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Wangara, WA
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PLE Computers Perth, Systems, Notebooks, Hardware, Accessories, Computer Repairs, Corporate IT Onsite repair Service and Online Shopping
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Reviews of Ple Computers

  • I have been dealing with PLE for years and the service never disappoints! Thanks tech guys for helping me with my PC yesterday. I will be back.
  • So sad that what used to be a great computer shop has deteriorated rapidly. Buy if you like but don't expect to get your computer fixed under warranty in any short time if that. Don't expect a call to let you know how or what is happening. Keep ringing up and listen to excuse after excuse before the job is done - so frustrating to say the least. Expect to join a queue of others with their broken pc's in hand being told they don't know how long it will take to fix. Very sad but true. I won't buy from them again and they also lost a new customer who I would have recommended a year back. No idea who is in charge but look at your IT staff eh!
  • Well ple have a good amount of stock but the service is terrible. Good luck if you want to return something or even talk to somebody about a product purchased there. Recently my wife purchased a 2gb ram stick for one of our computers and it was either not compatable or i had done something wrong, it didn't work, so i dropped in with the motherboard details to exchange for correct ram or get advice on what i had done wrong. So i'm at the returns/ service desk, ring the bell and a staff pops their head out the door and says "hang on, i busy" . So i wait, i'm on my lunch break so i ring the bell again, again sticks the head out, they're angry now,says the same thing. They can see i have this memory stick and a receipt and probably thinks i'm gonna have a go at them for selling me the wrong product. I wait for a while and ring the bell again, same thing so i go to the sales staff there's no customers at all at this time and there's about 4 staff at 4 cash registers, i say "mate can you help me with this, i just wanna talk to someone about this memory stick". "Nah sorry mate, you have to go to the service desk". They are trying not to laugh cos' they know the staff at the service desk won't serve me. So i wait. Then i ring the bell again, rude p***k sticks head out, really pissed because i'm ringing the bell, says the same thing so i lost it and told them to get f****d, then i walk out. I had been there for 15 minutes with staff everywhere, laughing and being rude. There are plenty of computer shops, go anywhere but PLE they make plenty of money and they've turned into arrogant, unhelpful clowns.
  • PLE is my go to shop for computer parts. Their prices are very close to the best online prices for most items and they have a really good range in stock.
    They are not the kind of place I'd recommend to a non-tech savvy person but if you know what you want they are excellent. To my mind they are geared toward people who have already done the research and don't need to be 'sold' something. If you are less tech savvy you might be better off going to a general consumer store (big brand names, slick sales people etc.)
    Their online catalog is an excellent resource and is always up to date and informative
  • Do not buy from PLE if you expect good customer service. The staff are unhelpful, slow and very rude.
  • I ordered an item from PLE's website. They were extremely slow. Several business days went by with no information added to the tracking number. Even when the order status was updated progress was still very slow often with no change at all between business days. Don't go with PLE if your needs are urgent or you expect the average turnaround of 1-3 business days.
    • I have recently returned a faulty router (checked by IT service provider) apparently it fixed itself on the journey to PLE, they refused to give me a full refund, I called to talk to the management, was cut off tried again and was told all complaints have to be in writing. Apart from failing to offer a full refund and poor customer service would you really want to shop their?
  • PLE has great prices and almost always have items I want in stock. I found their customer service and salespeople to be excellent and friendly. Sales also respond to emails promptly. The best PC shop I have used.
  • pfw 24 reviews
    PLE is my favourite computer shop. They usually have the best prices on most gear. There only real competition in terms of price is NetPlus, but it depends what you are looking for. Each of them has some things cheaper than the other. With all IT related purchases, it's best to decide what you want and check their websites for prices before you go to the store,

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