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Pondok Buyung offers authentic Indonesian cuisine in unpretentious surroundings. What the restaurant can offer isn?t represented by the exterior so don?t be put off. The Padang food is presented in a bain-marie. This is typical of Padang restaurants in Indonesia. If you are looking to taste something different then try the bitter melon. The average price of a dish is $8 so it certainly won?t stretch the household budget. Cash is the accepted currency and alcohol is not served on the premises.      

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  • mumsrite Local Star   224 reviews
    Nothing's changed, especially their mouthwatering food on display. It's not easy to pick just a few items to go on your plate as everything is so good. So I always end up buying lots home to enjoy over the next day or two.

    My favourite item is the classic eggplant with chilli topping - irresistibly delicious!
  • mumsrite Local Star   224 reviews
    If you're looking for a 5 star dining experience then you'll have to head somewhere else. But if you're willing to turn a blind eye to its basic plain interior, you'll be feasting yourself to one of the finest Nasi Padang in Sydney.

    Pondok Buyung is the place for an economical and satisfying meal with absolute minimum fuss, dine in or takeaway. The food here taste just like in Indonesia and Malaysia, so it is as good as it can get in authenticity.

    So if you're craving home style Indonesian food, Pondok Buyung is the place for it. I wouldn't look elsewhere.
  • Easternian Local Star   823 reviews
    The new place might be smaller but it is definitely a lot cleaner and more pleasant. The food is as delicious as before (not sure if they can even go better than they already are) and there are still a lot of selections to choose from. If you have never went here before, just bare in mind that some of their traditional dishes can get quite 'tribal' and aren't exactly on the top of the healthy list. Just make sure you help yourself with some tea to wash down any excess after taste.
  • Ymg12   4 reviews
    bought 2 curry puffs there which were off (gone sour). I went back few days later to tell them. They were apologetic and said the curry puffs were made by someone else, not them. Love their sweet chilli chicken. Delicious. They will be moving a few doors down towards the newsagent. Hopefully, the decor will look much cleaner and presentable in the new restaurant.
  • sarahsarah Foodie   52 reviews
    A lot of my friends love this place. But my personal opinion - a big NO!


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