply is an attempt to cover up bad work

      2 months ago - 07/01/2015

  • MsBee Newbie   1 review
    These guys were great, nothing was too much trouble and they got the job done quickly and carefully. I'll definately use them next time I move!
  • Helen1970   3 reviews
    I would NOT use this company again. I had specifically requested tools when I booked. On my moving day the removalists arrived with NO TOOLS. I was told by the movers that they would charge me for the travel time if they went to get tools. I had to leave my property in the middle of the move and drive to a local hardware store to buy a wrench. One of the removalists was very poor, he didn't help the other mover at all, this created a lot of arguing It was impossible for the good removalist to work with the other man as a team. To top it off the poor removalist was CONSTANTLY on his mobile phone, he told me he was looking for another job!! When I let the Platinum office know that I was dissapointed (I had a dented brand new fridge at the end of the move) they said they would follow it up...I never heard from them again. I note others have reviewed this company highly. Perhaps I just unlucky and got a bad egg? Regardless I feel management should have followed this up with an explanation (compensation for the wrench??) and an apology.

    3 months ago - 19/12/2014

    • Platinum Removals Newbie 
      Hi Helen1970,

      You are right in saying that you must have been a very unlikely and unlucky client to have a team arguing while at work, all movers go through intensive training and are very friendly, it is very unusual to happen, but it is possible indeed that a certain given point for some reason a team might have started an argument. Furniture removals is a highly physically demanding job and due to the difficult environment in which movers are in at times it could lead up to stress. That said, we do not tolerate any sort of bad wording and take serious actions in regards to workers that do not follow our conduct protocols.

      We are not able to find your details through your nickname here in our system, please send us an email to and be assured that we will follow up the incident with the tools.

      Kind regards,

      Platinum Team

      2 months ago - 07/01/2015

  • kingfelix100 Newbie   1 review
    The best removal service I have used so far. No arguments, no stalling, no damage, no misunderstandings etc. Romain, Tony and D.. were top blokes.All 3 guys were very hard working, careful and with great attitudes-friendly, helpful and funny. Made a stressful day a breeze. I was moving from very overfurnished 2nd floor unit to a house (North Strathfield to Wahroonga), some of the pieces very heavy, we filled up 2 trucks, some during rain. They came on time, had all the right gear and it was pleasure working with them. Highly recommend and I will use them again if I have to move.
    Thanks Marcio for all assistance.

    3 months ago - 15/12/2014

  • vanart   3 reviews
    This lis the second time we have used Platinum and have been really pleased. On time, organised movers, no fuss or hassle. Fast movers, no issues, all too easy! Thanks again Marcio!

    4 months ago - 25/11/2014

  • Jay_77 Newbie   1 review
    Good guys - arrived on time - took longer than expected but they were working hard at it so can't fault them there. Managed to leave my microwave in the lift and a neighbour took it in so that it wasn't stolen, and we otherwise lost an esky full of wine somewhere along the way. All in all I'd still recommend them given how hard they worked, the care they took and their general expertise with the fridge and protecting the furniture etc.

    5 months ago - 15/10/2014

  • Ellice Whichello Newbie   1 review
    I recently moved into a new pad, which involved picking up my stored furniture from Botany, and also in North Bondi, to then move into Bronte. Romain from Platinum Removals was really wonderful, being a single female I can't thankyou enough for your sevices. You made moving a pleasure, and even helped put my bed together! Thanks a million Romain, I'll be referring and using you in the future!

    6 months ago - 01/09/2014

  • MichaelDP_TL Newbie   1 review
    We recently had a complicated move that involved moving from one area in Sydney to storage for a few days, and then on to another location. Marcelo was brilliant in co-ordinating the entire thing including storage. Matt and his team(s) were fantastic during both moves, everything was completed in great time, and I was absolutely amazed at the Tetris job involved in fitting our lives into the truck!
    I would definitely recommend Platinum to anyone.

    7 months ago - 19/08/2014

  • clintl01 Newbie   2 reviews
    Platinum helped me move from Surry Hills to Paddington in the rain, their service was impeccable and entirely professional from quotation through to completion of the move. I highly recommend these guys.

    7 months ago - 19/08/2014

  • Merman Newbie   1 review
    My wife and I moved from Manly to Glebe this morning and we have nothing but amazing things to say about the staff at Platinum. Matt and Artur were incredibly quick and efficient yet also very careful to make sure that none of our belongings were damaged. I was also taken aback by how sincere and polite they were towards my wife and I. I would recommend them for a move of any type - big or small.

    7 months ago - 11/08/2014

  • ShanC Newbie   1 review
    The ratings don't lie - these guys are fantastic. Marcelo was awesome; gave us a quote on pack, move and unpack from Marrickville to Liechardt. Even though we changed or mind twice about the unpack they still got this all done in one busy day without me there. I would highly recommend the pack/unpack service; clothes were neatly in the wardrobe, even my bed was made. The pace these guys move at is incredible; at the same time not one item was damaged and they were extremely careful. After a full 12 hour day with only lunch in the truck between sites they still had this big Brazilian grins on their faces and were genuinely friendly and polite. Happily gave them a case of beer that was well earned - if you book them you will too!

    Can't recommend them highly enough - thanks Platinum!

    7 months ago - 31/07/2014

  • DrLuke Newbie   1 review
    After describing the contents of the move I was given an estimate over the phone of 3-4 hours to move my 2br unit to another Sydney suburb about 20min away. The 2 movers were friendly and worked at a reasonable pace, however the removal truck they bought was too small for the job and they had to load, make the trip, unload, make the trip back, load a second load, make the trip again and unload. I was charged for all this travel time despite their truck being too small, and was billed 8.25 hours total.

    7 months ago - 31/07/2014

  • KATFOR30 Newbie   1 review
    We have used Platinum twice now after a disastrous experience with an Interstate mover. Platinum are professional, punctual, efficient and respectful of your belongings. All the employees we encountered were very polite and extremely hard working. They are fantastic value for money and take the stress out of moving. Can't recommend them enough!

    8 months ago - 25/07/2014

  • Chacha77 Newbie   1 review
    Got stood up by original removalists, but the platinum removals team too care of everything at the last minute. Romain and Augusto were awesome: fast, careful trustworthy and cheerful. Arrived right on time and did not much around. Will definitely use them again. C and X
  • Minky72 Newbie   1 review
    Fantastic, couldn't recommend them highly enough. Packed and moved us over 2 days, polite, helpful and efficient.

    10 months ago - 20/05/2014

  • Andrewlin Newbie   1 review
    Called me on the day to say that the truck can only come at 2 to 3pm when we agreed in writing for the truck to come between 11 and 2pm. Argued with me until I sent them my email confirmation. The truck came at 1:20pm, used 4 hours to move 2 bedroom from parramatta to city, plus charged one hour extra for bad traffic to go home. I was not informed of this. Due to longer than estimated time this job took, I missed my lift booking time in my new apartment and was fined $100. One of the staff who came is not fit for the job, doesn't have muscle power. They also broke my TV cabinet. No compensation.
    • Platinum Removals Newbie 
      We apologise that you feel you had a negative experience.
      Just a few notes we would like to point out.

      1. We moved a full 2 bedroom unit from Parramatta to a unit in CBD with an additional pick up address in 5 hours having 2 movers and a truck, that fits well within realistic time expectation for the industry.
      The "bad traffic 1 hour charge on top" you are referring to is the call out fee, which was clearly stated to you prior your move by our office staff. This is also standard practise and billing.

      2. The item that you claimed that we "broke" was noted by our staff to be an old IKEA stands which was already damaged and taped up.
      We move a lot of high end furniture on a day to day basis, but the principles are the same and we respect and understand people's attachment to their items and will always look after all clients possessions.

      I guess that out of nearly 2000 great relocations a year, there will always be one customer who is not entirely happy.

      10 months ago - 22/05/2014

  • :))) Newbie   1 review
    ROMAIN and his team (Jacubo & Augusto) were incredible. They were on time, super friendly, incredibly efficient, careful, strong and fast. What more could you want in a removalist? They were even lovely to our little girl! They moved our family's possessions from the Eastern Suburbs to the Inner West in record time. We can't recommend them enough. Thanks guys.

    10 months ago - 14/05/2014

  • Donna 8 Newbie   1 review
    After booking another company that were already showing signs of not refunding my money when they didn't show up with boxes on the agreed date I knew I had to find another company. Thank goodness I read a great review about Platinum Removals and decided to phone. Arthur was fantastic on such short notice he was able to organise our move within a couple of days. The 2 guys were careful and very polite on the day and I thought I paid a fair price. They promptly picked up our boxes within 48hrs of contact. Thanks guys you deserve to do well with your customer service.

    10 months ago - 08/05/2014

  • Skye & di Newbie   1 review
    Romain and James came to our little bed sitter in Surry Hills and help us move. Both the bed sitter and the Terrace House we moved to where tiny, so difficult to manoeuvre any thing bigger than shoe box to remove! Both the boys were so courteous, polite, efficient and personable it made the move so easy and stress free - almost a pleasure! At the new terrace house they had to put the queen mattress up over the second floor balcony to get it in and did it in with no qualms before I even knew! They also took apart furniture and reassembled it in a flash! I am from country NSW and felt so at home with their friendliness and professionalism! Thank you boys - job well done! Di Mack

    10 months ago - 04/05/2014

  • jonnohowe Newbie   1 review
    Moved today, and just want to say, these guys were great, as good as it gets. They were ON TIME, 8am sharp. They were friendly, helpful and just there to do the job. Took care of all furniture and boxes really quickly. Very efficient, no stuffing around on phone, just there to do the job, so you can rest assured these guys aren't overcharging for poor service like a lot of removalists. I chose these guys because of all the quality reviews they'd had and they didn't let me down at all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thx again guys, really good job!

    10 months ago - 29/04/2014

  • Shaz gill Newbie   1 review
    Used Platinum Removals for a move yesterday, could not be happier. Michael, Marty and James were just the best. They were professional, polite and very efficient. They came, did their job and I don't think our neighbors in both properties even knew they were there. Would highly recommend them. The whole process from quote to the end was so professional. Some other removalist we used not long ago were loud, smelly, took the longest breaks ever). But not these Platinum guys. They were so efficient.
  • Tim Sydney Newbie   2 reviews
    Overall they are fairly reliable, and mostly did what they were asked without complaint - fairly flexible. However, for the price ($800+ / double the cost of many) they are not as GREAT as some people say :
    1. They banged my trolley carelessly down the stairs, hitting it on each stair - instead of using their own
    2. They taped up vintage cupboards that were already locked, damaging the paintwork
    3. Even though I even created a clear furniture map for them, they put quite a few things in wrong place:
    - even put the lounge on balcony BACKWARDS (as unconscious as point 2)
    - put wardrobes in wrong places, necessitating me fixing by myself later
    4. They complained they were hungry near the end of the work - well just ask for a break and stop the clock ! This just put pressure on me.

    Co-operative but for the price, not too much care.
  • vanart   3 reviews
    Marcio was very helpful when he called to discuss our move, and then Roman and his team on the day were fast, efficient and careful. They were friendly and hardworking, and even got our large couch out of our narrow little hall and doorway without incident.
    I have had bad experiences with removalists in the past, being slow and damaging furniture, but these guys are excellent, would certainly recommend them.
  • Dr K.Tran Newbie   1 review
    Marcio and his team are exemplary. Incredibly friendly, professional, accommodating and efficient, he and his team help take away much of the stress that inevitably comes with movinglg house.

    For my work I have had to relocate around NSW every 6 months and over the past 5 years I have relied exclusively on Platinum Removals because I know I can depend on their excellent service and that they will take the best care of my furniture.

    Highly recommend.
  • wendy2014 Newbie   1 review
    Marcio and his team of boys did a fantastic job for us today! Anderson and Jean were on time for the move, did everything professionally and with great care. They are kind and friendly and did everything exceptionally well and with a fantastic attitude. We will recommend them to all our friends and be sure to have them again for our next move. Wendy and Samson (Pemulwuy). Thank you for your hard work today Anderson and Jean!
  • Morgan Tra Newbie   1 review
    Marcio and his team of workers were the consummate professionals.

    Marcio managed to find me a truck and a crew for a Sunday job at late notice an a fair price.

    The boys were
    Courteous, strong, proficient and extremely hardworking - making every effort to help my heavily pregnant wife and I make a seamless transition between awkward terrace houses.

    Highly recommend.
  • JoelMeares Newbie   1 review
    Have to say we had the team from Platinum help us with our move about a month ago and it was the best moving experience of my life. We had Marcelo and Simon and they were both extremely friendly, relaxed and professional. Nothing was damaged, everything treated very carefully and although there were some challenging logistics in getting up to our new apartment, they were swift. Really great experience.
  • Kryan79 Newbie   1 review
    Platinum removals did a fantastic job. Arrived on time, communicated well and very professional. Would highly recommend!
  • Anne from Erko Newbie   1 review
    I chose Platinum Removals based on reviews from this and other sites - and I'm glad I did. Evandro and Simon were so professional and efficient - they made my move look easy! They arrived on time, worked without a break, and left everything neat afterwards. Their efficiency kept the costs to a minimum, and their prices are very reasonable to begin with. Marcio and his team are very honest, hard working and professional. I would definitely recommend Platinum Removals to anyone moving house in Sydney - you won't be disappointed believe me!
  • narf682 Newbie   1 review
    We chose Platinum Removals based on others reviews on this site. We were so impressed by Diogo and Matthew's professionalism and such care when moving our furniture from our third floor 2 bedroom unit to our new house. They were so eager to do a great job throughout the afternoon, even running up the stairs each time they went to bring down more stuff. We were really happy by the way they handled our furnitures like their own and took such care manoeuvring around doorways and stairs. Highly recommended and will definitely use again.
  • rjm2010 Newbie   2 reviews
    I found Platinum Removals on True Local and chose them based on the good reviews posted. Marcio was friendly and helpful in arranging the move and his 2 guys were great. Arrived on time and worked hard to get me moved quickly. Professional team and no issues. Will recommend to any friends moving and definitely would use them again. Thank you :o)
  • RJose Newbie   1 review
    Platinum Removals did an excellent job when they helped us move 2 weeks ago. Guilly and Matthew were very polite and professional! I have no idea how they got all the stuff to fit in the truck, but they did! They handled all our stuff with great care which shows how professional they are.
    Marcio was also extremely helpful and patient during the inquiry. All my questions were answered and doubts disappeared in minutes.

    Would gladly recommend Platinum Removals to anyone!

    Keep up the good work!
  • Luke1987 Newbie   1 review
    Platinum removals were absolutely fantastic. punctual, polite and extremely hard working. I will definitely recommend these guys to my mates. Thank you Roman and Cesar.
  • Pommie Bloke Newbie   1 review
    Very, very happy with Platinum Removals. From initial contact right through to collection and drop off, it was a five star performance.

    Marcio handled my enquiry expertly and reassured me with his responses. The promises he made about the service were executed perfectly and I have already recommended Platinum to friend.

    The crew arrived on time and were polite and professional throughout. They worked hard and fast to load the truck and demonstrated a real care for my property - this was replicated at the other end when they unpacked the truck at the end of a very long day for them.

    I recommend this company with absolute confidence.
  • ace12345 Newbie   1 review
    Platinum Removals helped us move three weeks ago. They started from 7.30am in the morning until 4pm in the afternoon. They did not take any break, only asked for some water. I cannot believe how hard they worked. They were very professional, very careful, and always had a smile on their faces. They are the best removalists I have ever used and I will recommend them to anyone who is moving. You will not be disappointed.
  • Chrissie38 Newbie   1 review
    We (family with three small children) moved 3 weeks ago and had decided to use Platinum removalists after reading some of the reviews on True Local and hoping that they were genuine reviews.

    They arrived with 5 guys and 2 trucks right on time at 7am and were extremely hard working, I had to force them to stop for some coffee and pastries that I had gotten for them. Everything was in the new house and reassembled by 2pm.

    They were very helpful, took great care of all of our things - not a single scratch anywhere- and even managed to get one of our couches up a very narrow staircase.

    Overall the guys made the move as pleasant as a move can be and if we have to move in the future (hopefully not anytime soon), I will most definitely be enlisting their help again.

  • Cat.Silver   3 reviews
    I chose Platinum Removal based on the reviews here and their competitive quote. My husband and I have to relocate often due to work and the guys at Platinum were above and beyond my expectations based on past experiences with other companies. During the pre pack and move the guys were efficient, polite, friendly and incredibly helpful. Platinum also arranged for the storage of our items while we are on extended leave at a very competitive rate as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a smooth, stress free move!
  • Guido Stock Newbie   1 review
    I would like to personally thank Marcio and the team at Platinum Removals for their assistance during my recent relocation. From the outset it was a pleasure to deal with Platinum Removals surely a sign of a successful family enterprise.
    The whole move - which comprised the packing up and moving of the extensive contents of a multi-story family home - was carried out in a quick, efficient and straightforward way. Nothing was too much trouble for your young and very friendly team, who literally seemed to read every wish from our lips.
    I really appreciate that the move was completed within the agreed timeframe, which meant that the team at Platinum Removals worked very hard until late and on the weekend, nevertheless staying positive and helpful throughout. All our items were handled with diligence and care and nothing was broken or damaged.
    Finally I would like to add that Platinum Removals quote was by far the most competitive I received and I was highly satisfied that the final cost for the move stayed strictly within the original budget.
    I highly recommend Platinum Removals to any potential customers.
  • Marc_49 Newbie   1 review
    Many thanks Platinum Removals. We are very happy with all your effort today boys. I have used many removalist companies over the years, but I found the team at Platinum to be extremely hard working, friendly, and professional. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends.
  • mazzi Newbie   1 review
    We used platinum removalists after reading all the positive feedback online and were not disappointed. The guys were on time, efficient, profesional and polite they managed our move very smoothly with no breakages in what was a challenging day we would definately use them again.
  • msteen   2 reviews
    These guys were great. Fast, professional, got straight to work and not lazy at all. Happy to use them again in future. We had Roman who I see is mentioned below and we had the same positive experience.
  • NoulsPB Newbie   1 review
    Fit, fast, efficient and experienced. No breakages, friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely use them again.
  • Jimmmy18 Newbie   1 review
    Platinum were the best removalists I have ever had the pleasure of moving with.
    They were good communicators, calling us the night before to confirm. The managed a four stop move in under five hours at a great rate.
    It was the most relaxed move I have ever done! Thanks Platinum and thanks Roman!
  • Anya M Newbie   1 review
    Thank you platinum removals for doing such a great job!!!! The guys were on time, were very professional/polite/looked presentable in the same uniform and very careful with each item as if it was their own furniture. In fact they were so good we used them for our office move and they were amazing!!! They are price competitive and offer stress free quality move. I would definitely recommend Platinum Removals to Anyone/Everyone!!!
  • gmr05 Newbie   1 review
    The 3 guys who handled our move did an excellent job. They worked very hard from 7am to 9.30pm to complete a big job and were positive and helpful throughout. Romain, the lead driver, was especially friendly and helpful. I can thoroughly recommend them.
  • sanjamilivojevic Newbie   1 review
    Amazing! These guys did fantastic job, were careful and attentive, minimising the stress of moving. There were no dead ends for them, every problem was solved with ease. Eduardo and Pedro (and Platinum Removals) - we really appreciate it! Thank you so much!
  • lw3444 Newbie   1 review
    I chose these guys based on the reviews on this site and I was pleased I did because they made moving very easy. They packed my items and moved my things in a timely and efficient manner and I would definitely recommend them to others.
  • Lorna 79   2 reviews
    After some initial trouble parking in the apartment building loading bay, these guys did an excellent job. They were friendly, professional and polite, and took great care of all our furniture. They managed to fit some large items into a very small lift and happily carried the bed up to the fifth floor (10 flights of stairs). They also coped admirably with a watchful building manager who is very protective of his art deco building! Would definitely recommend them!
  • bilbyflea Newbie   1 review
    I found these guys to be completely honest they were great. Friendly, happy dudes, they did an excellent job of reducing the stress of my move, and handled my exceptionally awkward aquarium with ease and tenderness. I'd recommend these guys to anyone who wants a professional job done, and with a smile! And I have no connection whatsoever to the company and no reason for posting this other than appreciation of a job well done by the dudes involved.
  • veebee1 Newbie   1 review
    We used Platinum Removals earlier in Dec, on the hottest day of the year (38deg!). I have to say, they were absolutely fantastic, the 2 guys we had were polite, extremely hardworking and basically didn't stop for 5 hours. We had a lift access but when the sofa didn't fit in the lift, they carried it al the way down 10 flights of stairs, without a fuss. Would highly recommend these guys, thanks Marcio!
  • Karen.Strates Newbie   1 review
    Platinum removals are very polite and courteous. They did extras like removing table legs and reassembling them. We had difficult access points but they always remained friendly and worked hard. I would recommend them to others.
  • LouiseES   2 reviews
    Very good service. Friendly, efficient, hard working, didn't break anything, turned up on time - all the things you want from removal company. What I was particularly impressed by was the way when I initially needed a particular type of storage they handed over my business to another company who could do exactly what I needed. I thought this very generous of them. In the end I didn't need the storage so went back to Platinum by agreement with the other company. Its good to see businesses working cooperatively together for the good of the customer.
  • gxcrouc Newbie   1 review
    Very professional crew moved us from the Hills district to the north shore. Turned up promptly at 7 am and got to work straight away. Had 3 guys packing who all were very polite and efficient at their job. They called in a 2nd truck with no hassles and that sped up our day. Very reasonably priced and the owner provided all the information we needed. Good company to move with.
  • Hheath Newbie   1 review
    These guys were great! I have had bad experiences in the past and I was nervous to move again but they totally took control and were completely laid back and happy while being punctual and professional. Even when there were problems with my service lift booking they didn't get angry or frustrated and handled the stairs well :)
    They worked quickly and with absolutely no fuss. They were friendly and seemed happy to be doing the work. I will definitely use them in the future.
  • vivandben Newbie   1 review
    My husband and I booked platinum removals based purely on the True Local reviews, and couldn't have been more impressed!!
    In the past our experience with removalists has been disappointing to say the least but our experience with Platinum has renewed our faith in good customer service and value for money. The 3 young men were on time (7am start) polite, efficient and extremely professional. We will definitely use again if the need arises. Thanks guys!!
  • twolips Newbie   1 review
    Angela & Martin could not have been more pleased with the fantastic service provided by Platinum Removals. They arrived on time, had five hardworking and diligent guys (including the boss Marcelo) and displayed an exemplary work ethic. Nothing too much trouble. All furniture wrapped beautifully before loaded on the truck and any necessary disassembly and reassembly at the other end was carried out so professionally. Would recommend this company to anyone - in fact, we'll be using them again on our next move in the next year. Well done Marcelo and thank you very much.

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