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Reviews of Portarlington Chinese Restaurant

  • Food was excellent, one of the best chinesse places I've eaten at. Would most def be going back.
    Great serving size.
  • I like to go here for a meal, it is very tasty and has a nice feel to the place when you eat in here, also the food is worth the money. worth a try!!!
  • New management since 2008. Authentic? Yes. Very good Chinese and excellent vego alternatives which can be difficult to get in Chinese restaurants
    • What meat did you order there? Ill give it a go.
    • meaty, ever been to China? Lots of vego alternatives there, good chinese restaurants offer this. Maybe try the food, then comment.
    • Not to bad. . I just came back from Hong Kong and you could say the dishes there are rather different. Doesnt have the 'Omth' that you feel when eating elsewhere like in Melbourne. However, it manages...
  • not very authentic but still very tasty

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